You have anointed me with gladness above all my fellows.

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11

. . . Jesus Christ whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory. 1 Peter 1:8

And we know that the Son of God has come and has given us an understanding, that we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life. 1 John 5:20

And truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ. 1 John 1:3

Earlier in this series I said this:

– The extent of God flowing out can never be greater

than the depth of the Fellowship inside. –

This statement is self-evident. Jesus revealed the Father only as He walked in fellowship with the Father.

The cause of all things of the new creation is one thing only, the Communion between Father and us inside of Jesus Sent, inside of perfect and complete Union.

John said that Christ, the Son of God, coming into us, gives us a dianoia, a dia-nous, a through-mind, translated as “understanding.” This is the same thing that Paul calls a pnuema-nous, a spirit-mind. Although all Christians have received this quality, an organ of the human construction, upon being born again, we do not really experience or walk in the functions of this through-mind apart from full immersion into the Holy Spirit.

The reason that is so is that God is kind and never forces Himself on anyone. Father comes into our knowing only by an act of our will, by the choice of our faith, by full surrender to Him. But this through-mind, this dianoia, is an organ of our human makeup no different from our eyes or our emotions. Yet this through-mind is not our emotions, though its qualities certainly affect our emotions.

Now, John says that we know God the Father by this through-mind, this spirit-mind we now possess, a function of our spirit flowing into our soul.

Surprisingly, many of our brethren do not want this level of immediate connection with God. I recently read a brother expressing full satisfaction with a life of knowing Christ by intellectual reasonings alone with no knowledge of God flowing through his spirit into his soul. In fact, to some, such God-knowledge is nothing other than the exercise of silly human emotions.

You see, God gives you exactly what you want. And many use their own limited desires as a measurement by which to measure themselves, God, and their brethren. The Lord Jesus certainly carries them and has appointed their times and seasons. We leave them in His most capable hands.

But we want to know God in all that He speaks. And God says we cannot know Him apart from His Spirit flowing up into us out from our hearts through this spirit-mind capacity of our being. And through this capacity comes fullness of joy, joy unspeakable and full of glory, joy that just makes you laugh out loud in delirious wonder, even in the middle of “church.”

God is an incredibly emotional Fellow, and those who would know Him had better be ready for unstoppable, hilarious laughter and broken, emphatic sorrow.

Writing this series has been a great mixture for me. I have walked, at times, in incredible joy and peace, overwhelmed by the immediate knowledge of the Father’s Presence arising in my heart. And I have walked at times in deep sorrow and agony for those who belong to Jesus, that the bands of darkness that still hold them back would be broken and they would be free to pursue the one thing, the only thing that has any meaning in the human experience.

Communion with Father inside of Jesus Sent.

To know this Communion is everything. Not to know it is vanity and ruin.

Man was not created except to reveal God through him, yet that revelation always comes through the weakness that man is. Accept your weakness; God gave it to you so that He could be God through you, not you pretending to act like God. The Father knows how to be God; you don’t.

Yet this Communion, this fellowship with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ, this knowing of Him who is true, comes from one means alone. It comes by knowing first the absolute and total Bond of the Covenant, Jesus Sent, the Bond that has already made us one with God.

And you will know that Bond, that surety of the Covenant, by three things only.

Blood. From this moment forward, the Lord Jesus commands you never to see or think of sin or falling short of God’s  will and glory ever again; such a possibility does not exist. – That which is born of God cannot sin.

Cross. From this moment forward, the Lord Jesus commands you never to see or think of your “self” ever again; “you” are forever ceased.

Resurrection. From this moment forward, the Lord Jesus commands you to see Him alone as the only life you are. Whatever He is, you are. Whatever He is not, you are not. Obey Him.

Obey Romans 6:11 Speak out loud with your mouth, “I have no connection to sin or to falling short; I am alive unto God alone.” – Obey Romans 13:14 Put on the Lord Jesus Christ and never consider your human weakness or its desires as meaning anything ever again.

