In my last letter I contrasted the chemical bond that is water, HOH, with the chemical bond that is hydrogen sulfide, HSH, as a means of understanding the two possible bonds humans might have with God. I also suggested that God places two possibilities before every human being for us to choose how we would relate with God, and that these two possibilities are found from the beginning of Bible history to the end.

GodChristMan – GodLawMan

Now, here is a HUGE problem. Almost all born again, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled, heaven-destined Christians will claim that they relate with God inside the first bond and not inside the second bond.

I disagree with them 100%. My disagreement is based entirely upon the definitions of God and man.

God is omnipresent Spirit who is All Here Now and Personal in me. There is no other God. I cannot know a God “out there.” A God “out there” is an idol, an image, a form. A God “out there” is the image of a high and glorious heavenly being high above and far away. A God “out there” is man claiming that the serpent is, in fact, the image of God and not man. Neither can I ever know a God “someday.” God is NOW invisible; He will never be “someday.”

And thus most Christians define the first bond as God far away in heaven and Christ far away in heaven and man down here “below” trapped on this earth in a lousy fleshy form waiting until real life starts after they are rid of human flesh. And in this “bond,” Christ up there negotiates with God up there so that we down here get to go up there after awhile.

May I suggest that this is NOT. This scenario is 100% delusion. No reality of God in the Bible can be known or understood by this framework.

When I say BOND, I am referring to nothing external. Bond is inside of each one of us. Bond is the connection between the God who always fills every point of creation, every created being with ALL of Himself, personal and now, between that God and each individual human being.

More than that, this God who fills you, whom you hardly know at all, this God comes into your knowledge through only one means, through a Bond.

Thus you and I, every one of us, have a choice, every moment, of which BOND we want through which we will relate with the God who is for each one of us ONLY inside of us, filling us with all of Himself.

Let me underline this assertion. I know that God fills my computer desk with all of Himself. I know that God fills the tree in my backyard with all of Himself. I know that God fills you with all of Himself. Shall I then worship my computer desk or the tree? Shall I then worship you? I know that God fills all the realms of the heavens with all of Himself at every point, personal and now. Shall I worship heaven? I know that God fills even the serpent, carrying him inside Himself, though the serpent turns away from his Sustainer every moment. Shall I then worship the devil?

There is one place only that God has chosen to be worshipped and that is as the arising One coming into our own personal knowledge out from each one of our own hearts.

In the place that I have chosen. – There I will meet with you.

Now, here is the problem. When I laid out the two bonds before us in the last letter, I was not quite correct. And my not being quite correct touches the very heart of dishonesty that I am trying to persuade all of us to abandon. The law is not and never has been a bond. Here are the two bonds.

GodChristMan – GodSinMan

And every moment of our lives, you and I are choosing which Bond we will use to connect with God. Almost all Christian teaching I have ever heard claims that the appropriate BOND between God and man is NOT Christ at all, but rather Sin! Sin is the bond through which we relate with God.

I find myself caught in the same back and forth in which Paul struggled. On the one hand, I would use all the powers of human persuasion I can muster to persuade you that you have lived together with God all your Christian life using SIN as the bond between you and Him inside yourself instead of Christ. Then, when I discover to my utter consternation that I have failed totally in doing so, I feel like Paul again as he hurried away from Athens to Corinth after his powerful argument in the Athenian marketplace had failed, saying, after he arrived at Corinth, “I determined to know nothing among you except Christ and Him crucified.”

And of truth the two letters to the Corinthians are written out of that spirit. But then – while at Corinth the second time, Paul receives a letter from the churches of Galatia that simply blows his stack. Why can’t they get it? Why can’t they hear me? And so he reverts back to the intense need to spell it out again just as clearly as he possibly can, while shaking these dear believers in Jesus by the shirt collar at the same time.

Paul’s gospel is just too radical for anyone on this planet. More than that, because the paradigm of thinking that an angel is the image of God making God a high heavenly form far away has ruled all Christian thinking, all argument, then, in Christianity between works versus grace, law versus gospel, have ALL posited SIN only and not Christ as the bond of relationship, the point of interplay, between man and God.

All Christian argument until now has taken place entirely inside the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Now understand this. This is God’s seasons and times.

Jesus did not gradually appear on this earth, slowly forming Himself into God made visible over 4000 years.

But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons. Galatians 4:4-5

In the same way, eating of the tree of life has not come upon the Christian church “gradually.” Of truth, it has never happened. Not until now.

