APRIL 1, 2006

They awaken as The New World Being. Colors are magnified. Music is glorified. Hearts are radiant with mercy. The ONE NEW MAN.

And, Who Are They? They Are The Raptured As ONE, The Witnesses of Salvation; with one foot in Heaven and one foot on earth. They Are The Mystery of The Resurrection; The Humility of Heaven and The Graciousness of Earth. They Are Friends and Lovers of All Men. They Are The One Spirit, The Eternal Presence; The Song of Life. They know their True Bodies Are Manifest Living Spirit, and there is absolutely no other god, idol, or substance. They know righteous judgment, and not judgment by appearance, seeing as God sees.

Their purpose is to lift The Savior’s Name, and to tell the story of His Saving Grace, peace on earth, good will to all men. They brighten the pathway of Life.

In Them, there is no darkness at all; not in visibility, not in thought or action. Peace, Joy and Righteousness, The Lord Jesus Christ is upon Their Faces.

True, They know Who’s Walk They Are, A Quite Unobtrusive Walk; A Magnificent Silent Perfection.

Knowing Who They Are, They Continuously observe The One Perfect ONE. With too pure eye to see separation, The Risen One Is Glorified In Their Midst. Creation is lifted because they only acknowledge Grace, Mercy and Love Which Is Father; recognizing The New Creation/Covenant only; The Dominion and full Presence of Christ. They do not acknowledge less than The Presence of God.

These Ones know Salvation Is Whole, has no end, or cannot be measured. They know He, Jesus Christ Is Come Again In All Creation. They display daily portions in measures beyond explanation. Love Is Their Arising and Their Rest At Night. They Are The Giving One, Ever Alert and Boundless, Standing In The Fullness of Paradise NOW.

They Live Grace, seeing All Whole, Being The Testimony of His Presence, fully aware of the One Final Redemption at The Cross. They know Atonement Is For All Men and All Creation. They Are The New Heaven and New Earth. They measure not by the law, but by The Spirit of Resurrection Life In Christ Jesus, The Atonement.

Therefore, This Word of reconciliation; This ministry of reconciliation: Did you know that in Bible times, hell meant the grave only; that man invented the idea of a burning punishing hell in spite of the all encompassing Love of Our Father. How could a loving Father send any man to a burning hell when we all, when yet sinners, were reconciled and made ONE with Him.

Jesus paid it all… He washed you white as snow. This one act at the cross more than restored all that was lost in Adam. (Romans Chap. 5) At this awesome day, all men were reconciled to The Father. Jesus’ prayer was answered in that we were all made ONE, even as Jesus and The Father Are ONE.

It is a pleasure to bow to His Risen Body, THE HANDIWORK OF GOD. The Holy Ghost continues to awaken men and exalt The Lord Jesus Christ and His Finished Work. Amen,



THE NEW WORLD BEING [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-1-06          1


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