Yet Christ walks with you and as you in the weakness God made you to be, He walks in you as Jesus Sent, as the One who bears the griefs of others and carries their sorrows. If you were “strong and capable,” you would be of no use to the Father.

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord high and lifted up and His train filled the temple. – Then I said, “Here am I; send me.” Isaiah 6:1 & 8

King Uzziah was a good man and a decent king; King Uzziah was a pretender who tried to enter the Holiest without the heart of his father David. I do not write these letters to pretenders, nor consider what they may or may not do with the truth of Christ our only Bond with Father. I do not know God by those who would play games with Him. I do not consider how close or how far what I teach might be to “new age” or anything else.

I consider Father by the speaking of Christ through the ten most important verses in the Bible, and I consider Jesus Sent. I consider nothing else, except that everything else is a lie, including “Christianity” as it has been known in this world, Christianity apart from what God actually says through Paul and John at the core of the Covenant.

King Uzziah is dead; see Christ alone.

The English word “train” was used to describe the vast camp of people, animals, wagons, and goods that always followed the king everywhere he went throughout the land. When the inventors of the railroad saw that they were attaching a long line of cars to a locomotive, cars filled with an abundance of goods and people, they used the word “train” to describe what they had created.

You and I are the temple, the dwelling place of the Father, and I can assure you, there is a whole lot of Father aching to come through.

You cannot know Jesus Sent if you are still trying to relate with Father as if you are a sinner.

Turn around. The atonement is finished. You cannot add to it or take away from it. Yet you can live as if the Blood and Cross of Christ are not sufficient for you, as if His Resurrection is not the only life you are.

Why? Why would any Christian want to do that?

But turn around the second time, not for yourself, but for your brethren. Be the revelation of Father, by faith alone, for the sake of His body.

This concluding letter of this series is titled “Communion.” I want to talk about what that communion is.

As the Father arises in me with the knowledge of Himself, particular phrases in His word take on form and shape beyond anything I had ever seen before. Although Filled with all the fullness of God, must, by reality, remain the largest statement in the Bible, Here am I AND the children You have given Me the loudest, and Let it be to me according to your word the smartest, two other phrases have become very large to me as well.

As He is, so are we in this present age. 1 John 4:17

– And –

For this corruptible must put on incorruption.

1 Corinthians 15:53a

Picture that last line as a solid steel baseball bat hitting you and me right in the forehead.

I had thought up until now that filled with all the fullness of God and put on the Lord Jesus Christ vie together for the title of the most ridiculous claim ever made in all the universe. I was wrong. Both have been beaten out entirely by 1 Corinthians 15:53a.

Can we comprehend how absurd, ridiculous, impossible, and blasphemous Paul’s gospel really is?

And how has the Christian church escaped the absurdities of Paul’s gospel, always confirmed by John? Simple. They just act as if these outrageous claims do not exist, almost like when a lady passes gas in polite company.

Do you see how “when we get to heaven,” then, is the mighty citadel of unbelief, the place all hide from a God who “passes gas,” I mean, says such absurd and ridiculous things?

God forbid that we should believe what He says! I speak facetiously, yes, but my words hit home.

Let me define incorruption. – God.

Let me define corruptible. – All creation.

Corruptible is the ability, the freedom, the capacity to contemplate no-God. All creation is corruptible; men and women sin; rocks crumble; trees fall; worms eat; angels obey or disobey, either one; heavenly life is passing away. All creation MUST BE corruptible BECAUSE God cannot sin; God cannot push anyone around; God cannot force not-faith.

Jesus was corruptible. Jesus was tempted in all points; that means He contemplated sin. Jesus died.

Jesus could walk with the Father by faith alone; faith that is absolute connection. Jesus had to know that Father was utterly with Him in all things by faith alone. Jesus had no other evidence except His conviction that Father was absolutely bound to Him by unbreakable Covenant Bond. Jesus never once “tried” to obey God; Jesus never once trusted Himself, but God alone.

Paul wrote 1 Corinthians 15 before he wrote Romans 6. In Romans 6, Paul commanded the believer in Jesus Christ to Reckon (speak) that you are dead indeed unto sin.