If you are eating of the tree of life, you are NOT talking like any other Christian. Rather, you are talking as Jesus speaks of Himself right now as if speaking Jesus in your mouth is perfectly natural and normal.

And talking as Jesus, “The Father and I are one,” not by pretence, but because you know the Father in the same way Jesus knows Him, arising inside yourself, will cause you to be rejected by most Christians. At the same time, when you see or hear normal “Christian” words and sayings, you will be overwhelmed at how contrary to Christ and filled with unbelief they actually are.

Here is where I am overwhelmed. Too many of my readers, dear and precious each one of you, still speak and write words that place Sin, falling short of His glory, as the bond, the point of relationship between you and God. I find so very few, even those who have read me for years, who will speak as Christ Jesus concerning themselves or concerning others, so very few who will put Jesus into their mouths.

Jesus may be in your heart, most certainly, and that is more than wonderful. But why do even His own ones dislike Him so much that they will not also put Jesus into their mouths when speaking or fingers when writing?

You will never know Jesus as the Bond between you and Father until and unless you are willing to place Jesus, by an act of audacious faith, against all of your human judgment and against everything you see and feel, into your own mouth.

Now, there is a teaching out there somewhere that says something along this line.

God would not have placed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil before man in the garden unless He had intended man to eat of it as part of God’s ultimate purpose.

This argument is identical to the other argument out there, that God created Satan evil, intending by His purposes that evil work throughout His creation. Or, as the Hindu’s say, “Evil is just another part of God.”

Let me repeat the “God intended man to eat of the tree of knowledge” argument in a slightly different form.

God would not have given the law to man if He had not intended for man to live by the law.

This argument is identical in every way to the first and is just as contradictory of Christ. God did not give the law to man; the serpent suggested to Eve that it might be a good idea to give the law to Adam.

When God said, “Do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,” He said, “Do not eat of the law.” God commanded man NOT to eat of the law.

Now, this is the command of God through Paul to us. – And yet we will not hear Him.

Christ is the end of the law. Paul.

The law, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, is pure and holy and good. Living “by the law” is a delusion, and that delusion is the dishonesty of the human heart out from which flows all sin and death.

Before listing exactly what Paul and the writer of Hebrews actually say about living by law at any point along the way, in any element of our Christian walk, we must define the law.

The law is the word of God in a very specific form. The law is ALWAYS on the outside of you. The law cannot ever be on the inside of you or ever serve as any part of any point of relationship between you and Father. And word on the outside of you comes to you as words you hear or read, coming to you as knowledge which you now possess. Now you KNOW what is right and good; now you KNOW what is wrong and evil. Now you, as a “sovereign” self get to go back and forth between the two. Back and forth. Back and forth. Gehanna!

Life versus knowledge of self are two totally other realms of being.

The Tree of Life is simply something utterly and entirely different. And only those who are willing to place themselves in Life, who happens to be a Person, by the audacity of faith, have any clue as to what I mean.

Now here is one of the biggest problems in the Christian church – using the Old Testament to rule over the New. Every time I read of someone trying to persuade me to depart from Christ and to live in a sin relationship with my Father, they always pull in a bunch of Old Testament verses to prove their argument, and you always find Solomon sitting in the middle of those verses.

Paul’s gospel rules absolutely over everything in the Bible.

Thus when Ezra says, “I love Your law,” or, “I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You,” I translate those words out of the Old and into the New.

I love Jesus. – Christ Jesus is my heart; sin/no-sin has no existence between Father and me.

I do not love “the law” except that I see Jesus instead of “law” all the way through. And I do NOT love pretending that I have a relationship with God based on any kind of word on the outside of me whereby I lie to myself on the one hand and then try to negotiate with God entirely on the basis of sin/no-sin on the other hand.

Let me give you words that show how most Christians use sin as the bond, the point of relating, between themselves and God.

“When I heard God speak to me, I did what He said, and oh, the blessing that flowed in my life. Then, when I heard God speak to me and I did not do what He said, I went through great difficulty.”

Now, let me be kind here. I know that many of my readers continue to say things very similar to this. May I point out to you the absence of Christ our life and the presence of me, “my” life, in these words. Relating with God on the basis of obey/disobey CREATES the false self, a self that exists only in the delusion of the human mind.

God did not create man to be an entity in and of himself. God designed and created us only for full and perfect union with Himself. If we are not one with God, then we are perverted.

