MARCH 6, 2008

If I be a leaf swept along on a mighty rushing River, I surely know I am subject to the River. I am a subject. I can readily see myself One with the River. 

Obviously, the River is far greater than I, and yet we are One.  There is no need for me to decide where we are going for our destination is set.  Let me be content with the powerful River; the important thing is that I am here in the River.

I feel the surge, and consider myself part of the surge. Such a rest it is. It cannot be described, and I am awestruck with the greatness We are.  It is my pleasure to survey the changing scenery as We move in perfect harmony. I think as the River thinks, and speak only what I hear the River say.  Of course, I do what the River does. It is freedom personified and encapsulated perfection.

I hear my River say, “I Am,” and it thrills me to the core of my being. I look at the banks to see if they hear this.  I know every leaf will hear sooner or later.

“Everywhere this River shall run, everything shall live.” You can know it is surely a flood as it overflows the hearts of all.  The great River is become the ocean of the entire creation, yet the little leaf that I Am is still One with the River.

Do I have authority? Authority is set, and is risen with all things under Foot. I bow and rest in the rush of the River.

I look not for error for He is that perfect onrush.




MIGHTY RIVER [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-6-08          1


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