Let me define “dead indeed unto sin.” – Incorruptible.

Let me define “incorruptible.” – God. – Reckon (speak) that you are alive indeed unto God.

Christians do not obey the gospel because the gospel is simply ridiculous.

But Paul first said that this corruptible must put on incorruption.

Have you ever thought about how impossible that is?

You CANNOT do it.

– Or else you can.

Which will it be? The choice is yours; it is a simple, human decision. God calls it faith; and He says that faith is the only thing that pleases Him.

The word, “put on” is the Greek enduo, the same word in Put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

For this corruptible MUST sink into incorruption as into a garment or as into the covers of one’s bed.

The Old Covenant words “hear and obey” cannot enter the mind of incorruption because incorruption cannot know or consider not-hearing or not-obeying. Incorruption cannot know any self except God.

God cannot know not-God.

Sink into knowing God alone; sink into incorruption. Sink into communion.

The word enduo, sink into, is of vital importance; it is the only possible way we know God. The word enduo requires utter trust in Another, that Father is our very Self, and that He knows what He is doing in all ways through us.

Man is God revealed.

Man alone can sink into incorruption; nothing that is heaven only can do such a thing, not until we do.

God cannot know not-God, but Jesus could have known not-God when He walked this earth. Jesus could have considered that He had His own will, a will that would take Him in a separate direction from His Father’s will. Jesus considered such a thing only one time.

Gethsemane. Jesus ended all not-God in Gethsemane, Jesus and us together.

A brother asked me, “What part of Jesus died?” That question became very important to me as I read through this letter again. The obvious answer is that only Jesus’ physical body died upon the cross. But we cannot separate the cross from Gethsemane. Gethsemane is the substance of the Atonement, the Heart of Father, the cross is the appearance of that Atonement in space and time.

Jesus is the all-speaking of God, the sustainer of all creation. Jesus, by becoming corruptible, took upon Himself and thus became His entire creation. Jesus, by saying, “Not My will, but Thine be done,” was speaking as all of an only-corruptible creation, bringing all of it into willing submission to the Father.

Then, Jesus, by the act of rising to His feet in Gethsemane, put upon Himself the incorruptibility of Father God, putting incorruption upon His soul. He did that for all creation, and we inside of Him.

Thus when Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5 that old things are passed away, behold all things are brand new, and all things are of God, he was not just running his mouth, but speaking the absolute truth.

We are not as Jesus was; yet He lives as us in our weakness.

As He is, so are we in this present age. – As He is right now.

Dear reader, you can believe it or not as you wish. The choice is entirely yours. God will never force you to sink into incorruption.

But all who teach that we are sinners being “saved” by “grace,” or any form or shadow of such a thing, are not teaching the gospel of Christ. They teach only a hashed over re-run of sin and death.

Being born again is putting the Spirit of Christ upon our spirits; we do it only by faith. This mortal must put on immortality is putting the body of Jesus upon our own bodies; we do it only by faith.

But sinking into incorruption is putting the Lord Jesus Christ, His soul, arising forever from Gethsemane, entirely upon our own souls. We do it only by faith. Psuche upon psuche; life upon life; soul upon soul.

All works, then, coming out of faith, are simply the Father and all of His train filled with abundance coming through, as Jesus said, “It is the Father who does the works.”

My mind IS Jesus’ mind, His mind right now, as Paul said.

My emotions ARE Jesus’ emotions, His emotions right now, as Paul said.

And my will IS Jesus’ will, the Father working all things in me, as Paul said.

All things are brand new. All things are of God. All things are without thought of not-God.

Only when I know that Jesus’ soul, His psuche, His Self, IS my only self, when I know it with all reckless abandonment, can I engage myself with the only thing of any importance to creation right now.

Fellowship with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.


Fellowshiping with the Father bound to us as One, Father and us utterly together, in the Bond of Perfection, Love, in pure incorruptibility, is the only source of anything real or true.

Goodness flows out from us only by our Communion with Father inside of Christ, that is, inside our hearts.

This corruptible must put on incorruption.

