JULY 17, 2006

I have created a vibration of Purity; of Immortal Being, and here We Are Together in The City of Gladness, enjoying One Another. I recognize You As The Bright and Morning Sun, The Sparkle of Life, for You have heard, “It Is Finished.” In this, I acknowledge that I have reeled in My Catch, YOU, The Joy of My Inheritance. I have redeemed That Which Is Mine.

Now, We huddle Together In Your Heart, never to Be Alone again. I say, “Peace Be Still”, and all Heaven bows to the peace of the morning. This Lullaby, I have created, Is Now and Is Forever.

So pleasant it is to behold The Resurrection. All across creation, to hear One and then Another say “I AM”: every man in his own order. Wide open gates of Heaven recognize the Face of Jesus in each. They come with tears of joy and wonderment, marveling at the mercies of so great a Salvation. They come with bended knees expecting nothing, but receiving everything. There Is Mercy without Measure. They escape the war, the corruption, the disappointments, lack, and the tar and feathers of earth. They find their destination: The Heart of God within themselves. Oh, The Blood. They pass not through disciples or priests of men, but through The One and Only High Priest Who Dwells, The Free Gift, Within Themselves; Christ Jesus, King of All Glory. They Are Wide Eyed and Whole because He Lives. They Abide In Resplendent Peace and Joy; Completely Secure and Satisfied In The Immovable Rock of Eternity.

“Thy Will Be Done Is: Yea and Amen. I AM.”

PROCLAMATION: “I have not kept any good thing from My Own. Covenanted, all Heaven Is here today. For everyone Who thirsteth, I Am The Waters of Abundance, The Fullness of God Principle. I AM The Law of Life Now and As Always. My Redemptive Arms Enfold All Creation, for I Shall Not Lose Any.

Hear the sleigh bells of Glory as I touch My fingertips to your fingertips. I cherish The Light of Every Particle of Your Being. I honor Your Individuality while beholding The Resurrection In You. Yes, We bow to The One Who Has swept us away into a new Heaven. Behold The Breath of Freshness.

As The Still Waters of Patience spill over into A Rippling Stream of Joy, I will dance with you in The Sincerety of The All New. Such a dance it is, skipping in the Waters of Salvation. We behold The Savior In One Another, sometime giggling to the Enormity of It. I touch The Light of You that I might know You As You Are Known By His Majesty. Surely all creation has sprung to attention as We waltz across The Threshhold of True Life. We’re freed from beggarly earth restraints.

“I must say it, Peace Be Still, as I hold You so your face will be in full radiance. If this be Love, so let it Be.” Hand in hand we measure the heights and depths of it.

So, why did we come this way? I’m sure it is to savor the six billion flowers of this Holy Garden. Now, well able to see and know The Truth in each flower, we see even the cactus plants have beautiful blossoms. The twinkling eye of Jesus Is always there. Splashing waters become a mighty River of Life as we observe the nurturing of each flower. The kiss of The Holy Ghost Is Upon All.

OUR AGREEMENT; “This Is The God story of He In Us. Creation has been Kneeded, and reformed to become our awareness. Thrust into The Oven of Love; A New Loaf Is Now Made.

He has not called us to define the how or the when, but has birthed us to say , “HE IS ALL IN ALL RIGHT NOW,  and He is all we need.” “Surely, I come quickly with the reward in My Hand. AMEN

We Came To Bless,


NEW COVENANT [Jim-Melba Crofford] 7-17-06           1


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