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It was more than 15 years ago while living in Canada that I was invited to speak in Washington State when I first heard the term “new age” with a negative connotation. I remember after speaking, some of the leaders approached me with a serious countenance saying, “Son, this sounds like the new age doctrine.” In my naivety, boldness and excitement I declared; “this is a new age.” In spite of all the wondrous works that was done; needless to say, I was never invited there again.

In retrospect I consider myself blessed beyond measure for obeying the call to be a Missionary in those days that led me to the remote regions of northern Canada, Mexico and the Indian Reservations throughout the USA. Those areas were somewhat distant from the confusion that was and is being experienced in much of the Body of Christ today.

In those areas there was no Christian TV, Radio or Book Store and very few Churches. Therefore, I was divinely protected from being formed into the image of a limited religious expression of what many perceive as being Christ-like. During the many years that I was isolated from the Body of Christ at large and from what some would call “civilization”, I learned to hear the Voice that spoke me into Being.

Again years later after I had moved to Seattle and was working with a local Church, I became a “new ager suspect.” Someone from the Church reported to the leadership that I had “new age” music on my voice mail greeting. My out going greeting on my voice mail was accompanied with instrumental music from the Contemporary Christian Group called “Petra.” (The spies didn’t know that it was a Christian group). Plus, my messages challenged the old paradigms and actually provoked the Believers to think. A Sanhedrin was called; I sat bewildered as I heard them become enraged in arguments, suggest I was summoning demons and decidedly how to exorcise my voice mail and me. I am yet annoyed at the pettiness of what is being expressed as Christianity.


We hear Christian leaders shouting and condemning the New Age Movement, books being written to warn their sheep of all the dangers. We have Christians supposedly exorcising jewelry, books, furniture and everything that’s different from the extremely narrow views of what has become modern Christianity. The leaders have created so much FEAR that their followers are afraid to Think without being told what to think.  Everything that does not fit the clone mentality has become a demon. Somehow we have confused the power of God with ignorance and superstition.

What does the term “New Age” really mean?

New Age is an astronomical/astrological term. Approximately every 2000 (2160) years there is a precession of the equinox. The Earth’s pole points toward a new star constellation, thus proclaiming a New Zodiac or Astrological Age. It takes nearly 26,000 years to complete an “equinoctial cycle” due to the tilt in Earth’s axis. This is where the term “new age” originates. {However, many groups have coined the phrase for various reasons}.

2000 years ago Earth’s pole pointed toward the Zodiac sign house of Pisces the Fishes, thus, we entered the Piscean Age. Jesus came announcing that “new age” with a new message, calling Fishermen to be the Apostles and working miracles involving fishes. This is one of the reasons why the Fish (an astrological sign) even to this day is a symbol of Christianity. Jesus was a New Ager, He proclaimed and introduce a new period in time.

The leaders who stood at the cradle of the birth of this nation also foresaw this present new age. They were so convinced they put it on the back of the American dollar, “A New Order of the Age begins” proclaims the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States.

In the early 1960’s a shift in consciousness started taking place on the planet. Those that were enlightened by hallucinogens or the Holy Ghost realized a new age was upon us. The popular group called, “The 5th Dimension” began to sing and prophesy about the Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in.

In 1996-97 the heavens confirmed this with a display of planetary conjuncts, groupings and alignments like modern man had never witnessed. The heavens have declared that we have entered a new age, those in tuned with Spirit are also declaring the same thing. In the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius we see a man pouring out of the great urn. This is the Age of the Outpouring. Joel and Peter prophesied, “In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.”


Christianese is a language spoken by 21st century followers of Christ mostly based on 1611 King James English with a variety of clichés which would identify the denomination one was born or grew up in. {my definition}

Christianese has divided the followers of Christ into many denominations; they are like the people at the tower of Babel, confused. Yet we seem to babyl-on.

