OCTOBER 27, 2007

Recently I wrote an article on the Bible for a spiritual magazine in our area.  Maybe you are unaware of how many in the spiritual community and others view the Bible. They see it as a book of condemnation and harsh judgment because of how many wellmeaning, but misguided people, have presented it. They have seen the wars and atrocities done in the name of religion. They have heard scriptures quoted as angry people judge and condemn others, seemingly different from themselves.

To many people the Bible has been a book about a rigid God just waiting to release His wrath on creation. My heart is for people to take a new and spiritual look at scriptures. I desire for those seeking truth, to understand the Bible is a book about the history of the human consciousness and its ascension back to Oneness with God. 

PLEASE don’t be put off by the word “metaphysical.”  Remember Paul said “I am all things to all men.”  In order to open people up to see things in a new way we must be able to speak their language. The root word “meta” just means; “beyond, over, transcending.”  “Physical” means; “of the nature of or pertaining to matter or material things.”  By underrating these meanings we see metaphysical just means having a revelation beyond and transcending the material world of matter. Isn’t that exactly what Jesus Christ came to demonstrate? The word tells us “faith (belief) does not walk by sight.” True belief must be founded in a realm beyond what we see with our natural eyes!

Here’s my article, see what you think!


The Bible is a metaphysical book encoded with divine secrets. It is one of the most misunderstood books on our planet today! Many times when you mention the “Bible” to spiritual people, immediately they turn off because of the legalistic and condemning way the Bible has been interpreted and taught.

The scriptures themselves tell us that the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. This reveals when scripture is read merely by reading the words and then interpreting them through the physical mind, the result can never bring a manifestation of divine life. It becomes a dead letter to us, void of life! It is when the scriptures are revealed through spiritual illumination they are able to bring transformation in our life.

Christ made a metaphysical statement which echoes down through the ages to us in the 21st Century! He said, “These things I have spoken to you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33 KJV) When understood through the Spirit, this announcement gives a powerful insight into the purpose of our life.

When we learn how to tap into divine vibration, it will enable us to ascend a four dimension consciousness. In this mystical statement, Jesus was declaring he had overcome the illusion of the physical world and had ascended into a consciousness of pure peace. He had risen above this realm and entered into a higher consciousness of Oneness with his source. He no longer was in bondage to the concept of time and space! He was encouraging us to ascend the physical illusion of our world which holds the low vibration of tribulation. The word tribulation” comes from a Greek word “thlipsis” and means; affliction, anguish, burdened, persecution and trouble. (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance)

Christ’s words bring a profound revelation of an eternal secret! There is a way to ascend in consciousness to a plane above affliction, burdens, and the troubles we perceived in our world. He said he knew, because he had crossed over into this consciousness! As long as we choose to live thinking “this world, or physical realm” is the reality of our being, we will continue to have tribulations in our lives and planet.

Christ was called the pattern son or a blueprint for ascension life. He walked over the illusion of death and began to demonstrate infinite, eternal life. He was able to instantly manifest himself in the midst of his disciples without entering through a door, then disappeared, only to appear moments later in another location to others. I also believe after he walked over death he took on many forms, as people who had been with him for three and a half years could no longer recognize him by his appearance, only his voice.

He spoke in metaphysical terms which today through Quantum Physics we are beginning to understand. I am the light of this world; I am an energy vibration lowered into this realm we call physical. And He also said, there is a light which lights every man which comes into the world. All humanity has it’s origin from the vibration of light! We are all vibrations of the Most High God, on a journey of ascension home to our true source and identity.

Yes, indeed the Bible is a very metaphysical and coded book. It is also a book of numerology which is able to reveal exactly where we are in the history of humanity and what is ahead for the day we live in. Jesus predicted this day would bring the greatest global shift in consciousness and awakening ever experienced on planet earth!

The Bible has been laid aside by many because it has been taught from a realm of separation. It has been used by man as a book of condemnation, doom, judgment and a way to control others. I believe there is a new surge of revelation on the rise. Many have begun rereading the Bible for themselves and letting the Spirit interpret. As they do, they are awakening to the eternal truth of their divinity and the power within them to be the change the universe has been waiting for!


Mary Lou Houllis is the spiritual leader of New Beginning Ministries a metaphysical biblebased ministry in Holiday, Florida. The message is one of life and liberty in the spirit of ascension in progress today.

































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