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Principle of Resurrection

Jesus Resurrection Power

DNA the Key to Resurrection & Immortality


We live in a universe where nothing dies and there is really no death. We use the words dead, die and death to only try to define how someone, the very essence of who they are has escaped from this reality into a reality that we know very little about. It is usually not until what we call death, that most realize that we are not necessarily our physical body.


How often have we stood over a body in a hospital room or at a memorial service and said, he or she is gone? Yet there is the body and likeness of that loved one that can be touched, photographed and even held right before us. Nevertheless, whether a person is religious, spiritual or not; there is that innate knowledge; that the person is not there. The physical body was the house the real person used until it was broken down and could perform no more, or the body was taken by accident or violence.




There has been a belief in the power of resurrection since humans came to be and the belief is valid. We were not created to die and if one happens to experience that, he or she yet lives on beyond the 3 dimensional world. The loosening from the physical form is a type of resurrection within itself. The word resurrection from the Greek New Testament means, to stand up again.


The principle of resurrection is laid out throughout nature and even with the seasons of the year. One of the easiest ways for me to understand it was in the seed principle. The seed is looking for a place to die, so that it can live. The unlimited power and potential of the seed can not manifest until it experiences death, burial and then come the resurrection. But that which is resurrected is totally different from what went in the ground by appearance, however, it has the ability to multiply and produce the likeness of what was planted.


The genetic language of that seed is coded with information to literally produce immortality. This is why recently Russian scientists were able to resurrect 32,000 year old Ice Age seeds buried in permafrost. Life can not be stopped. It might take on various forms or expressions, but it can never be stopped.




Jesus told the religious people of his day, “No man can take my life, I will lay it down and I have the power to raise it up again.” He allowed them to kill him. Did you realize that we have the same power? Everything that Jesus did was to demonstrate what we can do and even more. You are the only one that can decide when you will leave this physical plane. On the Cross, Jesus gave up the ghost (spirit). This means he surrendered and allowed the experience of death to the physical form. He did this to fulfill the prophecies and also what the heavens had prophesied. Also, he had to take a trip into the underworld of spirits, a place where the physical form had no authority. He had to unzip his physical body to keep his appointment with the spirits of humans – spirit to spirit. Just as he had ministered in human flesh to human flesh for 3 years, he would now minister spirit to spirit for 3 days. (Notice how everything in the spirit realm is accelerated and the work is done much faster).


In Greek mythology the Titan gods ruled the heavens, earth and underworld. Jesus had to reconcile all 3 worlds to become Lord over all. The Scriptures says he led captivity captive and gave gifts to men, even the rebellious.


But even more importantly was that when he finished his work in the underworld and took the keys (knowledge and authority) of the angel of death and hell – he stepped back into that same battered, bruised, beaten and crucified physical body. His entry back into the dead body literally resurrected the same physical body causing all the wound and bruises to be instantly healed. However, he could produce the wounds whenever necessary again to satisfy a doubting Thomas.


Just to make this a bit more simpler. Remember the seed? It has all the genetic information within it and knows exactly what to do to create resurrection life out from among the dead. The seed is wanting to die and be buried. It knows it can never reach its unlimited potential until this happens. Jesus knew he had to die and be buried, he struggled with the idea as all humans do for a time.




Creator God fashioned the body human in such a way with certain genes that have the ability to rejuvenate and reanimate the physical body when the genes are turned on. There are many groups of “silent genes” that scientist are just discovering. They are called silent because something has to happen to activate them or turn them on. Jesus himself being Jacob’s Ladder, the Original DNA Blueprint knew the gene codes to activate. John 1:51 This is why he said, I will raise it up again. Your body was not created to physically die. What we call death happens because of genetic miss-sequencing, missing the genetic markers (sin).


When he raised himself up, he also exercised the ability to shape-shift. He could literally change his physical form to look like whatever or whomever he wanted. Mary thought he was the gardener, and he was. The travelers of Emanus Road thought he was just another traveler, and he was. The Apostles thought he was just another fisherman on the beach, and he was. For 40 days after his physical resurrection he demonstrated his shape-shifting abilities to show us we can do the same. Also, so we would not identify with his flesh image. He walked through walls to prove there is nothing solid, we only believe it is solid, therefore, the atoms must arrange themselves to appear solid. ARE YOU AWAKE YET?! This world, the universe is subjective and will react to your believe system.


You have everything within you to produce physical literal body resurrection if you so happen to choose to go by the way of the grave. It is a little thing for the God power at the subatomic level in you to activate what appears as dead DNA and totally reconstitute your physical form and make it look young and beautiful again. Lazarus dead physical body was decaying, but at Jesus’ command it was reconstructed and raised up.


What if it has been hundred or thousands of years since a body died? It does not matter (it’s more than just dead matter), each of your over 60 trillion cells holds your complete DNA information; literally everything about you. That information can not be destroyed. Remember the 32,000 years old seed that was resurrected?


A human or animal can be cloned from a single cell because each cell has a full copy of your past, present and future that you have not yet experienced. You were conceived by one cell, the smallest cell, a sperm interacting with an egg (largest human cell). If the body was lost at sea or even eaten by an animal, there is yet at least one copy (cell) of your physical self existing in some form. If the body was cremated or lost in a fire, the DNA code yet exist. Most of the Crime investigation programs on TV shows the vast information that can be retrieved through DNA and bone fragments. The book of Revelation speaks about the sea and earth giving up the dead.


97% of human DNA can not be deciphered; the language of just four letters is so complex the brightest minds are baffled. Modern science tell us about the double helix or 2 DNA strands with the 4 steps sequence of letters (AGCT) that stretches out to 6 feet of intelligence in each of over 60 trillion cells. What most wont tell you is there are also “phantom strands or helix” – they are very hard to see and appear almost etheric. With the phantom strands-helix we have at least 12 DNA strands and possible 24. It is related to why these numbers are mentioned in the Bible, especially in the Book of Revelation.


To stay on the subject at hand, what am I saying? Even if your physical DNA information appears to be completely destroyed over time, by animals, elements, fire, etc, it does not matter. Why? There is a complete copy of your physical body of information yet existing with all your DNA information on a higher plane resting where ever the final resting place of the physical body is. Just as the “phantom strands” of DNA extends apart from physical DNA, so does the phantom body from the physical. You, the spirit you, will know where your body or cell is and will step into it to give yourself expression again.


When Jesus stepped back into his physical body, a set of new genetic information was released within the body. There was no need for blood as we know it. What would have been blood was now vibrating at a higher frequency to produce congealed light, thus producing physical immortality. “I am he who was dead but am alive forevermore.” Revelation 1:18 He had already declared about 14 days before his death, “I AM the resurrection and life.” John 11 His resurrected body was a flesh and bone body, he could eat if he wanted to, but it was not necessary. At this point, there is nothing outside that is needed to retain the physical form. Everything comes from within.


Those that decide to unzip the physical form will resurrect in a body like Jesus, made of flesh on a higher vibration and bone-with the ability to move as the wind. Those that do not unzip and discard the physical form in what is called death will have died to the ego and lower nature in order to be changed. The power and presence of Christ and his consciousness will accelerate everything within, activating the silent genes that hold the keys to incorruptibility and immortality. This mortal MUST put on immortality. 1 Corinthians 15


Don’t wait for this Resurrection to be just a futuristic event. Tap into the I AM the Resurrection and begin experiencing it today. “That I might know him in the power of his resurrection.” You can rise again; nothing on earth can tie you down. Stand up again, now. Stand up emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Jesus Got Up so you could Get Up!! Rise and shine.



































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