We certainly fit the category of “corruptible,” although many Christians define themselves as corrupt, that is, as sinful humans, rather than corruptible. But Paul does not say “This corrupt must put on incorruption,” but “corruptible.” Jesus as He walked this earth was corruptible, though not corrupt; that is, He could turn away from the Father and He did die, yet He was without faithlessness and His body was not eaten by worms.

How, then, does Paul call us “corruptible,” and not corrupt?

When Paul called us corruptible, He was speaking of Christ our only life, planted now in our earth. Christ is living now as us, that is, as corruptible. Yet Christ, living now as us, must put on incorruption.

How will Jesus and I together, while walking in our body of flesh, how will we put on incorruption? How will we put on God? How will we clothe ourselves with God?

We have four options. And here is where our human choice comes in.

Option #1 is by far the most popular. – “Huh! Stupid. Ridiculous. Are you some kind of heretic? The devil wanted to be like God; do you want to be like the devil?” Regardless of how disdain is expressed, the best way to deal with Paul’s absurd claim is to ignore it utterly.

Option #2 is also a popular option. – The works of the law, keeping God’s requirements to perfection. (-Not!)

Option #3 is the popular option among many deeper truth Christians who do see the calling of God. – Obey the outer forms of the gospel, pretending that you are succeeding in “keeping His word,” though you know you’re not, and hoping in a someday rapture when God will pronounce that you did, after all, “overcome.”

You see, every one of these first three options rejects the Act of Jesus rising to His feet in Gethsemane, putting the incorruption of God upon His own soul, and by Him upon all creation, one Sacrifice for sins forever, and in rejecting that Act, goes around trying to re-create it’s own version of Atonement, a version that is always falling short, and thus requires endless pretending and lying.

What about Option #4. Option #4 is the smart choice; it is Mary’s choice.

“Look at me, Father. I belong only to You. Enclothe me with incorruption; enclothe me with Yourself, according to Your word.”

Option #4 is to receive by faith, by the action and obedience of asking first and believing second that we have already received all that we have asked.

So many talk about “obedience” who will NOT obey the one thing that counts, asking first, and then believing that we have already received all that we have asked for.

Is it God’s will that you and I be clothed with incorruption? Is it God’s will that you and I be clothed with God, so that God is our entire outsides, the only Substance people see when they look at our appearance?

Is it God’s will that you and I BE, right now, as the Lord Jesus Christ, the revelation of God in the universe.

Let’s ask, but in asking, let’s then believe that we have actually already received ALL that we have asked.

Let’s believe, in asking, that God has already completely enclothed us with incorruption. Let’s believe that we ARE incorruptible, and thus can never more consider falling short of His glory or doing, saying, or thinking anything that Father and us are not doing together.

You see, this is the faith Father is looking for, the only thing that will ever please Him – to account Him real here and now, to count that He has bound Himself utterly to us regardless of our weakness, our foolishness, and all our faults. They cannot be ours, for they are His.

“Father, You say in Your word, that I, Daniel Yordy, a corruptible man, Christ Jesus living as me in this present body of flesh, MUST put on incorruption. Father, I know that I cannot do any such thing of myself ever. I know that You made me weak for your glory and mine. I know that even Jesus, when He walked this earth, did not and could not make any attempt of Himself to “act” incorruptible. I know that Jesus trusted utterly in You, that You alone can wrap us with Yourself. You alone can be God in us and through us. I know that Jesus did not trust once in His own ability to be God-ly, but considered that You, Father, had already bound Yourself to Him.

“Father, I desire You and all that You are, to be clothed with God, to have Your name written on my forehead. I know that this is Your will, because Your Word is Your will. Father, I believe what You say.

“Father, I cannot pretend. I make mistakes all the time, especially when I ‘try’ not to. I often feel perturbed with others. I sometimes feel frustrated and discouraged. I often want to quit. I know the human me to which You have bound Yourself, and I make no foolish assumptions about “myself.” At the same time, Father, I know that You like me just the way You made me to be. Father, You like to be with me.

