FEBRUARY 28, 2004
















I don’t know just how long this study will be. Maybe 1 part, maybe more, we’ll see. Father has started telling me things about the mind.  Notice, I did not say “OUR” mind. Why? Because we are not ALL experiencing the same mind. And because it is NOT OUR mind that is important, but, the MIND OF CHRIST.  IF we still see ourselves as, “human beings, who are Christians, just mortal man”, then we are operating out from within the carnal mind. We all know that there are two minds. Most think that they HAVE to wait and pass from this physical life, as we know it, until we pass on into the spirit realm, to HAVE and USE the “real mind;” the MIND OF CHRIST.  But, the world will see that this kind of thinking is a huge misunderstanding.

One thing that we MUST know, is that the body follows whichever mind that we allow to work through us. As I was watching Oprah, talking about the Oscar Awards, she had a guest on her show. His name is Sir Ben Kingsley. He played in, “Lord of the Rings”.  He was talking about how some act, when they are up for an award.  He said that as he sat there (he’s been nominated 4 times), that he had told himself, “it’s just an award and if he doesn’t or didn’t win, he would just think, oh well.”  But, then he said something that grabbed my attention, so awesomely. Something that actually made my Spirit leap. He said, “No matter how one acted, calm, serene or whatever, THE BODY NEVER LIES!”  

Right away I KNEW that it was Father speaking and was telling me something which I had always known, but, it was SO FULL of HIS Wisdom, this time!!  One can ACT calm, pure and holy, quietly serene, but, the body can be so totally different from how a person wants it to APPEAR to be. The heart (mind) can be racing a mile a minute, and yet, the body is what tells the tale. The body follows the force of the mind.                          

REGARDLESS OF OUR ACTIONS, THE BODY WILL MANIFEST THE TRUTH OF WHAT WE ARE THINKING IN OUR HEART (MIND). What is truly in our thoughts, the body manifests. Think on this in your quiet time. We can be sick in the mind, and we can be depressed in the mind; we can feel at a total lost in the mind, and we can put on nice clothes, put on makeup, and shave and put on the after shave, and go get a nice tan; BUT, with all the outer appearance that we place on ourselves, THE BODY FOLLOWS THE FORCE of the thoughts we’re thinking and the beliefs that is within us.

There are people that have cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart problems and all sorts of different kinds of diseases.  Some allow their thoughts to determine how those diseases dominate their lives; and there are some who dominate the diseases. Their thoughts are the common denominator, of how their bodies are led. Their beliefs determine where their focus sets.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking. “Well, I have the pain that goes along with some diseases, are you telling me to just ignore the pain and ACT like it’s not there?”  No, I’m not saying that at all. But, as we go into this study, I’ll give some TRUE words that CAN and WILL help, but, it is totally up to us, whether or not we allow our thoughts to dominate what the body will manifest. I will say, right off the bat, this IS NOT a “quick fix”, a “name it and claim it” thing. This is TRUTH. AND this TRUTH depends on our thinking, our beliefs. Which mind we are allowing to lead the body into what it will show forth, is just a PART of what Father is speaking in this study.

The mind will determine whether we are going to put forth a facade and ACT like and look like something that we are not. You might ask, “is this a mind over matter thing?”  Well, yes I guess you could say that. But, it’s not the New Age, or actually it IS New Age word. But, not the “New Age” that Christianity is so worried about. It’s the New Age that the NEW CREATURE was MEANT to live in. And it is ONLY possible by whichever mind you are using.

As I sat and thought about leaving for Florida, I was reliving (re-happening) when Father called me into this internet teaching.  I was in Florida, sitting on the white sands of the beach, close to my sister’s home.  The board walk, was near where I was sitting. As I looked out at the clear, beautiful water, Father gave me the first study that I   sent out byway of the internet. This time, as I was remembering that time, Father began speaking to me about the mind.

He said to me, “Remember that boardwalk?”  And I answered, “Yes, I do remember”. And as I sat here and was thinking about it, my body became SO ALIVE with HIS LIFE!!  Which is what happens as we allow ourselves to be raised into the Spirit.  He then started telling me something about the mind.  He said, ” You see those wooden beams that are holding up the boardwalk?  Well, that’s a pattern of the mind. The part of the beams that are seen ABOVE the water is just about a third of the entire beam that is the foundation that holds up the boardwalk. That little amount of the beam is like the amount of the mind that is being used. Look beneath the water. See what a huge amount of the beam that is not being seen, on the surface?  Well, this is like the NEW MIND that I placed within EVERY person ever created. Not nearly a third of that New Mind is being used. It is left dormant under the waters of thoughts. Some are awakening and allowing that unused part of the New Mind to surface and operate. And do you remember that when I gave you that new heart (MIND) that I placed MY WORD ON IT? EVERYTHING that I know, is in that new heart (MIND). And it is coming forth through some of my people.  Haven’t I told you that I will teach you ALL THINGS?  Well, I do not lie. That part of the mind that has been the REAL support of those beams is the part of the mind that has not been being used UNTIL NOW, is manifesting NOW!”

