. . . ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways. James 1:6-8

Writing the last letter made me quite vulnerable again. Yet in the midst of my incapacity, I rest utterly in the knowledge that Father God fills me with all of Himself and merges Himself with me in everlasting Covenant bond. Inside of Him I can be entirely what I am in gentle and perfect rest.

During the years I walked with John Eldredge, from 2001-2005, God took apart all the psychotic pieces of my life filled with unending pain and open bleeding sores and coated them with the gentle ointment of Christ.

I was not at fault, and I was NOT in trouble with God.

But then, somewhere around 2004, I began to seek God to put the pieces back together again. For me, that meant knowing His Word in the gospel of Jesus Christ focused on the fulfillment of the Third Feast in the life of the church, the revelation of Jesus Christ.

That putting back together began with one line from the center of Paul’s gospel.

But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His. Romans 8:9

Sitting in services through my years in the move, I had made mental note of the fact that, in most of the many times that Romans 8 was preached on, the speaker read up through verse 8, and then, in coming back to the text, continued right on with verse 10.

Even if verse 9 had been read with the others, no one ever mentioned what it meant.

They could not, you see, because Romans 8:9 fits into no Nicene theology, especially the hyper schizophrenia of “deeper truth” theology. The doctrine was that I could go back and forth. If “I” was not walking IN the Spirit, then “I” was walking and living IN the flesh.

There is no question that I had the Spirit of God dwelling in me and that I belonged to Jesus.

And so I find this unmistakeable testimony at the center of Paul’s gospel that I, Daniel Yordy, am not IN the flesh. I am IN the Spirit, that is, in Christ. And I also know that nowhere in the Bible does God ever say, “You, believer in Jesus, are in the flesh.” (That is, flesh in the negative sense, the mind that puts God far away.)

For me, what God does say always triumphs over what God does not say – strange, I know, but there it is.

When they said that I was “in” the flesh, they lied to me.

(Please understand, after opening myself up to vulnerability as I did by writing the last letter, I have to work my way back into simply teaching on the joy of knowing our union with Christ.)

I also talked in the last letter about putting the Lord Jesus Christ upon every moment of hurt and confusion in our past. Many claim that there is no such ministry of Christ. That we should just “forget about” everything that ever happened to us and go forward only from this moment in the knowledge of Christ living as us. Those who think that are simply unreal. We are shaped in all of our present moments by the memory of the story spoken into us from the moment we were conceived in our mother’s womb. It is impossible that incidents in our past do not rule over our present today.

Why suffer pain and temptation to sin because we imagine that we are not allowed to put the Lord Jesus Christ upon every one of those incidences? There are even some who say just to go ahead and live in pain and confusion, just accept the feeling that God is far away from you, just follow sin if that’s what you want, since all of it is Christ living as you.

The cruelty of ministers of the gospel against others is just beyond my comprehension.

Yes, Jesus was with me in every moment of my life. I am not making something to be.

Here is the key.

That the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus. Philemon 6

Christ is fully real even when we are ignorant of Him. But our warfare is to cast down everything that speaks against the knowledge of God. Eternal life is to know God. By putting the Lord Jesus Christ upon every moment of my life, in obedience to the command of the gospel, the only command that counts, I am acknowledging the good things of Christ inside of me. I am changing my mind.

The last letter was titled “Double or One.” If the psychotic schizophrenia engendered by Nicene Christianity, as I described in that letter, is not the truth of the gospel or of any reality in our construction, what is the truth? What do the words of the gospel actually say?

Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a harlot? Certainly not! Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For “the two,” He says, “shall become one flesh.” But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.

Flee sexual immorality. Every sin that a man does is outside the body, but he who commits sexual immorality sins against his own body. Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s. 1 Corinthians 6:15-18

One might think that it is unfortunate that these extraordinary statements of Paul concerning God, Christ, and us, including our physical bodies, are all mixed together with talking about prostitutes (Greek – porno) and sexual immorality. Yet it is clear that Paul is very earnest in writing this passage and that the Spirit of God has chosen his words and all the connotations of the context.

Let’s zero in on the central verse: He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him. The word “joined” is the Greek kollao which means, literally, glued together. I am always astonished at the writers of the Greek definitions; they are willing to state what the word actually meant as it was used by first century Greek speakers, but then, because they believe that God lied, they attempt to say what God ought to have said and attach that to the definitions. That happens over and over. So, the dictionary writers say, “(figuratively) intimately connected in a soul-knit friendship.”

