SEPTEMBER 21, 2012

Have we forgotten that we always have choice over how we perceive the world? Have we forgotten that we always have choice over how we create our experience of reality?  ~   Peter Russell

I get what Mr. Russell is saying, but I feel compelled to admit that I don’t really have a choice if I insist upon allowing old “tapes” that are running in the background of my subconscious that cause me to make judgments based on unconsciously held prejudices instilled by my education (or lack thereof), cultural indoctrination and/or upbringing.

I just added the foregoing paragraph to justify the following article which makes no sense (to me) until viewed in the light of the above.

I woke up this morning to this: “You want to rush onto the next step to fix a problem and cannot fix it – so you entangle yourself in affixing blame; and, therefore, creativity to fix the problem has just met its biggest obstacle. There’s a missing step. Uncover it!”

I don’t know about you, but this sounds heavy-duty – all we need to know is, what is the missing step, correct?

I just experienced this vision: I am walking along a path and just ahead I see a fork – I can either go to the right, into a dark wooded area, or I can take the left and go toward a long expanse of white sandy beach with gentle incoming waves lapping at the shore and nothing but a cloudless sky.

I have mixed feelings; the dark wooded area looks very inviting and peaceful. I can see rays of sunlight wafting down through the trees.

Is it possible to do both? That is, go to the beach for awhile; maybe even take a leisurely jog in my bare feet, and a quick dip and then take a walk in the woods? Ah, I realize that it is too late in the afternoon to do both; it has to be one or the other.

I immediately see that this is the problem …I’m missing something. I’ve made up my mind that my choices are limited to this OR that, because there isn’t time to do both.

I also immediately see that there were two other choices I hadn’t even considered …which is an expansion of the problem. I could merely turn around and return along the path and forget about doing anything further for the day or the other choice is I could ask, “Which of these two will serve whatever is the better good for me right now.

“That is limiting universal wisdom to either path and that is part of your problem. I have shown you how to access wisdom, Ask “what now?” …and wait for your answer – it will come.”

“How foolish I can be,” I thought. More realization: I am rushing to blame myself when there is no need. The query, “what now,” fixed everything.

Okay then, is that the missing step (asking “what now”) what I needed to discover?

“No, that is the solution to the problem caused by rushing headlong into making choices based on what you think might be right or wrong from your limited perspective.

“The missing step is to base your life’s decisions on the fact that forgiveness has already been provided. You have heard the maxim, ‘vengeance is mine saith the Lord,’ you’ve also heard the term that ‘the price has already been paid.’ Remembering and deeply understanding this is the missing step so that you avoid getting stuck in the quagmire of blaming yourself or others.”

The thoughts that came after hearing the foregoing were too indistinct to put into words, but I knew I was not to put either of the “maxims” referenced into any frame of previous thinking, but I was drawn to look at each and ask, “What does this mean?”

Let’s do so together right now “…vengeance is mine saith the Lord . . .” what I was instructed to do related to sharing it, is to remind everyone of something I was shown several years ago. YOU AND I WILL EACH RECEIVE THE CURRENT MEANING THAT WE INDIVIDUALLY NEED TO GET AND WHAT I GET WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY BE DIFFERENT FROM WHAT ANYONE ELSE GETS. This “knowledge” has helped me in the past to get over “needing” anyone to think as I was thinking or have the same spiritual experience that I was having, and it caused the cessation of thinking somebody else was “deceived” or “wrong” or that what they were receiving was from a “wrong” or even different SOURCE because what they were receiving was different.

Now then, let’s go back to “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.” What does this mean for me NOW? For me the message is quite simple …to actively and deliberately remove all value judgment about anything. Again, if you get something different that’s okay, I’m just instructed to share what I’m getting with you and not to worry about what you are getting from the same SOURCE.

Let’s move on to: “the price has already been paid.” What does this mean for me NOW? To release and deliberately send away any tendency I may have to think somebody should be punished for anything.

This thought raised some ethical and philosophical questions about our legal and political systems which seem, to me, are aimed at “pinning” the alleged crime onto somebody and not making any attempt at getting to what I consider to be the truth. I saw how mired I have been in my own judgments and not at all as open to alternative perspectives as I previously thought I had been.

What is “good” and what is “bad” took on a whole different meaning. What I am seeing, in this context, is that a horrific crime is exactly that, “horrific,” but I needn’t involve myself in making any judgment or demand for punishment related to the individual seemingly responsible. Neither should I make any judgment or demand for punishment of those within the legal or political system who wrongly accuse and insist upon punishing an innocent person …an act which I have always tended to view equally as “horrific” as the crime itself.

What I am also seeing at this moment is that many will view what I’m getting as “fuzzy” and without principle …but there is a principle behind it: “VENGEANCE IS MINE SAITH THE LORD.”

It is not my place to correct either the crime or the perpetrator or somebody who takes the responsibility for exacting correction upon somebody who did NOT “perpetrate” the crime …I am fit to judge neither (period).

This, then, is the missing step for me. Whether it is meaningful to you is for you to discern (please note that I felt compelled to use the word “discern” in the spiritual sense of the word rather than “decide.”

That’s it. Ryan, is this article useful to be posted? You had better ask; it has me reeling from some self-discovery. Is it meaningful to you or anyone else? I asked and was nudged to upload it rather than delete.









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