But, like I said before, if you think that you are a human person, then the part of the mind that you will find yourself using, is the part of the mind that is the surface, the part that has no power, no mind that causes the manifestation of the part of the mind that brings forth the Life of Father. In order for the Mind of Christ to come forth, you know that you are and have always been a Spirit being, created from the very being of Father, our God.  If you think that you are a “man, and a man who can do nothing, except to wait for Father to do every thing for you”, then you will continue using the small amount of the mind, instead of the abundant mind of the Mind of Christ.    Father tells us that “YOU HAVE the mind of Christ”. He was not say, “SOMEDAY, I will give you the mind of Christ”, it’s up to us whether or not we believe Him.

As long as you think that you are just a mortal man, the mind of Christ will not manifest through you. He made us in HIS IMAGE. He created us out of His very Being. That HAS NOT CHANGED. We have forgotten, who and what we are and have always been. But, there are those who are awakening, remembering and regardless what is being seen by the natural eyes, are manifesting the REAL identify.  And their thoughts are changing, to the Truth and the believing of what the mind of Christ is showing about them.

So, I am sure Father is showing the mind of Christ, and, the fading of the belief that the carnal mind has been deceiving us with, by thoughts.  I ask that you pray with me, that Father will not only show us what CAN be done with the changing of the mind, but also, that we will be open to what has ALREADY been given us, the mind of Christ.


In this study, we’re dealing with, the mind. And we heard the words, “the body doesn’t lie”. I received many responses, agreeing with those words.  In this part, I want to deal with the mind and how it affects the body.

“no man can do….”  

Many people have built their beliefs on this scripture. They wait for Father to do everything, AGAIN, believing, that they have no part to play in the plan that Father has laid. (Which is for us to manifest His Image on earth). They pray and pray and ask Father to do all that will bring this plan about, and they wait. And wait. And wait.

The first thing that I want to say, regarding the above scripture is, that at the time that Jesus spoke those words, they were true, and still are. MAN can do nothing. Everything that had to be done, back in Jesus’ day, was dependent on God doing it, because when Jesus spoke those words, HE WAS STILL UNDER THE LAW. HE HAD NOT DIED AND RESURRECTED.  When He resurrected and FATHER came to dwell in us, HIS HOUSE, that changed us from MAN to NEW CREATURES. This makes all the difference of how we are to think!!  Those in Jesus’ day could do nothing, THIS IS NOT TRUE OF US!!

You see, we were created out of the very substance that God is.  Our Spirit is saved, it always has been; God cannot change and neither can our Spirit. Because we are as He is, Spirit, HIS SPIRIT.

We have never been separated from Him! What was separated has been LIGHT AND DARKNESS!  We ARE what we have always been.

        1) Created in HIS IMAGE. (Whether we have manifested it fully or not).

        2) Spirit Beings created out from within HIS VERY BEING, SPIRIT.

The mind IS the soul. It’s where the emotions, desires, will, and learning center is. The mind is what controls the flesh body. The carnal mind has had us to listen, believe, and live its lies. The carnal mind has had us to believe that we are puny, weak, stupid, and powerless MAN.  The sad thing is, is that there are those that REFUSE to grasp what can’t be seen.

I want to look at some of Father’s Truths, and what we’ve believed.

What is Father?  He is creator. (Gen 1:1)  He thought a thought; He spoke that thought; and His Holy Spirit brought that thought that He spoke, into manifestation.

Col. 1:19, “For it pleased the Father that in Him should all the fullness dwell.”

It pleases Father that all the fullness should dwell in us. He is no respecter of person.

John 1:16, “AND OF HIS FULLNESS HAVE ALL WE RECEIVED, and grace for grace.”

This is Father’s ANOINTED TRUTH.

1John 4:17, “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment: BECAUSE AS HE IS, SO ARE WE IN THIS WORLD. (or in this present arrangement.”

Now, you can believe what you want to believe, because of what you physical eyes see. As for me, these 3 scriptures tell me that I CREATE!  How do I create?  The first step is a thought. The second step is speaking that thought. These words bring forth the life of that thought.

Prov 23:7, “For as a man thinketh in his heart (MIND), so is he.”

MT. 12:34, “…out of the abundance of the heart (MIND), the mouth speaks..”

Prov 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue; and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

What I create depends on which MIND I am thinking from and speaking from. IF the results produce LIGHT AND LOVE, I am using the Mind of Christ. If the result produces DARKNESS, FEAR and HURT, I am using the carnal mind. ANYTHING contrary to Father’s Truths are from the carnal mind.  ANYTHING from the carnal mind is WHOREDOM!  Spiritually speaking, whoredom is any word or act CONTRARY to God’s Word and Nature.  We’ve ALL lived the fife of the “whore”. And it has affected our body, thoughts, and lives. Focusing on the thought that this flesh body IS US, is WHOREDOM. The body IS NOT US!