I recall becoming so frustrated while trying to learn some Russian words. It was hard enough on my western tongue to try to pronounce the words, then to find out there were sometimes 5 words to describe one thing was overwhelming. In one area of Russia I’d be singing or trying to speak the little that I had learned, then I’d go to another region and was corrected. In many cases I was not using the wrong words since there were so many words to describe the same thing. However, the people in that region were use to using a different word or phrase and insisted on me using their favorite adjective, noun or pronoun.

The Biblical Kingdom Age, Millennium, the New Age, Golden Age and the Great Shift is all the same period of time that enlightened ones has seen all over the planet. A lily may be called by many names but it is yet a lily. Ten people can come from various parts of the world and they will all give a different description of the same lily. In Ephesians 3:10 the Amplified version Apostle Paul speaks about the complicated, many-sided, complex wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects.

Can any one group monopolize the God that fills everything everywhere with Himself?

Can He be made to be so small that only people that know the 4 spiritual laws; quote St. John 3:16, and belong to the right political party have access to Him?

Aren’t there more important issues to deal with in the world today than to stress over semantics?


Two of the disciples of Jesus (James and John) were called sons of thunder. They were zealots; extremist, radical, terrorists. One day they saw someone that was not a part of their click (denomination-religion) doing spiritual works and using the name of Jesus. (Notice, he was not trying to upstage them or wanting fame). They became angry and told him he could not obey what he felt God was revealing to him, even though it was changing lives. Why? It was because he wasn’t following them or using their methods. It wasn’t orthodox, and those who thought themselves to be in authority had not sanctioned it.

Jesus rebuked the egotistical, arrogant disciples and said, “Those that are not against us are for us.” The path of the man working the miracles was different from that of the zealous disciples. Jesus did not tell them to go back and convert the man and make him follow the way he was leading them. Mark 9:38-42

Jesus also said, “Other sheep I have that are not of this fold I will also bring.” John 10:16 Could it be that Christianity may be one fold and other folds might have different names, but in the future we will all be under one fold without the labels that bring division (Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, New Ager etc.). “There shall be one fold and one Shepherd.”

The Greek work used for “fold” is aule, which means a yard, court, mansion or palace that is open to the wind. The root word means a flute, a wind blown instrument.

The wind blows where it wills; no one can direct it or control it. The folds are all open to the wind of the Spirit and everyone has access. Whosoever is willing to become a flute (instrument), the Great Spirit will blow through his or her life creating supernatural music that all should rejoice in. We need no one to validate our individual spiritual encounters. {Stop here a meditate a few moments.}

A closer look at Mark chapter 9 reveals what may have caused this irate disciple that later became the Apostle of love to act so irrational and filled with rage. Earlier the disciples had tried to bring deliverance to a young boy but could not; Jesus called them faithless and rebuked them. After all, at this point they had spent nearly 3 years with Jesus, seeing the supernatural daily. Then they came upon this man that did not know Jesus in the intimate way that they felt they did, but he was working miracles. MMmmmm.

Could there have been some Jealousy that caused them to attack this man?? Plus, the disciples were arguing over who would be the leading apostle or prophet. They were concerned with power, popularity and positions in the Church.

There is nothing new under the Sun. We see the same scenario today only magnified ten thousand times. “Who are you to judge another man’s servant”? Romans 2 Unplug yourself from the religious leaders that seek to stir up hatred and anger. Burn the books and tapes that promote division, religious pride, and hatred toward anyone working to expand God’s Kingdom. It doesn’t matter what religious label they may or may not have. “You know not what spirit you are of.” “Whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone was hung about his neck, and he was cast into the sea.” Mark 9:42


The word occult means to conceal or hide that which pertains to the supernatural, phenomena, and secrets available to the initiates. Occultism means belief in angels, spirits, prophecy, healing; how stars, colors and gemstone relate to human life. {Encarta Encyclopedia}

Based on the definitions I would have to confess that I strongly believe in the occult, practice it and I used the world’s most famous book that teaches it, the Bible. Yes, the Bible is the best selling book on the occult. (According to the definition) From Genesis to Revelation we are challenged to believe in the supernatural and to seek the mysteries of God. The text is filled with stories of angels by name, and demons. There are testimonies of healings, miracles and names of star constellations. The books of Exodus and Revelations reveal the mysteries of colors, crystals and birthstones.

