Designer and creator of the body in which I dwell In and through which I live and move and have my being; Help me realize that the perfect pattern of my body Is contained in my MIND. That everything less than perfect which has manifested or does manifest in this body has been the result of wrong thinking and wrong operation of your universal laws.

Should my body have been imperfect at birth, it still has been the result of human causations and not by divine decree.

Help me to realize that your creative power, which fashions this body, is still resident in my MIND ready to serve me at any time of need.

That I, as God’s creature now have control of this creative power and may direct it for my own good or ill, dependent on the nature and character of my thoughts and feelings. In full realization of this, I now call on your creative power within me to correct and eliminate any and ALL body imperfections. As I do so, I know that the re-creation is taking place in every cell, nerve, gland and tissue in direct accordance with the degree of my wisdom and faith.

The above was given to a dear friend and sister that is on Lord Light’s email list.  She was given this by a hospital in Mexico. I’ll tell you a little about her.

Some time back, she had a breast removed, due to cancer. Then she was in a bad car wreck, which messed up her arm, on the same side that the removal of her breast was on. She has been kept on morphine for pain; her arm swells up to 3 or 4 times its normal size; and she has been in such pain; kept from doing things that she wants; BUT through all this, she has kept strong in her belief in Father and what He is doing.

She and her husband have depleted their life savings on medical bills. But, she was so blessed with the paper that this hospital gave her, with the above words. This sister is/has been well aware that Father is awakening us to the power of the Mind that we NOW have. The Mind of Christ. Father is ushering in a people, that are now, that are/have been awakened to the fact that WE have a role to play in this Plan of Father.

It’s not as though we just sit back and wait for Him to “clone” us into what He wants. He could have done that at creation.  He tells US, to work out our OWN salvation; He tells US to purify OURSELF and be holy as He is holy; He tells US to put on the mind of Christ; He tells us that WE have the Mind of Christ.  Are you seeing the picture here?

For those who KNOW that they are ONE with Father, this means that we are to use HIS POWER, His WISDOM, HIS KNOWLEDGE and most of all, that WE are to walk into what HE SAYS that HE has ALREADY equipped us with.  It is all within us. When HE came to live within these bodies that we/He inhabits ALL that HE IS came with Him.

Regardless of what these natural bodies show symptoms of, our focus must be stayed on HIS TRUTHS!!  Our focus must be on seeing us as HE sees us!  AS HE IS!!  This is a hard thing to do when we choose to see ourselves through the natural eyes. But, whatever Father says, IS TRUE. It may not be understood, completely yet, but, it is still true.

We MUST stop seeing the picture as Him AND us. It is ALL HIM!!  He has found a people to rest His Head on. A people who are moving as ONE; Father on earth, with many expressions of Himself, through a many membered body.

This precious sister got home from a 3 week stay in the hospital. And as I said, she has been aware of who she is. Since coming home, she hasn’t taken any morphine. She sounds like a new and stronger person when I talk to her on the phone. Father is manifesting Himself through her is such a clear way.  I praise Father for what He is showing us of Himself, to those who are hearing Him say, “come up hither,” “come hither,come.” I also praise Him for a people who are utterly devoted to hearing and doing as He says and leads.  I thank Him for a people that are not afraid of the laughing, talking, and being made fun of for being the obedient people that He has ordained to walk into Him; and for understanding that “as He is, in this world, so are they”.  I thank Him, for his people, wherever they are, in Him. I pray that ears be opened and eyes to be focus on only HIM. Knowing that they are NOT a duet, but a Single Spirit Being, HIS SPIRIT.  We have such a wonderful and loving Father. He is worthy of so much more than our praise. I praise Him for causing some to know that what ever comes upon them, HE IS IN IT.  One thing I have learned from Him, many deny it, but He has made me to know with out a doubt:  that whatever is put upon us for TESTING, keeping focused on Him is the ONLY WAY, we will be seen as Father, on earth.

It is my belief, that just as with any army; any schooling, any learning, that before we “advance higher”, we are tested. His Government, His Very Self will be tested to see if our focus in on Him, regardless what comes.  We had a Pattern, to how that it can and is being done, right here on earth. The only thing changing is the thoughts. Our thoughts are become His Thoughts; our ways are become His way. He is the Only Way. We who are now holding and embracing the knowledge and the revelation of that knowledge, know that it IS NOT MAN who is taking His instructions and DOING what He has told US to do.  We are no longer MAN. We are the Body that He has rested HIS HEAD on and we are walking as ONE WITH HIM. He is our life, our being and our being. It IS HIS LIFE THAT IS BEING LIVED THROUGH THESE BODIES, and we are seeing the beginning of the changing of these bodies.  Praise to Father.

For those who are hearing this same Word, please keep in prayer, those who are walking into that Oneness, that Father Consciousness. Those who are not hearing this Word, we who are, are holding you in prayer for ears to be opened, and a willing mind to leave all that binds one to this earthen mindset.

I share Father’s Love with you, my precious sister. Hang in there, He is being seen.

In Father’s Love,



THE MIND AND THE FOCUS [Linda Keith]          1


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