Notice that neither Christ nor any words Jesus spoke of Himself are found inside that line.

I not Christ.”

I always cast down any thought that “I” could ever miss God, no matter how discouraged I find myself to be. God and I are utterly in this thing together, and the bond that binds us as One is Jesus inside of us.

Let me share the opposite way of seeing God in us. A sister shared a personal thought with me concerning something I had written about myself. When I replied to her with an answer that showed how important and valuable her sharing was to me, she replied by stating that she had wrestled over a few days as to whether to share that bit, not knowing if she would or not. (We do not live in “should.”)

How, then, do we interpret this “struggle.” You see, everything exists for us only as we perceive it. Many would claim that she “struggled” over whether to “obey” or not and that by “obeying,” she was blessed.

I perceive that Father was simply sharing together with her His travail towards me and that through that travail she and Father together imparted life to me.

How do I perceive such a thing? Because I know only the Bond of Christ, that all that Christ is, we are.

Upon what foundation is the other perception based? On the belief that Sin is the appropriate connection between a Christian and Father.

But what if she had chosen not to share? Then it was God and her together making that decision out from the very same travail for me and with the very same results whether I know it or not.

Is there then a surrender of the will to God? Yes, there most certainly is. But one who has surrendered his or her will to God walks in the full knowledge that God is now the cause and they are the result.

Accepting my full union with the Lord Jesus Christ is the ONLY real surrender I have ever known.

Understand this, for seven years, now, I have spoken these words over and over in many different ways, “Christ is the ONLY life I am,” and I have spoken those words to CAST DOWN these words of evil thinking, “I might miss God; I might fall short of His glory.” This is all that I have ever taught. So, if a reader wants to say, “I did not want to disobey God,” that reader has never heard what I teach.

If you really and honestly did not want to disobey God, then you would be putting the Lord Jesus Christ entirely upon yourself. And Jesus never imagines that He might disobey God.

Let me underline this again with the clear and unmistakable definition of you and me.

As Jesus IS, so ARE we in this present age.

Not as Jesus was when He walked this earth, but as He IS, the resurrected Christ of God, incorruptible and One with the Father. Can Jesus think, “Oh, I had better do what God says or I will be falling short of Him?” No He cannot. An incorruptible Being cannot think separation or falling short.

I AM as He IS. I cannot think falling short. I see myself only as Christ, that is, as Father and I utterly in this thing, whatever this thing might be, together as one; thus I am bold in the midst of judgment.

I refuse to say anything about myself that Jesus is not saying right now about Himself.

This is the ONLY word I teach. I teach that you cannot know what I teach unless you, dear reader, are willing to speak Christ as your ONLY life and to never ever again speak things about yourself that Jesus right now cannot say of Himself. To speak only those things that are true of an incorruptible member of the Communion of the Godhead. I have taught this from the start. Anything that I write that might be construed as being from the Lord comes only out of this fountain of knowing, out of the tree of life.

I teach union with Christ, a full and final fusion of Person and person, Jesus and I as one. I am utterly lost inside of Him. You see, “I” am dead. And my life right now is tucked away, hidden inside of Jesus, deep inside of God. And Christ, appearing as Himself in my body of flesh, contains me appearing with Him in this same body. I obey God. I reckon with the proclamation of my mouth that “I” do not exist, that any “I” there might be is the “I” tucked away inside of Jesus appearing now as Himself through what is a real and true “me” appearing with Him. (Colossians 3). Therefore I put to death any thought of “my own” anything, my own “life” upon this earth.

So how does the law, which is pure and holy and good, become sin inside of a Christian when the Christian disobeys God to eat of obey-disobey?

Modern democracy is built on deceit and very false foundational premises, premises that have destroyed any understanding of liberty and right inside modern humans. Modern democracy must end in awfulness; there is no other possibility. Inside of modern democracy is a concept that never existed before among humans; that is, that legislative bodies can “create” law. When you grant to the worst elements of society, those who become politicians by selling their souls to the highest bidders, the power to create “law,” they cannot ever cease creating new legislation. Their lust to control you, whom they despise, is simply too great.

All the laws that have been created in America to rule over American citizens by violence number in the hundreds of thousands of pages. If you live in a western style democracy, you are breaking the law. You have no idea what laws you are breaking, but you are, every day.