Now, it is true that we are intimately connected in a soul-knit friendship with the Lord Jesus, but that is not Paul’s meaning here. The text requires a literal joining. Kollao was often used to mean the knitting back together of the two sides of a wound. Thus it requires a complete merging of life and life.

You see, the dictionary writers attempt the same thing when they refer to the context in which “joined,” kollao, is used in relation with a harlot, by mentioning Paul’s teaching on the “mystical” body of Christ – “the two shall become one flesh.” “Mystical” being a convenient way to say God lied, but here is what God should have said – metaphor only – it is certainly obvious that we are not THE body of Christ.)

ONE flesh, ONE spirit with Him. Literal, physical, spirit, atoms, concrete, absolute, merging of life and life.

Now, the words, “with Him,” in “one Spirit with Him,” are not directly in the Greek, although they are implied by the inflections of the other words in the sentence. Thus it is entirely appropriate for us to define this line in two fully compatible ways, “one spirit” AND “one Spirit with Him.”

I am one. I am utterly, completely, and at all times, one. I am never divided. It’s just me. If Christ is in me, then it’s me alone that Christ is in. There is no such thing as Christ over here and me over there.

Neither demons nor sin are me or in me. They are entirely on the outside of all that can be called “me.”

But Christ is not outside of or separate from this entity called “me,” that is, Daniel Yordy; Christ is entirely in, as, and through all that is “ME.” But “me” most definitely includes my flesh, flesh of His flesh, one flesh with Him.

Now, fully equal with ME, Daniel Yordy, being one, I am also one Spirit with the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is important to understand spirit. The two primary metaphors God uses to enable us to understand Spirit are air and water. Let’s use water. Water saturates. If you place a sponge into a tub of water, that sponge is IN the water, and the water is IN every part of the sponge. The water permeates the sponge, saturating that sponge heavily with itself. There is no molecule of the sponge that does not contain, between it and other sponge molecules, molecules of the water.

Yet the metaphor is limited. The immersion of my spirit and the Spirit of Christ is complete, an utter fusion of Life and life. Yet I am speaking of another Person, yet I am speaking of that other Person filling my person at every point, in every moment, and in every way.

You see, Paul is very direct. He states without apology that if a man places his organ into a prostitute, he is putting Christ Jesus into that prostitute, flesh of His flesh. Now that’s an astonishing statement. And here is another place where the King James says, “God forbid.” The actual Greek is “may it not be so.”

Yet, in spite of the awfulness of such a reality, Jesus still bears our sins in His own body upon the cross and our sinfulness in Himself now as the living scapegoat, carrying us through this time of horror, all the way into life. There is no other way through this passage than entirely and only inside of Jesus.

Let’s take this metaphor of the saturation of water further into our one spirit with Christ and our one physical body with Him. Our Spirit, and it is truly one spirit with Christ, utterly fused together and inseparable, permeates and saturates our physical body far more than water saturates a sponge. Meanwhile our soul, even though it is slightly more attached to our spirit and thus goes with our spirit when spirit and body are ripped apart, yet that soul exists entirely AS the juncture of the two, heaven and earth, spirit and flesh. The soul is not something in itself; that is, it does not have its own “life.” Just as our spirit, this One Spirit with Christ is the life of our physical bodies, so this same one Spirit is the life of our souls.

When I say that Jesus’ Self has become my only self, I am speaking literally. There is no “mystical allegory” here. Just because we cannot presently see the heavens or our spirit, only because our spirit eyes are covered with cataracts, does not mean that the realms of spirit are not literally and substantially real all around us and all through our present makeup.

As William Law and many others have said, we can know God only inside ourselves. Though we acknowledge His omnipresent existence elsewhere, in all other places, and though we honor Him in others, we cannot know Father God except as the One who fills us, saturates us, permeates ME with all of Himself.

Person inside of person.

This is my only reality.

One AND One equals One. Yet we are two, yet we are one. And inside of One, the Father and I enjoy continual and unshadowed communion through the Person of Jesus.

The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked is outside of the New Covenant, this binding union between God and us. The New Covenant says, “Christ lives in your hearts by faith.”

I am NOT double hearted. I do not have two hearts. I am not running back and forth. I am not divided.

