OCTOBER 31, 2013

Genetic determinism is not a false belief if you believe it …and that is the point of this article. Your genes and your DNA do NOT determine your “fate” (in my definition of this “f” word), which is that fate is at what age you will die and what organic deficiency will most likely be the cause of your untimely” demise because everyone else in your familial history died of it before their “time” …UNLESS you continue to believe it and then it will tend to be quite true.

Wake up! The most famous genetic research scientist in the world, of our time, Dr. Bruce Lipton, boldly states that anyone – that’s you, that is I …can become a master of our destiny rather than a victim.

Today, this very day, you can change the course of your life-long history of pathetic under-achieving health wishes. How? By changing what you say from prophetic words of “I am going to die young because” – “cancer runs in our family” ”heart disease is in our family DNA,” etc.

Today, this very day, you can begin proving you are an unlimited, infinite being. In point of fact, the only reason you are not unlimited is because you have not yet proven it to yourself that you are.

Such proof takes personal responsibility, YOUR personal responsibility. For over forty years I have been railing about how to avoid being a victim of disease by eliminating the cause(s) of disease.

Some people refuse to listen to what I say because I sometimes say things in outlandish fashion to draw attention to what I’m saying …please note: Some people get it and that is why I don’t quit saying outlandish seeming things!

I told a man just last night, “I’m not a healer” and went on to tell him one of hundreds of true stories that made him realize what I meant by my being a facilitator of spiritual healing and healing power. You see, just as Jesus said it about what he was able to do …”It is not I that does the work” – I sometimes practically scream that Jesus never healed anyone! …before your feathers get ruffled, JESUS SAID THAT, not I! Neither do I heal anyone …and for exactly the same reason and dynamics – apparently. 

One of the challenges is the fact that some people are healed of physical maladies in my presence – which makes me seem like a healer to some. I do have an interesting ability – I ask what I should do when anyone comes to me for help about a physical problem. I am always given the answer which creates some interesting and even startling situations when I tell people the answer I am given is that they don’t really want to be healed.

A couple on the “Big Island” of Hawaii, near Hilo, had witnessed somebody being healed and had invited me to the home of a friend of theirs; he was disabled due to a back problem.

Getting right to the point, I told the man he didn’t want to be healed – he hated his job and was getting disability payments which actually equaled what he would be earning if he was working …and he didn’t want to give that up. He admitted that was true – I told him that when he got to the point of realizing he could get a job he loved he could then ALSO receive his healing.

Many people live in the prison of their self-imposed limitations for the same reasons – they receive perceived secondary benefits from being a victim and, therefore, prefer it.

This creates a conflict …once I know that I don’t have to have limits I have to live up to the realization that I have to take responsibility for living differently, thinking differently and speaking differently.

This is the message that Dr. Bruce Lipton delivers so clearly – and in an interview with the famed author and speaker, Wayne Dyer, the two men said that there is no point in trying to tell anyone that there is a spiritual answer until they are ready to hear it.

I can give some of you an answer to overcome that bit of limiting wisdom …if you are ready to receive it (in other words, I’m saying the same thing).

You don’t need to come to me or to any other human being – you can begin to understand what Jesus meant when he said, “it was your faith that healed you.”

I am always reluctant to bring up the name of Jesus and that only because of the religious connotation people put on the name which keeps many from “hearing” what he said, either because they believe the religious interpretation or because they have an anti-religious reaction to his name – the other side of the same coin.

The only reason you don’t know that you are unlimited is because you have not net proved it. Don’t believe me, prove it to yourself.

If you are ready and willing to receive “my” way for you to do this, I will gladly provide it for you, FREE OF CHARGE. All you have to do is write me.

In Freedom,
































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