Acts 17:28-29, “For in Him we live, move and have OUR BEING; as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also His offspring. Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and MAN’S devices.

We HAVE, not will have, our very being in Him. When we move, it is HIM moving. And don’t think that He doesn’t move into what MAN considers “right or wrong”, because we are told, “the steps of a righteous man is directed by Him..”. When we breath, He breaths, actually, I have this said BACKWARDS, When HE breaths, He breaths in this body that we reside in. It’s Him moving, His BEING, it is HIS VERY LIFE!! In this flesh body.

Col. 3:3-4, “For ye are DEAD, and your life is hid WITH CHRIST (Father’s Life) in God. When Christ, who is our life shall appear then shall ye also appear with him in glory.”

There is a difference in being “in Christ” and “Christ in you”. They are NOT the same thing. In fact, one is a higher dimension, than the other.

“Christ in you”, comes in you, as Galatians put it, as a seed. That seed in, as Paul says, “I travail in birth til Christ be formed in you.”  Christ in you comes as a deposit, as a seed. I don’t like to use the word “deposit”, because God has always been there, but, for lack of a better word, I’ll use it. But, as that incorruptible see grows, it grows to the point that it gets bigger than you. It’s IN you, but, it grows and gets bigger than you. Once it gets bigger than you, it illuminates on the outside and then YOU are IN Christ.  It starts as “Christ in you”, but then it explodes as you grow in the Word, in the anointing, the wisdom and the revelation. Christ gets bigger than you and OUT GROWS YOU.  

While I’m on the subject of anointing; I’ve heard it taught that the “unction” that God says we have, is a “different anointing”.  Folks, Folks, there is only ONE anointing!! That anointing may be used in different areas, but, there is ONE ANOINTING. Ok, let’s go on.

Christ gets bigger until HE is all that is seen. That’s what Isaiah meant when he said, “Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord IS UPON you.”  We come to the place where Christ is seen on us as well as IN us.  At this lace, we SHOULD know that we are NO LONGER< MAN.  We SHOULD know who we are!  Amen!  And we need to know that without  Christ, IN us, there will not be “you in Christ.”  When we are “you in Christ”, we are Father’s Christ, on earth.  (remember what the word Christ, means).

Notice in Rom 8:1, it does not say “there is now no condemnation for Christ in you”; it says, “no condemnation to those who are in Christ.”  We need to realize that one is the Outer Court; the other is the Holy Place.

And as we realize the PRESENT REALITY of who we are, there’s no way that we can regard ourselves as “just a man”.  We have lost that identity and have a new identity.

Yes, MAN can do nothing, and IF you are still regarding yourself as MAN, you are thinking out of the carnal mind, and there will be no change in your body, thoughts or lives and you’ll go to the grave with your thoughts.  That may sound hard, but it’s true.

The mind has to come out of the past and out of the future.  It must be in the PRESENT of what Father tells us. IF we keep our mind in the past, we’ll never see a future; and if we keep our mind in the future, we’ll never REALIZE the PRESENT!!  We must realize that what Jesus did (past tense) at Calvary and what He accomplished for us, IS FIXED; it’s PERMANENT.  It’s not what MAN messed up – it’s what HE DID!  There is no time except PRESENT, where His accomplishments are concerned.  Take it or leave it, it’s the Truth.  And it was done BEFORE the foundation of the world. (Rev 13:8) and it is manifested as we accept HIS TRUTHS instead of MAN’S waiting and waiting and waiting.   

Folks will say, “oh yes, I believe that God’s Work is finished”, but THEN, they turn around and wait for HIM to redo it.  While all the time, HE is waiting for US to walk into that finished work.   How is this done?  BY THE MIND, the MIND that He has given us.  I’ll show you in God’s own anointed words.


MARCH 6, 2004

HE is waiting for US to walk into His finished work.   How is this done?  BY THE MIND, the MIND that He has given us.  I’ll show you in God’s own anointed words. This is where we left off, in the last part of this study. And I’d like to pick up here.

Before the “old man” died, the carnal mind belonged to him. But, it died when he died. Why do we still use it?  Simply because we’ve believed its lies. What we need to realize is that Father IS NOT going to give us a new mind. WE have to change the one we have.  When Father created us out from within Himself; out of His very BEING, He gave us the ONLY MIND that will ever be, because it is HIS MIND. The thing is, that mind that He gave us, changed. And we have to change it back to its original condition. Things that we have believed changed that perfect mind.

First, let’s look at the belief that IS causing many to not use that perfect mind. We hear it said all the time, “MAN can do nothing, God has to do it. And this statement is true. And as long as we think and believe that we are just “mortal man”, that statement will remain true. But, we became so much more than just “mortal man”, when He began to wake us up from that “deep sleep” that we’ve been living in.