What a LIE!

But why the lie? What does telling this lie to God’s people accomplish? What does splitting God’s people into psychotic schizophrenia do for the bullies masquerading as “Christian ministries”?

Let me bring in my understanding of satanic mind control as practiced by both satanic covens and government agencies, which are often both the same thing. I will not document this understanding because I don’t want to go further into it than what I know already nor do I want to send anyone down the track of searching for specific knowledge of the wickedness of this world. If God leads you to enlarge your own understanding, that’s fine, but only if you know how to keep yourself utterly inside of Jesus.

Satanists will take a child they have chosen (many of the popular children stars in television and movies have gone through this experience, that’s why they go crazy as they become adults – in fact, many of these are children of CIA or military secret service parents, including the present and the previous president of the United States). They will join this child, around three or four years old, with a younger playmate, allowing the two to become close friends and to share many things together. Then, in a darkened ceremony filled with occult symbolism, they rip apart the body of the younger playmate right before the chosen child.

That experience breaks the mind of the chosen child and allows the “handlers” to divide the child into a number of different personalities, each one of which is entirely under their control. This exercise of mind control is presently the theme of almost all pop culture. I will point you towards as a reasonable place (not dark) to gain more insight into how these mind control techniques are absolutely filling the minds of the present generation of teenagers.

The point of sharing these things is to say that dividing a person into two, splitting them apart, teaching them that they are constantly running back and forth between two opposing things that are both them, is entirely and only for the purpose of CONTROL.

You cannot control a person who is one.

Let’s bring this into Nicene Christianity. The purpose of the crucifix, of continuously placing the “passion of the Christ,” including Mel Gibson’s movie, before people’s eyes, and the practice of the confessional, including the false definition of “discernment” used by controllers (God has told me all about your sin), is the same thing.

By placing in front of people’s eyes the torn body of Jesus and then by telling them, over and over, “That’s your fault,” bullies gain power over people. In a television show I watched recently, a character made this statement, “I’m Catholic; I feel guilty all the time.”

My forefathers, as some of their fellowship were being dragged to the stake to be burned, had Catholic priests thrusting the crucifix into their faces, saying, “This is your God, worship Him.”

Envy – Scorn – Control.

These three words correspond entirely with, though in full opposition to Union – Communion – Expression as Rivers of life and joy.

Nicene Christianity took the Sacrifice of Jesus, a Man laying down His life for His friends, the Atonement, and turned it into just one more version of satanic mind control. In the same spirit, all controllers, when seeking to teach the “real gospel,” place the cross in front of believers and say, “Look upon this image. Part of you is evil, and evil you must die.” This is no different than the practice of ripping a younger playmate apart in front of the targeted control, and it creates the exact same effect.

When people are terrified, split apart by a bloody image that they are told is their fault and feeling utterly guilty inside the horror of schizophrenia, it is very easy to control them, to keep them “under” one’s great and important ministry. The fear of everlasting hell fire is part of that same satanic control.

No one who ever showed me Christ required “the cross” of me. No one who required “the cross” of me ever showed me Christ, regardless of the Jesus who does carry them.

The cross is not something in front of you. The cross is two thousand years behind you.

You live only inside the resurrected Christ, and the present Mercy Seat, carrying all God does not know into that empty, empty tomb, is the Love of God shed abroad in your heart by the Spirit given to you, the Spirit of Christ with whom you are utterly merged, glued together, Life inside of life, Person inside of person.

This is the gospel of Christ, and it is wonderful good news.

Here is the second text God used to put me back together again.

Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:1-5

The love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

Notice the “has been,” which is actually stronger than IS. “Has been” is present perfect, meaning a reality that began in the past and continues into and is made perfect right now in the present moment.

This is God’s New Covenant definition of my heart. It is also the definition of the Mercy Seat of heaven.

It is EASY for me to endure tribulation and difficulty when I KNOW that Father God, all of Father God, is 100% on my side of the difficulty, when I know that God is only sharing of His heart with me.

I enjoy sharing all things with Father because I like to know Him.

A reader of these letters mentioned in an email to me a friend of his who has begun preaching what he calls “the Impassibility of God,” an idea that claims that God cannot suffer. He stated that, to his sorrow, this brother has become just one more controller, herding God’s people into his own version of the “true truth.”

