MAY 11, 2008

Will I bring you to the New Day? But wait. I Am The New Day! You know you recognize the Whirring Presence I Am. You know Me As The Fountain of Plenty; The Source of The All New. You know Me As The Mender of The Breach.  You instantly recognize The Winds of Change That I Am, for I have mended.

Your hands do mold Me and kneed Me into recognizable substance. You are a child in My House, pleasantly happy, and free from concern, because you are welcomed into My New Day. You are about The Father’s Business whatever you find to do; carefree and glad. Joy is your skateboard. ”

This I Am is your whole new beginning right now. Every minute is a new basketful of life. I wipe your brow with My Sweet Presence and give you the push you need to begin anew. Heaven is like this, and Is This you know. Clang, the past is over for My Covenant is easy and My burden is light. ”

Shall I speak a direct Word to you? Yes! You are Mine. Yes. You are consumed by My Love. I change your adversity into joy. You see ever so clearly for I purposed to have opened your eyes. We are together with all that has been, all that is, and all that will be. ”

Swift and Holy is My attentiveness and My quick hand, for it reveals the Truth That I Am. In this new day, there is no delay for I Am revealing Who I Am and Who You Are, and have always been.

You are sent into brilliant seeing. Lightly, you step on radiant beams. A man with God in his hands is very purposeful. You Are The Expedient One. You Are The Fiery Presence in this New Day, and the End of Time.  You know I Am come in the midst as you behold the Lighted City. ”

“So, you have come to Me, Saving Grace, Lord Jesus Christ. How could you have resisted? No man comes to the Father except he be drawn, but isn’t it true that “If I be lifted up will draw all men unto Me? Here I Am; In You, As You.” Here I Am: The world was made by Me and in My Name, all things exist. The Father has bestowed the very highest honor to My Name, and yet, if they do not know My Name, My Love Is Equal for all.  My Grace is sufficient. You are not required. This Now Presence That I Am, Is All Encompassing, and being revealed to all creation As My Second Coming. I Am Come Again To You. Maybe you can deny it for now, but when I shall Be revealed in Your Heart Center, You Shall discover You Are As I Am. You will see The New Day.  

Out there, there is a true testimony. “Christ Jesus Is All In All.


Love from

JimMelba Crofford

Mother’s Day



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