You see, when Father caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam (mankind), Adam’s woman (psoo-khay, soul, pronounced “Sue Kay”) took over running the show. Not only did she run the show, she hooked up with some strange man.  Then along came Jesus; died for her and caused something to happen. When Jesus came upon the scene, Sue Kay’s “old man” died and NOW Sue Kay has a NEW MAN.  The “old man” was nothing like her NEW LOVE and she is purifying herself, so she will be pleasing to she is united with.

Sue Kay is our soul. He New Love is Father God. She is purifying herself because the “old man’s” way of thinking and living is completely opposite of her New Love. Her old “man” taught her many, many lies, and she lived with him, believing his lies. God is not giving us another soul; He has given us instructions on how WE are to clean up the one we have. When our soul was first created, it was in perfect line with Father. NOW, He has told us to take dominion of everything that is in our earth, so that it returns BACK to the way it was created to be. When Adam (mankind) was created, Adam and the soul were in the very image of the Creator. When the soul took over the show, she didn’t SEPARATE FROM GOD; she just walked out of the Light, into Darkness. So now, Father is telling her to clean up her act and be as she was created to be, ENLIGHTENED and out of darkness.

This is a cute little way of explaining how we have been living. But, this is a serious matter, and the cute way of thinking (religiously), will do nothing for us. So, WE have to take Father’s instructions and do as HE says. Not sit and wait for someone to do it for us. Father is patiently waiting for us come forth out of His instructions, LOOKING SO MUCH LIKE HIM, THAT WE CAN”T BE TOLD APART FROM HIM!  So, let’s look at HIS instructions. And know this; He has provided us with EVERYTHING needed to wake up from this life (illusion) that we’ve created, and allow HIS LIFE to be seen in the earth. (Col 1:19, John 1:16, 1John 4:17) We are coming out of that sleep and realizing that we’ve been dreaming. We ARE NOT who we’ve thought we were and the “real us” or HIM is coming forth.

PHILIPPIANS 2: 5,6, 12,13, (5) LET this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus; (6) Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.”

The first word tells us “to ALLOW” the Mind of Christ to be in us. The second thing here, is, in order to have that happen, we HAVE to KNOW who we are, and NOT feel that we are robbing Father of His Glory!  We ARE equal with God. We are created out of His very substance and being!!  I am not talking about this “MAN” that the focus has been kept on, I’m talking about the TRUE BEING that we are that has been dormant, deep within. If we are created OUT OF HIM, we are AS HE IS. Not just a spirit being, but, HIS VERY SPIRIT, HIM!!  He completes us and we complete Him. We are ONE WITH HIM. Father is our Head, and we are His Body. They can’t be separated, or death occurs and we all KNOW that God cannot die. The sooner we allow this KNOWING to take the place of that old religious stuff that has been leading us (into death), the sooner He will be completely seen in His TOTALITY, ON THIS EARTH.

Ok, this was one step in HIS instructions. How do we “ALLOW” this Mind to come forth? By changing the MIND.

VS 12, “ out your own salvation with fear and trembling”

The word “salvation” is the exact SAME thing that Jesus did with our Spirit, before the foundation of the world.  In Strong’s, # 48, 53, 40 defines this word: save, rescue, deliver, save (physically and morally), health, clean, innocent, modest, chaste, pure, PERFECT, consecrated, blameless, sacred.

There are 3 parts to salvation: Spirit (John 3:5-8 1Cor.5:5), Soul (James 1:21, 1Peter 1:9,12, Heb 10:39, 1Thess.5:23-24 and Body (Rom 8:23, Luke 3:6)

The Spirit is saved. Now, He tells US to work out the rest of our salvation. He is not going to do it. He tells US to do it. (it is actually Him doing it, because HE is who we really are). But, we are not to just sit around WAITING, we have a part to play in this “working out our own salvation.  Look at the words. “Let” means two things, “allow and rent”. He surely didn’t say, “Rent out the mind of Christ to be in you”.  You know, we HAVE to turn loose of the old religious thinking go. We HAVE to get past our “Jesus thinking”. I don’t mean, ignore Him and what He did; I mean, we HAVE to realize we are the same thing He was when He walked the earth, GOD’S ANOINTED ONE. We ARE GOD’S MANIFESTED SONS!  Take your eyes off of the “greater works” and see how you have manifested from the spirit realm into this earthen realm and know that NOW are we Sons of God, and you can only come up with MANIFESTED SONS. Now, we have to allow FATHER to do the “greater works”, just as HE DID through the flesh man, Jesus.

So what other instruction did Father give?  We’ve already seen in John 1:16 that He has filled us with His fullness, HIMSELF.

1John 3:1-3, “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.”

Could this possibly be the world of religion?

