JUNE 9, 2006

There you are; just hatched; My beautiful little one. I have given you Myself that we might be just alike.

How does it feel to be brand new my little fluffy Hatch? You are My Life, you know, so I give you all of My Kingdom. You may come and go just as you desire.

Every breath you take and step you make will reveal you all new again. It’s like snuggling into My Feathers forever. You are perfectly cherished.  Will you look at Me little Hatch? I also long to be cherished by you.  We will drink of the same cup, and be born again with every wink of our eyes. We will be nonchalant, Princes forever; loved and loving into eternity.  We will walk as One in the warmth of the Light that We Are.  

I see Me in your soul, so Holy and pure are you, My little born again flame of Love. Do you know your flame can set the whole creation on fire just at your choosing. I have sent you to do just that.

Now, always remember this little One.  It is I that sent and it is I that shall do.  I will that you always be just new and fresh and fluffy as you are now. You will not take on the way of pride, but will just remain snugly, pure,  loving and innocent. It is I that will burn the flame unto pride, for it is I that will love and humble all pride back into the peace that you are

Dear Hatch.   My Spirit in you will do the work while you rest.

Never be afraid for I Am in you; resurrected life every moment. Just you chirp a sweet song now and forever for every enemy is under your loving feet.  

This, I must say to you: “I love you as Myself, and hold you as Myself.  I have given you My Breath and My blood.  I have given you My Mind and My Soul and My Body, and have given you a quickening in your breast. ”

Today, you are One with Me; a launched arrow on a sure course.  Your course is directed and is pure and Holy; made new each moment by My Living Word.  You have the loving heart of a chick little Hatch, but I give you the eye of an eagle.

Look inside, and see Me little eagle.  See My desire for you.  What do you see that is My apparent desire for you?  Is it peace forever, joy forever, fellowship and sharing forever?  Yes, and My desire is the giving of yourself to every creature, and that you find yourself full of life.  I have placed you in the midst of never ending freedom.  You are reborn free every moment because My will is now Your will, and Your will is now My will.  Search and see Your will.

What do you sincerely and truly want?  That is what I want.  Look carefully for this Is You; All Completeness.  I have given You Myself Which Is All.  I Am The Song of Everlasting and Unlimited Salvation Within You.

Arise, My True Love, and hear this momentous prayer: “Father, let the warmth of My Glorified Blood within this little chick Hatch be known now, for I Am Eternally Present In Him.”   Amen

All Our Love, 

Jim & Darling Melba    


AUGUST 15, 2008

Yes, it pleases me to call you by your name little Hatch, for you are the chick of my own feathers.  You are the very picture of myself; the expressed one of this eternal now.  You are holy and real just as I am.  It’s you I am. 

Today, I remind you that the flutter of your wings vibrates throughout the whole earth.  Your thought makes an imprint on the tapestry of eternity.

Now Hatch, I have brought you forth in myself, and have given you the exalted throne of grace.  I am your beating heart of love, so turn up your love and go ahead and fly.  Your unconditional love will bring resurrection every where you go, for you know you are my presence.  My loving presence is echoed from you; even from the Cross.  It is magnified from the resurrection, and today I speak it without limit or boundary.  In love you are conqueror, or maybe you will believe that you are “Skip to Malue” as you love.  When you see yourself little chick, I see myself as the Son, well able to do all things. 

You my Son are very important to me as you know.  You are heir to all my Kingdom; exalted to my abiding presence.  I will shift and reshift you from territory to territory and cause creation to know my presence.  You are not your own in this mountain Zion.

The anointed glory is the life we are.




MY SON HATCH [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-15-08          1


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