“Father, I come to You through our bond together, the Lord Jesus Christ, and I ask You to fulfill Your word in me. Father, I know that You alone are incorruptible, and when we say, ‘incorruptible,’ we can be speaking of nothing other than Your very Person. Father, I ask You to clothe me with incorruptibility, to clothe me with Yourself. Father, I ask You to clothe my spirit with incorruptibility; I ask You to clothe my soul with incorruptibility; and I ask You to clothe my body with incorruptibility, with all of Yourself. I ask according to Your will, for Your Word is Your will.

“Father, I ask You to write Your name – Father – upon my forehead so that from this moment on, anyone looking at me is looking at You. I ask You to so clothe me with Yourself in Person that I am the light of God. I know, Father, that You want to do this for me so very much. I know, Father, that You want to bind Yourself so together with me that we are but one Pperson, always together in every way. Father, I know that Wwe share the same Heart, the Lord Jesus Christ, and that the energia of our Ppersons comes every moment out of Him.

“And Father, in asking You to clothe me with incorruptibility, with Yourself in Person, I BELIEVE that I have already received all that I have asked for.

“Father I believe and I KNOW that You have already clothed me with all of Your incorruptibility. I know that I am a walking and living expression of God to both heaven and earth. I know that You have enclothed my spirit with incorruptibility. I know that You have enclothed my soul with incorruptibility. I know that You have enclothed my body with immortality. I know that You have enclothed me with Yourself. I know that Your name is etched upon my forehead and that nothing else but You ever shows forth from me.

“And Father, in being utterly clothed with You right now, I accept fully the weakness You made me to be. I do not have to be “God,” for You alone are God. Yet You not only fill me with all of Your fullness, but You also clothe me with ALL of Yourself in Person. You are God; I am Your image.

“Father, from this moment on I believe and therefore KNOW that I am incorruptible. I cannot think about not-sinning because I cannot know sin. Father, I have no regard for outward appearance; I have no regard for human judgment, my own or anyone else’s; I have no regard for all the yo-yo feelings that are part of my makeup. You made me like Yourself, and I like who and what You are.

“Father, from this moment on, I take every step You place in front of Uus together, every circumstance You share utterly with me, in full and perfect trust that You alone are directing Oour steps together, that Wwe together are doing all things well. Father, I know that Your Heart is filled right now with Your overwhelming desire over Your own ones walking upon this earth, that they would know You as You are in them. Father, I know that You have purposed that You and I together would pour out our lives for their sakes. Therefore, Father, I will see, from this moment on, that every difficulty and frustration that You and I share together as Wwe walk together as one is for the sake of Jesus’ Bride. How Wwe together pour out our lives in joy for her sake!

“What a secret Wwe share together, Father, that Wwe together are reconciling the world to Yourself, that Wwe together are making all things good, though no one may see its appearance in the present moment. Father, I know that the substance of Oour reality together is the only thing real and that outward appearance must show itself in its time.

“Father, I put on incorruptibility. Father, by an act of my choice, through the certainty of my faith, I clothe myself with You.”

This thought came to me in the night.

– Jesus is the glue that binds me together with the Father as one Pperson at every point of Oour being. –

You see, I’ve been feeling a bit miserable the last while for several reasons, but I cannot find resolution in “seeking” God or even in speaking Christ my only life. Full peace and resolution comes only when I say, “Father, this distress is You through me, sharing Your own consternation with me, the fellowship of Your suffering, moving through my discomfort and turmoil to reconcile the world to Yourself.” When I say this, then I know His presence and peace, that Father is bound in all ways to me regardless. Communion is everything, and any “perception” we might have against it must be replaced by our own deliberate thinking, replaced with the perception that Communion IS absolute and continuous, regardless. It is inside of that Communion, then, that all the experience of God takes place, including knowing and loving one another even from a distance.

Communion is something each one of us knows personally with Father. We know that Communion when we accept our absolute Covenant Bond with Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, inside of and as our own hearts. Out of that Communion alone do all things of the new creation flow, holy and pure.






























MUSINGS on UNION, Pt. 20, Communion [Daniel Yordy] 2015 ~ BOOK         1


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