Now, here is a murderer who has just slit the throats of a dozen people. And here is a sweet little old lady who was stopped by an aggressive cop, said the wrong thing, and lifted her hand by instinct to protect herself from the cop’s angry fist. She has committed a felony and will go into prison alongside the murderer. The prison is exactly the same for both. This sweet little old lady who has never harmed anyone in her life, who has a real and old-fashioned sense of dignity and respect, is as much a lawbreaker and a felon by “the law” as the serial killer. And she will never recover.

It makes no difference which law on which of those many tens of thousands of pages you break. You are a felon, and any prosecutor who wants to can put you away. And they want to, very much. It’s the only way they can advance their careers. There is great loot to be made by creating “crimes” and then punishing them.

I typically do not exceed the speed limit while driving BECAUSE Christ as me lives in peace with all men. I do not keep within the speed limit because I think that I must “obey the law” in order to be “right” with God.

ALL things ARE lawful to me. Christ and I live by two thoughts, however. We will not be brought under bondage to anything, and we will live at peace with all men, as much as it is possible.

You see, no one ever talks about “obeying” God without also, in the same breath and to the same degree, talking about “disobeying” God. One is never separate from the other. Not sinning is never separate from sinning. The two are always married together.

There is an incredible belief that, if I do not regard word coming to me from outside of me, whether read or spoken word that, in itself is pure and holy and good, that I will then be, in fact, running with all of my flesh to do evil. This argument that grips the fear of almost all Christians is ungodly; it is without God.

Evil is the interplay between sin/no-sin. Death is good/evil. The law of sin and death.

Back to the question: how does the law, which is pure and holy and good, become sin inside of a Christian when the Christian disobeys God to eat of the law, to eat of obey-disobey in place of eating of Christ?

The law is not sin. – And the law is not inside of you. – The law cannot cause you to relate with God.

Sin, by creating a false self, is the relationship with God. “If I don’t sin, I’m good. If I sin, then I’m bad. If I obey, God is pleased with me; if I disobey, then God is displeased with me.”

Do you see how sin/no-sin actually creates the so-called human “self.” This mind is the carnal mind, and those that think in this way ARE at war with God because they have perverted what “human” means.

Jesus was never at war with God.

By eating of the law, Adam became a “self” in his own right, separate from God, or so he imagined. Thus from that point on, Adam imagined that he, in and of himself, must “try” to obey God and that he, in and of himself, must “try” not to disobey God. Adam became nothing more than dishonesty, lying, lying, lying.

God does not lie. – If you, dear reader, have disobeyed ONCE, then you must, by honesty, cease ALL talk about “obeying.” You MUST shut your mouth. When God says, “Shut up,” He means cease all talk about how you fall short of Him and how you will “try” next time not to fall short of Him.

See yourself as Christ Jesus alone, as He is, so are you, Christ in Person in you, Christ who cannot fall short.

But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.

Why was Jesus “born under the law”?

It’s clear from Paul that He was born under the law in order to carry out all who lived under the delusion that they were going to “get right with God,” by “self” obedience. But there is more reason than that.

Jesus was also the last Adam. Jesus was born under the delusion of Adam, not that He might walk by that delusion, but that He might bring that delusion to an end. Part of why Jesus died is that we might know that we are not and cannot be of Adam. Adam ended 1986 years ago.

It never entered Jesus’ mind once that He should live and walk by the law.

Jesus lived, walked, thought, and spoke only by Father arising inside of Him.

The Father and I are One.

At no point in Jesus’ entire life did He walk separately from Father inside of Him.

At no point in Jesus’ entire life did He ever think the thought, “I must obey God; I must not disobey God.”

The law, word on the outside of us, does not create sin or self.

Eating of the law, word that comes only through angels, that is, word that comes to us from the outside of us, whether by a “voice” that we hear or words that we read on the pages of the Bible, creates in us, not law-abiding, but rather a sense of self-responsibility that creates for us the mind-set of relating with the Father entirely apart from the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ inside of us, our very and only life, trying to negotiate with Father by our own self.

Now, Paul said that the problem with the law was not the law, but the flesh. He had no idea of the twisted definition of “flesh” that was coming into Christianity by the fall into Roman darkness. What he meant was, very simply, that God did not create man to relate with Himself by law, by word on the outside. God intended Christ to be the absolute bond between man and God that is, a Person on the inside of us, our very hearts.

Now, some who look at Jesus walking the Path of the Atonement as if they are on the outside of Him observing Him from afar, seeing Jesus according to the flesh, according to a mindset that sees relationship with God in terms of sin/not-sin, read Jesus’ words in Gethsemane from a totally different paradigm then I read them. They read those words as separation and sin.

