We know the inspiration of the Holy Spirit revealed the one new man in Christ to Paul. All in Adam - circumcised or not - in Christ are created one new man - created, not changed. (Eph:2-10) Both are reconciled to God in one body. This is the message of one new man making peace. 


The old two has become the enemy of the one new image of God. Both Jew and Gentile had a part in the crucifixion of this one new man. Still do so. To retain the old in hope is anti Christ. What of the old man? Every human today that does not see himself in Christ - remains in the old man. 


In the new man the law of sin and death is abolished (vs.15) The one new man has access to God in one spirit. What of the old man? He is also one man. The division of Gentile and Jew is only in the works of the law and circumcision. (Gal. 3:27-29) When placed into Christ we find no Jew or Gentile. Both divisions of the flesh are not to be found in Christ Jesus. There is but one new man. The identity in flesh is not accounted as the seed of the promise (Rom. 9:6-8) There is now a holy nation that is the priesthood of spirit... not of the letter. This is the end of man’s wisdom and works of the flesh. Every word of this ministry is life and judgment... the one word of the kingdom… the one word of reconciliation. (Rom. 5:14) 


Adam is a figure of him who is to come. All in Adam - all generated in flesh are merely figure and in Adam all die. Adam is the corruption in which the seed is planted and dies. Jesus is the quickening spirit that generates the promised seed. There is no record of Adam being born. He has no ground of inheritance. He is of the earth- creation Christ is of the creator. Adam was made a living soul. If you seek to save this soul you will destroy it. 


Christ is the quickening spirit. Those made alive in Christ are now in the Earth as the lord's Christ. (Ps. 2:6-8, Acts.4:26, Rev.11:15) Jesus said - if you do not believe that I AM, you will die in your sins. I am what? It means all that he confessed to be - He is to us - from God in the offering of his son. The truth, the life, the one new man (image) - this incredible gift, is salvation from all death sin and delusion of self that man is in bondage to. Jesus came as the high priest of a new covenant. The seeds of his ministry take no root in the mind or heart of the old man. This man is only old to those who are made new in Christ. 


The word Christ is messiah, which means the anointed. If one should speak without this association in Christ, it would be anti or in place of. This would be anti-Christ or in place of the anointing. Most ministry today is operating in the mind of man… the precepts of Moses’ law and letter, which is all in the death realm. GAL. 3:14 We are told the promise to Abraham is fulfilled by receiving the spirit by faith. Man has no ability to do this it must be the faith of Christ. (vs-22) Only he is the promised seed. 


The law makes servants the spirit generates sons. 


Who can say there are not sons now - Sons who can manifest Christ in the earth. (1 Tim. 3:16) God was manifest in flesh, justified in spirit, heralded among the nations. This was God in the man Jesus. The reception Jesus received was really what man was and is doing to God. The Idea that some special sons will get a favorable welcome in this world is a delusion. (Ch. 4) The spirit is now saying.  Men will depart from the faith - will listen to deceiving spirits - the teaching of demons, and have their conscience seared. Why do some think sons will have a greater effect than God did in Jesus? Certainly that is not what the spirit is saying.




MESSIAH [Lloyd Ellefson] 1-7-05         1

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