If God does not know suffering, then God is NOT love. The first characteristic of love is that love suffers long. If God does not know suffering, then the Spirit of God does not labor with us in the cries of His/our travail. If God does not know suffering, then Jesus does not bear our griefs and carry our sorrows. If God does not know suffering, then God is nothing other than a psychopath.

And yes, that is the Nicene “God,” the elevation of a fallen angel as the image and likeness of God.

There is no difficulty I go through that is not God sharing of His heart with me.

I like God; I like to walk with Him. I like to rest utterly in my perfect Covenant union with Father.

I am one, and I am one with Father.

I am one, Father is One, and we are one together.

Now, I am running the risk of being melodramatic – “No one knows the troubles I know.” And if I am, please forgive me. As I’ve said before, going through life’s difficulties is common to all on the one hand and a complete waste of time on the other if we do not know the Lord Jesus through those difficulties.

But I am very zealous over conveying to you the incredible reality of you living and walking, rejoicing and resting in all personal intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ who fills your heart with His glory and who wants to know you and you Him more than anything in heaven or earth. Thus I will use any and every means at my disposal to see you engaged with this same Jesus in all ways inside of you.

And since God uses contrast from beginning to end, I must use contrast as well.

People can read what I write over and over for years and never connect themselves with the Lord Jesus in Person inside of them. That is impossible for me to believe, but I have found it to be, at least partly so.

Everyone reads God wrong.

I want to talk about control. – I read this in an article recently: “War is for Control.” All the stated reasons for war are bogus; war is for controlling people. And the people to be controlled by war are far more the people at home than the people over there. Every violent action by any US soldier overseas, all of them illegal by both International and US law, is for one purpose only held by those initiating that action, and that is to control people, especially the American people. (Yes, they are lying to you, just as Jesus said.)

A solid majority of people, including most Christians, love the thought of controlling people and endorse, with all of their hearts, the infliction of pain on others in order to gain that control. When you boil their arguments down to what they actually mean, they mean – That person MUST do what I want, and I will inflict pain on them until they obey me.

Control – in the name of Jesus, of course.

Most everyone is obsessed with control in some form.

When Jesus revealed God by laying down His life, He demonstrated to the fullest extent the very opposite of control. Losing everything, including all control over others, IS the revelation of God.

No one I have found, proclaiming the manifestation of the sons of God, grapples with the reality of what it means to be the image and revelation of God. Everyone wants to control, even by heavenly power, and everyone wants to proclaim a God who controls.

Jesus laying down His life IS the authority of God in the universe.

AND WE ALSO is that same authority released through us.

Here is the melodrama. I want to talk about the final thing I have recently experienced that brings to an end  the quicksand that always sunk beneath of me taking away my strength.

Please don’t think that I was in some weird cult because I lived in Christian community. Some may think that, but I find the exact same things everywhere I look through Christendom. The ONLY difference in the move was that community intensified everything. When I see the exact same speaking and thinking most everywhere I look in most other realms of Christianity, I KNOW exactly what those things mean in the full reality of walking together. Several months ago I saw the exact same cultic actions and words spoken inside of present grace and union with Christ that I have heard too many times. – Control.

The lust to control others rules this world and it rules in the church. And I am speaking of control with the full intention of using it to come back around to the opposite, this precious Salvation in Whom I live, one and One, always together as one.

People imagine that union with Christ means “being controlled by God.” They think that because of the sickness of mind and heart, a sickness that comes out of not living in the knowledge of our union with Christ.

I could never have driven the psychopathic bullying from October of 1992 and all the voices behind it out of my emotional memory if I had not forgiven Charity Titus in response to her request, as I shared in the last letter. And I could never have seen the true reason for my weakness if I had not first driven that bullying voice and all the other voices behind it out of my emotional memory.

On a television show I watched recently, a character had experienced shameful and public humiliation at the hand of his mother all of his growing up. The moment I heard that expressed, I saw why that time at Blueberry had continued to haunt me in spite of all God has done in me.

In more ways than I have shared, ways of the deepest of meanings in the heart of a man, I was humiliated and shamed before all my peers, not as a solitary young man, but as the husband of a wife and the father of a son. I was humiliated and shamed with no ability to stand against it.

In a book I have concerning adrenal fatigue, (my adrenal glands have not worked well in years), the author stated that adrenal fatigue is caused by much more than grinding stress, it is caused by powerlessness. One who suffers from adrenal fatigue does not need to “rest,” but rather to stand up for himself.