They interpret from Jesus’ words that Jesus was at war with God.

They suggest that Jesus, when He said, “Not My will, but Yours be done,” was expressing the fact that He walked separately from the Father, and that His own will was opposed to God’s will and that God’s will was opposed to Jesus’ will, and that Jesus had to always beat His own heart down under foot in order to force Himself to do God’s will instead of His own opposing will, a will that was always at war with God.

They suggest that God’s will was not, in fact, being done, unless Jesus, as His own self-entity, forced Himself to make God’s will happen.

This argument is the basis of all Christian psychosis and dementia. It is the mind of the flesh. It is Gehanna. I can be kind only by persuading you, dear reader, not to live as if sin/not-sin is the relationship between you and Father instead of the absolute bond of an incorruptible Christ.

Jesus said, “The Father and I are One.”

And He said, out of the deepest expression of Desire ever uttered in the universe, “That they may be one as we are One. I in them and You in Me, that they may be made perfect in one.”

Any attempt to see and interpret any part of the Path of the Atonement by looking at Jesus from outside of Him, or by seeing His transaction of redemption as something we also must “copy,” is to create only death in which to live, that is, our own lonely and incapable “self” trying to negotiate with God through sin/not sin.

We walk as Jesus walked, in the full and absolute knowledge of perfect Oneness with Father in the present moment; we do not forge our own atonement or create our own righteousness. Attempting to forge one’s own atonement or to create one’s own righteousness is the highest form of iniquity committed by man on this planet.

For they, ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to create their own righteousness, did not submit themselves to the righteousness of God. Romans 10

The only possible way anyone can attempt to create their own righteousness is by taking the Word God is always speaking, not as the Lord Jesus Christ, already their very and only life arising from within their own hearts every moment, but rather as instruction on the outside of themselves, as knowledge they now possess, as obligation they now implement, as power over “God,” by which they bless themselves and curse themselves.

Listen, the person who says, “See all the awful things I went through because I did not obey,” is turning God through them into curse in the imagination of their minds because of the conviction that the bond, the point of connection in their relationship with the Father, is sin. They are turning Father with them into curse; this is the power of human perception. Our separated minds have the power to turn “God” into anything for ourselves.

I see Christ alone through every moment of my life. Every single moment. I cannot find anything not-Christ. Even those things that were actions of sin have vanished from me into an empty, empty grave, and I simply am unable to find or to know those things. I change my mind to know ONLY Christ my ONLY life.

All of my life is God through me. This is the inheritance of those who will put Jesus into their mouths, who will put on the Lord Jesus Christ. – All of my life is the Father and I utterly together.

Look at your words when you speak concerning yourself or concerning others. Do you speak Christ or do you speak evil that is sin/no-sin? If you can find in your own words, whether spoken or written, the full and unshadowed knowledge that Christ Jesus is the only One you are, period, then you are putting on the Lord Jesus Christ. But if you cannot speak Christ, if you find that your words, spoken or written, are not Christ speaking of Himself, then it is clear that you are avoiding the only obedience that counts: put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

May I, with all the kindness and ferocity of God, like Paul did the Galatians, shake you by the shirt collar.

Awake unto Christ; turn away from sin/no-sin.

Tell me, you who desire to be under the law, do you not hear the law? . . . what does the Scripture say? “Cast out the bondwoman and her son, for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the freewoman.” Galatians 3:21 & 30 Cast out the law, cast out all those who try to turn the gospel of Christ into a transaction of sin/no-sin between themselves and a distant God.

But now after you have known God, or rather are known by God (Christ your only heart and life), how is it that you turn again to the weak and beggarly elements (the law, word on the outside of you), to which you desire again to be in bondage?  . . . I am afraid for you . . . Galatians 3:9-11

Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage (living by knowledge you possess coming to you from outside of you and not by Christ your ONLY, ONLY, ONLY life). Galatians 4:1

Indeed I, Paul, say to you that if you become circumcised (one tiny point of external “obedience”), Christ will profit you nothing. And I testify again to every man who becomes circumcised that he is a debtor to keep the whole law (you’ve already failed, sorry). You have become estranged from Christ, you who attempt to be justified (that is, relate together with God in you) by law; you have fallen from grace. Galatians 5:2-4

Grace does NOT mean, sin/no is appropriate now because you will still get to go to heaven after you die.