Beloved, NOW are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be; but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.”

We are Sons of God, and we have EVERYTHING that our Father made us heirs of, HIMSELF!   Now, where is He to appear? What are we going to be looking at to see Him as he is?

2Thess.1:10, “When he shall come to be glorified in his saints, and to be admired in all them that BELIEVE (because our testimony among you was believed) in that day.”

THIS IS THAT DAY!!!  I know that some teach that it is HIS PRESENCE that is going to come, but, HIS PRESENCE IS HIM!! We’ve been “looking in a glass darkly”, but now, our LIGHT HAS COME and beholding HIM in each other.

(Cor.3:18)  Ok, let’s go back to 1 John.

1 John 3:3, “And EVERY man that hath this hope in him PURIFIETH HIMSELF, even as he is pure.”

Where do we have to have THIS HOPE?  In our MIND. (heart=mind). And who does this purification to us? “EVERY man that hath this hope.”  What hope? The hope of only Father and HIS Life being seen, through us. IF one doesn’t BELIEVE that we ARE NOT who we have perceived ourselves to be, then they can’t have this hope in them. And guess what?  This word, “purifieth”, means the exact same thing as that word “salvation”!! Now, who brings forth this purifying, this salvation?  WE DO. (by the instructions Father has given us.)  Now, remember, this is not talking about human, mortal MAN that does this. This is the one who KNOWS who He is and is bringing the manifestation of that person, because he is purifying himself.  So, how do we purify ourselves, besides having this HOPE in us?

Romans 12:1-2, (VS 2) And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed, by the renewing of you mind…” Transformed” from what you THINK you are into what FATHER TELLS US WE ARE. And notice, the word “re-new”.  This means that this MIND was in the condition of not NEEDING to be transformed. And we have to bring it BACK to that condition. Father told us, “YOU HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST (1Cor. 2:16). He wants us to use it, instead of allowing “Sue Kay” to do our thinking.  We have believed that HE has to change our mind, but honestly, all we have to do is BELIEVE what He tells us.(Col.2:9-10)  If a Word says “you have”, “you can”, “you are”, then we MUST believe it. It’s the carnal mind that tells us “you will have”, “you will be able to”, “you will be”. Folks say, “well, it’s true in the Spirit, but...” Well, which is TRUTH, Spirit or the natural?  As creators, when we take a TRUTH that Father says is “here and now,” and tell ourselves, “it’s in the future”, then that creating power in us, makes real , whatever we believe. It’s like having money in the bank, and yet saying, “I’m broke”, simply because WE don’t draw it out! (Prov 23:7)

VS 1, “…present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, WHICH IS YOUR REASONABLE SERVICE”

Whose reasonable service is it, to put on the Mind of Christ and present our bodies a living sacrifice?  It’s OURS, not GOD’S!  He have ALREADY GIVEN US THE MIND OF CHRIST, now He’s saying USE IT, IF you have the HOPE of ME being seen to the rest of the world. He’s saying, “I WANT TO BE SEEN, AS WHO I AM, YOU!!  I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE THAT YOU ARE AS I AM. USE MY MIND!”

Romans 10:10, “For with the heart (MIND) man believeth unto righteousness; (the purifying of our soul) and with the mouth (the creating action) confession is made (by the Spirit power bringing it into manifestation) unto salvation (unto the salvation of our soul (MIND).”

I will guarantee you, that IF you think this is going to be done for you, instead of like Father says, “YOU work out your own salvation”, then you will work out your own salvation on the other side of Jordon, when it CAN AND IS TO BE DONE HERE, ON EARTH.

I want to KEEP reminding you, IF you don’t know who you are, NO, YOU cannot do it. But, KNOWING WHO YOU ARE AND WHOSE LIFE IS BEING LIVED (Gal.2:20), then “ALL things are possible through Christ.”


MARCH 26, 2004

1 John 3:3, “And every man that hath this hope in Him purifieth himself, even as He is pure.”

Romans 10:10, “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.”

For with the heart (MIND) man believes into righteousness (the purifying of our soul) and with the mouth (the creating action that is within us) confession is made (by the power of the Spirit bringing it into manifestation) unto salvation. (the deliverance of our soul) (MIND).

How do we bring about the purifying, we read of?  With the MIND that He has given us. The Mind of Christ. His Word tells us that “He gave”, not “will give”. We have it; it just must be brought forth from within us. The Mind of Christ!

When our soul started running the show (she thought, but Father had a plan), she walked out of the Light, into darkness. (by thoughts).  Now, where does Father tell us, His Secret Place is? In darkness. (PS 18:11). You see, Light and darkness are the same to Him. (PS 139:12, MT 5:45).

We must realize that the darkness that we’ve walked in was a learning experience for us. How can one KNOW Light, if he/she hasn’t experienced darkness? And we MUST see that God IS ALL IN ALL.

