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APRIL, 2007


Dear Friends:

As time unfolds, moving us into the Age of Aquarius and as the dispensation of the purpose of the Ages is being revealed it is essential that there be A New Priesthood and a New Theology. This greater understanding is needed so we can align ourselves with the divine unfolding and have confidence to embrace the new experiences that are coming our way.


The two summaries that are in this paper are both synopses of a more extended writing I have called T-H-O-R, meaning A New Theory of Reality. It is available in other writings and on my Dawning Light Ministries Web site a link for which can be found in Sigler.org.


If you are like I am then you may sometimes find it difficult to wade through a lot of words to get to the meat of what different writers are saying. I hope that this summary will enable you to quickly overview what I am saying and perhaps incite you to correspond or converse with me about it or look up the more extended version which exists as an email discussion on my web site.


A know that we all have a deep-seated aversion to systematized theological thought. In our experience it means dead, dead, dead. However, I ask you, take time to read what I have written; you may find that you are hearing the same or very similar truth. I have no intention of locking truth into frozen language or dogma, rather, I seek continually unfolding thought content for us to communicate in this greater reality that is dawning. Words themselves are not the container, you are, but words are spirit servants in to this greater reality. Please enjoy.




First: All of what we consciously experience as ourselves began with a desire in the Source, our Father. That desire is reflected in all creation, it is the desire to produce after ones kind. The desire to experience the Love that the Source is and so know itself in a way that could not be in the ONENESS alone required that ANOTHER One begin to form. This is: In the beginning, the beginning of duality, I call it the journey of separation…We make this statement: The Source itself initiated the journey of separation.


Second: So the ONE bought forth out of itself the MANY…the Many that made up the WORD, the expression. As they were brought forth the Source blessed its own God-Seeds….blessed them unconditionally to go forth, create identity, create journey of consciousness in pure joy and freedom. This is how you and I were conceived…this is our eternal mission….to fill the desire of the Source, the Father of all.


Third: In our conceiving we became as children, innocent, without experience or knowledge only feeling the desire of the Source and its total unreserved unconditional Love. As we began to try to respond to this Love, among our first thoughts there came a thought, a question….we wondered…what if I cannot meet the desire of the source? What if I cannot meet its expectation of me? So is it that Sin was formed, it came out of the very formation of our own consciousness…we were the creators of it, a necessary by-product of our creativity. Sin serves as goad to press us on.


Fourth: As sin was formed in our earliest formative thoughts it turned our attention inward and we learned a wholly new experience, one we have learned to excel in….we questioned our own worth of being…we created awareness of shame.


Fifth: As worlds of consciousness were created and we unfolded in this Journey of Separation into ever increasing density of form we learned the process of forming Identity. As we did we needed greater measures of organization and control. Civilizations, worlds, came and went and the questions became increasingly insistent for answers. Love and Control, seeming opposites pressed the journey on. To answer the deepest questions of our existence, sin, shame and the reasons for them, the Elohim agreed to create this physical realm and then lowered themselves into this realm in Human form.


Sixth: The creation account of Adam is our story of being lowered into physical form. Light beings lowering their frequency of vibration. As in the beginning of consciousness there were two main elements working, separation…seen in the male and female and shame, the motivating principle that drove us into this biological clothing, our humanity. The great prize for which we came was the understanding of our Journey, our eternal quest, the knowing of our Father’s heart.


Seventh: As shame, our sense of un-worth, shame, the result of our thoughts of separation and sin, was translated into acts we began to experience a whole new level of shame…Guilt. Guilt caused by acts motivated by shame. There was no way for us to understand Guilt and its mother shame, nor was there a way for us to understand that these two were based on presumptions and false images that we created in our minds about an infinitely loving and accepting Source.


To make the experience of Sin, shame and Guilt real, legal and tangible…the Law was added. A people were formed, called out, formed as a nation to marry the YHWH of Israel…..a covenant of Law, of performance, of conditions, requirements, and conditions. This Law gave a legal definition to sin and hence guilt. For the first time we understood how guilt is created in us ….through failure to perform an agreed contract….and the death that results from it….separation.


Eighth: The door is now open. The lowering is complete. Sin, shame and guilt are experienced in a valid setting of Law and punishment created from agreement. The way is now open for us to begin to understand the fundamental truth of our existence. Sin and guilt and its result…condemnation and death are all the result of our own mind….they were never imputed by the Source.


The time of Law prevailed upon Israel until 2000 years ago when the Light of All Light appeared as Jesus the Messiah of Israel, to redeem them from the curse of the Law which they suffered for all creation.


Even though the Law had come…its lessons could not be understood for the curse was still upon his people. We are ready to open the greatest chapter of the human story….the coming of the Son of Man. Yahshuah…Jesus of Nazareth. We will do so in the next series of emails.




First: Jesus, the ultimate picture of man, identified himself in many ways. He referred to Jonah, to the Serpent in the wilderness, to Moses and used all these images to make statements if identity about himself, the Son of Man.


Second: Jesus spoke of his mission in the parables he told openly, and more so in his private conversation with his disciples but it was most clearly stated in front of Pilate when he said that he came into the world to “Bear witness of the truth”.


Third: We understand this truth to be the unveiling of the Son of Man to himself, man must know who he is. Jesus came to show the identity of man by taking on human form and acting out the revealing drama of his Life, Death and Resurrection. He is us, we are him.


The picture shows this truth: Man is the eternal Son of God, crucified on time and space in his humanity. The death of man was his loss of eternal knowing in his incarnation. The resurrection of man is the remembrance of this Eternalness as he awakens from the death-sleep of his earthy mind. His mission is to bring the presence of eternal God into form so GOD can be seen, touched and known.


Fourth: The Age of Aquarius, which we are now entering, is the Age of the Son of Man. This is the time when this awakening comes, it is the morning of the third day, the feast of tabernacles, Jesus greater body is rising from the sleep of ages.


The Dawning Light of eternal Truth has come, a whole new perception of Man, who He is, how he relates to spirit, to time and space. It is time for a New Theology….not a repeat of dogmas and teachings of yesterday but an enlightened, continually unfolding presentation of thought and the creation of neural pathways for the thought forms of higher consciousness so God may dwell among men. The tabernacle of God is with men. Let the greater drama of Spirit coming into Form unfold!




Dear Friends: Here is an abbreviated set of thoughts summarizing the whole of A New Theory of Reality. I hope that it will help us in the question and answer session of THOR 3.


First: The Source itself initiated the journey of separation.


Second: So the ONE bought forth out of itself the MANY…


Third: Sin, the first thought or awareness that I cannot please you


Fourth: Sin thoughts create SHAME, sin and shame that serve as evolutionary drivers of consciousness.


Fifth: To answer the deepest questions of our existence, sin, shame and the reasons for them, the Elohim agreed to create this physical realm and then lowered themselves into this realm in Human form.


Sixth: The great prize for which we came was the knowing and the understanding of our Journey….the revealing to us of the Father’s heart.


Seventh: To make the experience of Sin, shame and Guilt real, legal and tangible…the Law was added. Sin and guilt and its result…condemnation and death are all the result of our own mind, they were never imputed by the Source.


Eighth: Jesus came to show in his own body, the truth of Man and Man’s experience and to reveal the Father and the Father’s love.


Thor 2:


First: Jesus called himself “The Son of Man”.


Second: His Mission was “I came to bear witness to the truth”.


Third: This truth is: ‘Man is the Son of God crucified on Time and Space in his humanity”.


Fourth: The Age of Aquarius is the awakening of mankind, the resurrection of Jesus greater body. Spirit taking on Form, this is our grand hour.












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