Dear ________,

I realize you’ve been waiting for a while for me to write you back. Part of the delay is that I just didn’t want to give you some “pat” answer, some set of beliefs or something like that, which might make you feel better for a few minutes, but later left you exactly as you were. I can’t offer you “deliverance” from your anxiety problem – in other words I can’t necessarily promise you anything in regard to how you will feel or how your mind will process life. The truth of Jesus Christ is from another source entirely than the good and evil of this world, and can’t be compared one to the other. What I am telling you about and announcing as yours is this other life which in Jesus Christ is already complete and in which you have no need of deliverance from anything, because in Christ Jesus you have been translated (note – “have been” and not “one day will be”) into the kingdom of light, of God. In that kingdom you are whole, perfect, complete, and God is All in all in you. (If one would actually apprehend that in his belief for even a moment or two, all questions would fall away.)

Also in that kingdom your thoughts are God’s thoughts, and so there’s no need for you to make any sort of effort to “control” your thoughts and try to think only positive things or try to keep negative things out of your mind – because you are a spirit person and your true and real life is your spirit life within you – not your external back and forth up and down soul-mind – which is where your depression and anxiety is felt (and you mistake that depression and anxiety for the real you, but they are only things that hang onto you on the outside, and aren’t the real you inside you, because within you Christ lives completely in His wholeness and even expresses Himself in you as you in your depressions and anxieties, because He has taken them within Himself and in your weakness and human frailty He expresses His strength and solidity. His resurrected Life flows out of you from your anxieties and fears – “bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus that the life of Jesus would be manifest in our MORTAL FLESH.”

You keep wanting to “be different” in the flesh and I can’t blame you, but He is not flesh but Spirit and you have to trust Him to be your truth, not what you feel and what you think. He is your reality and truth and life whether you are bubbling with uncontrollable joy or in the throes of self-absorbed anxiety. Those are just soul feelings, that’s all. Spirit reality is steadfast and does NOT change everytime we have ups and downs emotionally. Spirit (who we are) does not change based on our feelings or our mental shenanigans, and this is the greatest thing we can learn.

(Even if you have a “medical” condition that causes the mental ups and downs. And if that is so, then it’s not faithless or unbelief to use medical remedies, but only “rendering unto Caesar” as necessary. We take care of the things of this world, and take medicine if necessary or helpful, but always our true life is in Christ and we live in and of HIS WHOLENESS in us always.)

So give these things some thoughts. You have already written to me that Christ is your living truth inside you, and this is the manifestation of it. Stop looking for “deliverance” and believe only on Him. He is already “All in all” in you!

All my love,


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