Should we condemn or criticize others that are having supernatural experiences because we are not and since they are not walking with us? Remember the other fold. I think that as more people get acquainted with the God of the Bible and study the Word, we will understand more clearly how connected we all are. There wont be an emphasis on what appears different or strange.

What we have being spewed out on the TV, radio and in many books is religious propaganda. These are the efforts of the religious Ego to maintain control and manipulate by distorting the truth. Then others that refuse to search the scripture continue to repeat the distortion causing pride, fear and confusion among the followers.

The phrase “fear not” is written throughout the Bible 365 times in various forms. Everyday the heavenly Father is saying don’t be afraid. Christianity is the only major religion that I know of that forbids it followers to read any religious material that is not “Christian.” Why? The followers are told they might catch a demon, or get confused. Is your spiritual experience that shallow? Are the leaders that insecure about their beliefs? Isn’t the Holy Spirit supposed to lead us into all truth? And why is it that people in Islam know more about the Bible than many Christians?

My intentions are not to promote any religion, not even Christianity. I feel the Holy Ghost shouting, “Let My people go.” It’s time to move out of Egypt (limitation and frustration). I seek to demystify that which has been made unapproachable and give God’s people permission to think without be told what to think by the powers that be.

Jesus said, “be careful what you are hearing. The measure of thought and study you give to the truth you hear will be the measure of power and knowledge that comes back to you.” Mark 4:24 Amplified Version


The search for God, and the innate desire within all humans to connect with the Creator, will continue to propel him to find ways to contact this Super Being. Howbeit, most of the efforts are based on external things to achieve the goal of enlightenment. Thus, he will have encounters, label them, and file them away to be used as directions on how to approach God. He will interpret Holy Scripture out of this fragmented consciousness and be willing to die for what he believes to be true. This is religion.

When the veil of the old paradigm and preconceived ideas are removed, then he will know even as he is known. When the external, in part realm, is exchanged for the internal whole, then he will see face to face. The God that has been sought through religious doctrines, creeds and works was not there; but He has been within mankind all the time. No one can see God and live. Once you see His face in the mirror, the struggle to be right, for power, position and popularity dies. The false lives that you created will be swallowed up in His life.

There must be a conscious effort to traverse the universe (multi-verses) of your being to seek out and destroy all the other lives that you have created until there is only ONE.

As this is accomplished within your being, you are empowered and the realization of who you are is revealed. There can only be the ONE. “Hear oh Israel, the LORD your God is One Lord.”


We have many labels for our belief systems; none of them amount to anything. In every group there is what appears as good and what appears as evil, however, if we look for God I am sure we will find Him. Seek and you shall find.

We cannot make a blanket statement that applies to everyone in any group, including Christianity. As I see the intolerance, hatred and pride that’s being expressed in the name of Christ, I am moved and endeavor to emphasizes unity and peace. We are not saying become a New Ager, Christian or anything. We are merely trying to show a broader perspective of God’s plan that includes ALL.



We are seeing many things develop in our world today. All of the things that appear as negative are necessary so that Christ may be revealed. In our Prophetic Publications over the past few years we have warned about the terrorist acts that would come from people within our country and citizens. {We have started to see only the beginning with the Snipers.}

In our September publication “Wake Up America” we warned that, “Within the next 12 months there would be assassinations and mysterious deaths among dignitaries, and those who oppose our present administration would meet a fatal end.”

Needless to say Senator Paul Wellstone was called the last of the liberal Democrats that was totally against the war with Iraq. He was very vocal about his beliefs; however, he is no longer alive. Is this just coincidence? Was it really just a plane crash in bad weather?

I had a dream a few nights about an influential Jewish man being humiliated in the media, something happened that I could not see. But a change took place; this man was turned into another man. He began to openly proclaim that Yahshua is Messiah. He traveled, preached and signs followed. (Pray about this).

Thanks to those of you that have given toward the work of the ministry. We appreciate your prayers and support. We cannot do the things we do without your help.

God Bless,


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