Now, IF you think it robbery to be equal with God, the mind will not be changed, at least not here on earth. You will right on believing all the garbage that has been believed, up till now. Our MIND was not created to be what it has became. NOW, Father IS saying, “Awake!! Awake!! Your Light has come!!”  When Father says, “As I AM, so are you in this world”; He means it. HE IS NOT the “I WAS”, or “I WILL BE”, He is the I AM and so are we!

And these that are hearing what Father is saying about who we ARE, will NEVER go back to who we THOUGHT we were! And they will not keep on waiting and looking to the future. They ARE living in the PRESENT, of the I AM.

And I will tell you right now, there are those who are not hearing what Father is saying, who will tell you that you’re wrong; and how you need to WAIT, WAIT and WAIT; and the you can do nothing. DON’T BELIEVE THOSE WORDS! You take Father’s Word as He gives them to you. And He IS speaking it to you or you would not remain on this list!! I don’t care how educated a person is, or how long they have preached or wrote, don’t let them drag you back down to that earthly, soulish THINKING. As long as the MIND accepts the old way of thinking those old death thoughts, He cannot manifest Himself as He is. Keep your THOUGHTS and beliefs elevated in Him and what HE says.

If we believe we are still , MAN, and we are WAITING for Him to do what He has already done; we will  see death and go to the grave, still waiting. Folks, we wake up on the other side, believing what we died believing. Or the written Word would not tell us that BOTH sides are been taught. (Rev 10:2-3)

We are ONE with Father. That makes us ONE AND THE SAME as HE IS.  People will see what they want to see, not knowing WHO they are looking at!  Another RE-HAPPENING. Death will surely come to them, before they actually find out who they are. BUT, death is not a necessity!

PS 102:18-20, This shall be written for the generation to come; and the people which shall be created shall praise the Lord.  For he hath looked down from the height of his sanctuary; from heaven did the Lord behold the earth; To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death;”

We MUST change our MIND, to believe what Father has shown us in the above verse, INSTEAD OF , “we are just mortal man, and can do nothing but wait.”!  ANYTHING that is “instead of” what Father says is ANTICHRIST!  Anti means, instead of. I don’t care how religious, well balanced and educated other words might sound, we cannot put it in place of, or INSTEAD OF what Father says.  And this “waiting game” is a teaching of “instead of”, instead of what Father is saying to us.  Think on it and come to your own conclusion. WE HAVE BEEN THINKING WITH THE ANTICHRIST MIND!

Romans 15:4, “For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.”

We cannot stay where we’ve been. We must move forward into Father and allow HIM to move forward in and through us. As long as we THINK that the bible is what we need, we’re fooling ourselves.

John 5:39-40, “Ye search the scriptures, for in them ye THINK ye have eternal life; and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.”

We must go and stay in that place, within. That place where Father dwells. That place where His Throne is. That place where we REALLY love. That place where we are ONE WITH HIM. That place within us where “AS HE IS SO ARE WE.”

We must stop depending on MAN to tell us what the scriptures say and allow FATHER to tell us what they mean! We must LIVE, CONSTANTLY IN HIS PRESENCE. (not His past and not His future.) And I don’t mean to live “religiously”. but as HE created you,  AS HE IS.

All that we have THOUGHT; all that we have believed; and all that we have lived through HAS BEEN FATHER!  He has had us to experience the things that we we’ve THOUGHT had “hindered” His full manifestation; and HE is instructing us as to what WE must NOW experience, HIS LIFE!  NOTHING IS KNOWN WHEN THE EXPERIENCING OF A THING, HASN’T BEEN.

I want to share what Father spoke to me, regarding US changing the MIND.  I asked Him, “Father, how do we purify ourselves? How do we change the MIND?”

He said, “First the natural, then the spiritual. It’s like the natural body’s functions. First, YOU place within you, food that gives you life. Then, you chew it and chew it and swallow it. Then, it is digested (by My Spirit). It is then, that it is released out of you (a life released action). My Life is the released action or BEING. As release happens (comes out of you) I AM IS MANIFESTED. And atom by atom, the body is changed.”

You see, there is no darkness in Him and HIS SECRET PLACE HAS BEEN IN US!  Hallelujah!!  As He manifests through us, ONLY HE IS SEEN. His Love. His Compassion. His Wisdom. His THOUGHTS. HIM!!  We come to understand that it was HIM all along doing what had to be done to come through the darkness. AND NOW, OUR LIGHT/LIFE HAS COME!!  HALLELUJAH!!!  WALK IN IT!! TALK IT!! BELIEVE IT!! LOVE IT AND PROTECT IT!  (Rev. 1:3, keep=protect).  WALK THE EARTH AS WHO YOU ARE!  You ARE ONE WITH FATHER and you can’t be told apart by those LOOKING FOR HIM.  Many aren’t looking for Him, as He is, they are looking for Him as they WANT Him to be.  Another RE-HAPPENING!