I had never looked straight at the public humiliation I went through, humiliation against which I could not defend myself or protect my family, humiliation that I could only fall before. The moment I saw it, and I do all things inside of Jesus, two things happened in quick succession.

First was a voice that said, with adamant certainty and vivid sight, “What happened to me was WRONG!”

And the second, following soon after said, with quiet assurance and finality, “I was not at fault.”

In that instance it was gone. The quicksand that had undergirded my confidence disappeared. That doesn’t mean I am suddenly physically strong. I believe it means that there is nothing keeping me from rebuilding my strength, at least to a reasonable level. Only time will show the work God does in each instance of our lives.

Now I want to bring this back to One. There is no “double or one” for me; for me there is one alone.

But one is a oneness of two. And for that reason, I think that I teach a different version of oneness than many who teach “union with Christ.” It seems to me that for some “Christ as us” is an idea, a wonderful philosophy by which to live.

And it’s true, we will never in all eternity value anything more than Christ as the One who lives as Me.

BUT! Both Christ and the Father are Persons.

Yes, God is one with me, but I am also one with God.

And because I am one with God, I am not the least bit interested in being passively happy and blessed.

I am seized in the grip of the most passionate and determined Person in the universe. All other passion and all other determination put together pales into nothingness before the Face of this God who fills me full, this Father with whom I am one.

And this God is, above all things, purpose, for purpose is the desire of Heart.

(“Impassibility” means no passion, no desire – not at all the One I know.)

All creation and all of creation’s history and future exists for one thing only, to serve the driving purpose of the Heart of this One who has seized us in His grip, this One who fills us with Himself, this One who has made us, by Covenant Bond, One with Him.

That purpose is the exaltation and vindication of His Word.

Satan and all of his demons exist for one purpose, the exaltation and vindication of the Word God speaks.

I read a typical “union with Christ,” thoughtless, careless statement recently claiming that demons have nothing whatsoever to do with any Christian’s life. This way of thinking does not reckon with a God who purposes all things, nor with the suffering and agony of people. – I will say no more from anger.

Here is the problem. Some who teach “union with Christ” basically remove the existence of demons and spiritual warfare, contrary to Paul’s gospel, in a misguided effort to say, “God only.” It’s because they have not considered God or the reality of heaven and earth all around them. If there are not demons then how are there people? Do we interact with other people? If we do, then how can reality be God only? Yet other people are not “inside of us” in the way God is, except by the same Covenant Bond.

We cannot be speaking of “God” except we receive all that He is and all that He speaks.

I want to see you free inside of the God with whom you ARE one.

Demons inflict pain, from outside of us, yes, and they tempt and deceive. Can people speak to you? Must you at times disregard the voice of people as not the voice of God? Then demons are just exactly the same. Do people sometimes gain a false hold over you by the imagination of your mind? Then demons can do exactly the same. There is no difference.

It is silly to accept that other people can inflict pain and tempt and deceive, all the while one is walking in union with Christ, and then to claim that demons all around, just like people, cannot say anything to us or deceive us with claims that are simply not true, or that we cannot be hurt by believing false things.

God has seized me in His grip for His purposes alone. I am one with a most passionate and very active Being who is out to demonstrate one thing – that His Word wins all Victory through weakness in the face of all opposition.

I am the proving ground of God.

God proves the Victory of His Word in me, and He does so in the face of specific opposition which He Himself placed against me, that is, against us, for His glory and mine.

God proves the Victory of Christ in me as I put the Lord Jesus Christ upon myself, upon every part of me.

God never does anything apart from my human consent, that is, my active, belligerent even, faith, the faith of the Son of God who fills and energizes my heart.

God spoke to me awhile back, “Because you honor My Word, I will honor you.”

I have no desire to offend people; I receive all who belong to Jesus in just the same way that Jesus receives me. But I like what God spoke to me, and by His grace, I would stay on that path alone.

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ is specific and real. It is always present perfect, something that began in the past and is made perfect in continuous action in the present moment. There will never be a time in all future ages when we will not, in every moment, by active, even aggressive, faith, be finding new ways in specific situations and circumstances, to put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

His name is Jesus.


MUSINGS on UNION, Pt. 4, One and One [Daniel Yordy] 2014 ~ BOOK         1


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