Grace is ONE thing alone. Grace is God now in us walking utterly with us in all ways in the full Covenant Bond of absolute and unbreakable oneness, utter fusion together, Father and I and ONLY through Christ.

Is God real or not? – It is the truth. It seems most Christians believe God is NOT real. They believe only in a “God” far away and someday. They believe that God relates now with us only through external word, word on the outside of us, coming by hearing or by reading, word that gives us the knowledge to know what God expects of us, word we do not ever actually keep, though we are content to LIE to ourselves about that fact all the time.

I have been crucified with Christ (it’s already over, you are dead, you are already vanished, you have already ceased); it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness (relationship with Father) comes through the law, then Christ died in vain. Galatians 2:20-21

There is no “I” that is not Christ.

And Christ never negotiates sin or no sin, obey or disobey, bless or curse with the Father.

Christ walks only in absolute faith that God IS, as in IS, as in IS, directing every step that He takes, every word that He speaks, every thought of His mind.

There are two ways only for us to think. Either we think like Jesus or we think like Adam.

Read my letter again, “Thinking Like Jesus,” and assess your own mind. Do you choose to think like Jesus thinks about Himself and Father every moment or do you choose to think like the serpent taught Adam to think, “I, ME. I will be godly. I will copy Jesus. I will get this thing right. Me, by God, me!”?

One is life; the other is death. Choose life. It is so easy. All you have to do is put Jesus into your own mouth, to speak Christ alone concerning yourself and towards others. “Christ Jesus is my own Self; I am no other self.”

All you have to do is to put Jesus, the Person of Jesus, entirely upon yourself, spirit, soul, and body, by faith.

You know what the saddest thing there is about those who think any form of “falling short” really is? You see, falling short NEVER comes by itself, but it always brings a companion thought with it. That companion thought is that Father and I are not yet really together: right now, I’m still trying to get this “God-me” thing right.

The saddest thing in the universe is that this way of thinking and living is acceptable to a Christian, that living in any other mind than Father and I together facing all things as one, is okay for me.

It is not okay for me.

There are so many more lines from both Paul and the writer of Hebrews that simply hammer to pieces any idea of living or thinking by the law of sin and death, by word coming from the outside of us becoming knowledge in our separated minds.

God never intended for man to eat of the law. God never intended for man to live by the law.

God intends only Christ. God intends to walk with you bound utterly together with you as One being, Father and you, through the Person of Christ Jesus, the very heart that beats in your chest, the very Heart of Father.

You and Father are NOT two; you are one.

Yet inside that precious, precious Union, full and complete, there is also Communion, Father and you together inside of Jesus, and that Communion is what Union is all about.

What about Gethsemane?

When Jesus said, “Not My will, but Thine be done,” He was speaking as the very end of Adam. And I, Daniel Yordy, I was there inside of Him, literally and actually. I was speaking those words.

And as Jesus and I spoke those words together, there in that moment, the false, false separation of Adam ceased forever. When Jesus and I rose to our feet, Adam was forever silent.

From that moment on until right now today, every step that Jesus and I took through the Atonement, and every step we take today, we step only inside of Father, Father directing our every step.

We trust utterly in the God whom we know ONLY as the One always arising from our shared Heart.

You want proof that I was there speaking those words inside of Jesus?

You want proof that God is One with me directing every single step He and I take together, regardless?

I will give you proof, the only proof you will ever get.

My faith. – I speak Christ alone.

I write this letter in great ferocity of heart.

If God has granted to you this opportunity to step out of your own false self trying to relate with God through the bond of sin, and to step into the full reality of the tree of life, into the audacious claim that Jesus is your only self, then it just might be a good thing for you to take that step. – Just suggesting.

No one can ever force you to put Jesus into your mouth, not even God.

You alone must do such a daring and desperate thing.

And you do it for one reason only. – Because you love Jesus.

The Father and I ARE one. – The Father and I do all things together.

And to remove from your mouth all the dishonesty of Adam and the serpent, to remove it by Blood.

God accepts only love, the bond of love. He binds Himself only to those who simply refuse to entertain even the slightest thought of not-God.

To those who look inside themselves and see nothing ever except Almighty God arising every moment.

To those who will never consider anything other than present Communion inside of Father.

We love Father; we see Him alone.





















MUSINGS on UNION, Pt. 18, Two Bonds [Daniel Yordy] 2015 ~ BOOK         1


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