We are RE-JOINED, as we were created to be.

Mark 10:9, “What therefore God hath joined together, let not MAN put asunder.”

This scripture was talking about marriage and divorce. But, we KNOW that He spoke in parables to those not ready for the deeper meaning of what He was saying.

In the beginning, God created Adam (Spirit) and Eve (soul) as ONE JOINED TOGETHER. The Spirit and soul was in complete agreement with Father. But, when we were taken from the Light and placed in darkness (Rom. 8:20) the soul went into a different direction of THINKING. Since then, MAN has been putting “asunder” the UNION of our true make-up and identity.  We have been living in spiritual adultery, in this illusion that Eve (the soul) has created.  But, Father is giving us instruction as to re-uniting Spirit, soul and body. Why? Because He joined them together in the first place; just the way HE wanted them to be, AS HE IS!!

Another parable.

2Thess. 2:1-2, “Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto Him, That ye be not soon shaken in MIND, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.”

There is SO MUCH in these 2 verses, but I want to look at the “gathering together.” This “gathering together,” as taught by MAN means; going to church every Sunday, Wednesday, etc. Farther showed me another understanding of these verses.  First of all, WE ARE THE CHURCH, not the buildings that we meet in.  Secondly, when we come “unto=into” Him, we are to come “gathered together”; Spirit, soul and body. He is already in us. We are to gather together, our Spirit, soul and body, we are to gather together what HE JOINED TOGETHER in the beginning; Spirit, soul and body, all in AGREEMENT WITH HIM!  And when we “come together”, into Him, “we are not soon shaken in MIND…”


I awoke this morning with these words ringing in my being.

As He is so are we.  We are without mother and father. We were begotten. We are all in all. We are omnipresent.  We are omnipotent. We are everlasting. We are worthy. We are holy. We have HIS glory.

We came out of Father, became the Son and He brought forth the awareness of BEING His Manifested Sons; and we are now returning to the position of Fatherhood, that we came out of in the beginning. We were His Very Being and became flesh. He then brought back to our remembrance that we are Spirit, as He is.  Just as He did, we are following our Pattern!

We are not after the order of Melchizedek. We are Melchizedek.     We are the one that the Abraham’s pay their tithes to.  (search out what Abraham gave, it wasn’t just money).  a tenth= 10= perfection, Divine Order.  (I am hoping to someday put out a study on the Melchizedek, of NOW.)

We are ONE with the Head, therefore we are what He is.

Walk it. Talk it. Be it. Because it is ALL HIM!  Don’t wait on anyone.  Don’t be concerned with the salvation of anyone, right now, except the salvation of your soul, and body.  HE will bring forth the salvation of everyone else, as He wants and when He wants… through us.  But, right now, we are beginning to see who we are, and we must come to the place of seeing CLEARLY, as in a glass or mirror who we are and walk it. He regenerated that perfect Spirit within us, and then began telling us, “You have all you need, work out the rest of your salvation.”  Bless Him!  Praise Him!  REJOICE IN HIM!  I’ll tell you, I could do some good, old, Pentecost shouting right now!

We have been working (saving, completing, protecting delivering, healing, making whole,etc) our own salvation, just as He told us to.  Not as Linda, Susie, John, Tom etc, but as the new creatures who resurrected with Jesus, our Father. We have a new name, that name is Christ, or Father’s Life. This is the creature, the who, that is working out our own salvation.  It is US working it out, because we are HIM.  Head and Body, they can’t be divided or separated.  We are obtaining the end of our faith, even the salvation of our soul.  And with the soul coming into its salvation, the salvation of the body is following.

Look at how far we have came, since the original 12 disciples.  Look at John, in the Book of Rev.

Rev. 5:2-3, “Who is worth to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? And NO MAN in heaven, nor under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.”

Folks, THIS is what He’s been telling us about for years!!  If we still consider ourselves to just be mere mortal man, with God residing in us, we WILL NEVER OPEN THE BOOK – LET ALONE – LOOSE THE SEALS!!!  But, praise God, there IS A PEOPLE, A BODY, IF YOU WILL, HIS BODY, who know who they are. They are no longer MAN, who can do nothing, waiting on God to do it all.  NO, they know they ARE ONE WITH GOD, His LIVING BODY, and because of who they are, they have loosed the last seals, within themselves.  OH Hallelujah!!    Most of Christianity think themselves NOT WORTHY to do anything.  But, Father’s Body knows that they are WORTHY because He is Worthy;  they consider themselves HOLY, because He is HOLY; they consider themselves ABLE, because He is ABLE.  They don’t have a perfect ministry, they ARE A PERFECT MINISTRY.

Folks, NOW, we’re back to the way HE did it fellowshipping, ministering, ONEONONE.  The Deep in one is calling out to the Deep in another, because it’s the same DEEP!  We’re in each other. You have what I need, I have what you need and we call it forth from each other.  He tells us, “call into being those things which are not”. When I couldn’t see, YOU become my Light. When you couldn’t walk, I become your feet. WE are ONE in this Body of Father’s.  As He moves so do we. As He speaks, He speaks through us.  He is doing what He has always wanted to do, WALKING THE EARTH IN HIS BODY.

And did you notice WHERE that “no man,” was?  In heaven and under the earth.”

For one thing, His written Word tells us, “flesh and blood cannot enter”, remember?  Another thing, where is heaven?  It’s within us; it’s a state of being.  One cannot live in a state of being of heaven, if they THINK they are  flesh and blood. Their body cannot be changed if they THINK that they are mere man.  ONLY those who KNOW they are SPIRIT are in a heavenly state of being, and this body is changing; whether others believe it or not. He tells us, “As a man thinketh, so is he…”  Do you THINK that you are mere man?  IF SO, YOU ARE! Remember, this is about THINKING WITH THE MIND OF CHRIST.  We ARE NOT doing that, if we THINK we are NOT who HE says we are.  I warn you, DO NOT let others do your THINKING for you. If you do, you will cross Jordan, AND THEN FIND OUT, “Boy, did I miss that one!!”  Right now, your ONLY concern should be “presenting Father, AS HE IS, YOU!!”

And “no man under the earth can open the book and loose the seals”. To be under the earth, is to have crossed over Jordan.  Seen physical death.  Now living in the realm of the spirit world. They are still living, because they have eternal life. But, there is a people, who, because they think it not robbery to be equal with God,  will NOT cross Jordan. No, they have opened the book and are showing what the seals really are.   The seals are their THINKING!

Because, HE is in control of all things (Eph 1:11), WE are in control of all things. Can the HEAD walk to the store without HIS BODY?  No. Well, we are His Body.  WE are His consciousness, because HE is conscious of Who He is and now, some of us, are conscious of Who we ARE, NOT WILL BE. HE is being seen, through His Body, by those who are looking for Him. They aren’t sitting around WAITING; they aren’t focused on the greater works. They are doing them. Those greater works are being done. We are giving SIGHT to the blend. We are RAISING THE DEAD, out of that stinking earthen hole, of the carnal MIND and the false church system. We aren’t focusing on what the NATURAL eye sees, because we ARE SPIRIT, as our Father is Spirit; we are seeing that true man come out of the tomb of death, and that true man IS THE SPIRITMAN that you are.

Is Lazarus still around?  No. So, this tells us that the flesh man Lazarus WAS NOT the true man, it was Lazarus’ Spiritman that was the true Lazarus. THAT man is still around. He’s with the cloud of witnesses of Heb. 12:1.   

Folks, we have to change our MIND!  We can no longer walk this earth, double minded. We can’t be part mere mortal man, and part God. WE ARE WHAT HE IS! We HAVE to walk in it, if we have any hope of Him FULLY manifesting through us.  This is the HOPE that we PURIFY OURSELVES with. (1 john 3:3)

“Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.”

This isn’t a request. This is a command!  Either we obey, or we don’t. If we don’t, we stay with the religious organization and pass over Jordan and WAIT with those in Heb 12:1, or we become the ones that, “without US,” they cannot be made perfect.

US, is HIM.  HE is US. Only the Spirit can show you the understanding of this. I am praying, and I know, that those that are called to this place in Father, HE WILL BRING FORTH FROM WITHIN THEM.  He is bringing back to remembrance who we were, who we are and who we will always be. Our MIND has been renewed, and we’re starting the realization of the walk of that Mind.  I encourage you; don’t allow SILLY questions, like:  well can you raise the dead?  Well can you calm the sea?  Can you walk on water? Can you heal the sick?  Is your body fully changed, without illness in it.   THESE ARE QUESTIONS OF THE CARNAL MIND!  You are a Spirit Being.  We ARE NOT this flesh body. The Body that we were promised WILL come forth.  Sea, represents people. Calming the sea, is simply bringing out the beast nature in them and revealing to them who they really are. And when we do that, there is silence in heaven, silence from the beast nature, the carnal mind and all that is heard is Praise for our Father.  Hallelujah!!  He is SO WORTHY to receive glory and honor and praise!  Yes He is!  To walk on water, is to tread on scorpions that try to attack us, from out of religious thinking.  Don’t allow silly, carnal question, cause you to question who you are. Be as Jesus was, just say,

“YOU SAY”!  And know within yourself, that they are not, yet, ready to receive Father’s understanding. He is here, folks. Accept Him. Embrace Him. And LIVE HIS LIFE WITH HIM! Be who you really are.

I am not sure if there will be another part to this study, as of yet. So be blessed and PURIFY YOUR SOUL BY CHANGING YOUR MIND TO THE MIND OF CHRIST!

THE MIND, Parts 1 –5 [Linda Keith]          1


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