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“You will keep in perfect peace, those whose mind is stayed on Him, because he trusts in Him.” Isaiah 26:3

This verse literally say, “God will (keep) guard, protect, keep safe, and in (perfect) complete, nothing lacking (peace) wellness, happiness, health, and prosperity; those whose (mind) concepts, imaginations, and thoughts are (stayed) leaning on, dependent on Him, because they (trust) have confidence, and assurance in Him.”

We need to be reminded of this especially in this hour of great transition, many are looking for answers in the wrong places and will end up more frighten and discouraged. I feel as a Prophetic Voice to this generation and others to come it is my duty to continue to blow the trumpet. This writing will serve as a follow-up to the September 11 event, and hopefully we can give more insight into what is really happening in the world.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.” Hosea 4:6


In our September 10, 2000 prophetic publication, “Day of Reversals” – the Spirit spoke very clearly that the election process would be changed, the way the system has operated would be brought to an end, and there would be total Confusion in the governments. The prophetic word has been released, in the Spirit God has Reversed and Overthrown the kingdoms of this world. However, the complete manifestation will come later. We are in a time of Great Transition. {The headlines of a Seattle area newspaper; November 22, 2000 reads, “A Day Of Reversals.”} God spoke this, and 72 days later the newspaper confirmed it.

“But I see another false government trying to rise up to usurp the Kingdom of God. Behind the scenes plans are being made for what is called the New World Order. While the world is focused on the Confusion that’s been created, they are getting ready to launch their agenda. I see such a surprise look on faces. I feel strong impressions of the word “SURPRISE-D” that will capture some headlines. At least for the next 6-9 months the effects of this election drama will be played out. For those walking in step with the Spirit, these are very exciting times for success on every level. However, those who are yet fighting the death to the lower selfTri-bu-late till all of you die! The next 7 years will be a time of great Transition in the world. A new consciousness is being birthed.  Birth is not always easy on the flesh, but there is always joy at the end.”

{This word was given December 2000 – “Feast of Illumination” publication. 9 months later we experienced the September 11 event.} The phrase I want to underline in your mind that the Spirit clearly spokes, “New World Order.”


Over a week ago as I was sitting in meditation I clearly heard the Spirit began to quote to me 1 Samuel 8. The nation of Israel had asked for a king to rule over them and God told Samuel to listen to the people, give them what they asked for and tell them what manner of leader he would become.

And he said, “This will be the behavior of the king who will reign over you: He will take your sons and appoint them for his own chariots and to be his horsemen, and some will run before his chariots. He will appoint captains over his thousands and captains over his fifties, will set some to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and some to make his weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. {America’s new military} He will take your daughters to be perfumers, cooks, and bakers. And he will take the best of your fields, your vineyards, and your olive groves, and give them to his servants. He will take a tenth of your grain and your vintage, and give it to his officers and servants. And he will take your male servants, your female servants, your finest young men, and your donkeys, and put them to his work. He will take a tenth of your sheep. And you will be his servants. {America no longer sovereign but controlled by the United Nations.} And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the LORD will not hear you in that day. Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, “No, but we will have a king over us.”

The scripture encourages us to pray for our leaders, we also know that promotion comes from God and that God will answer the prayers of those who pray to Him. Through much prayer, fasting, political maneuvering and God’s purpose we have the President elect. However, when I watch or listen to the news lately, which I rarely do, I seem to be hearing and seeing what the masses are not or chose not to see and hear.


Many times when the Holy Spirit wants to reveal something to me, He asks me a question, and then the answer comes. I will for the most part write questions and allow you to listen to the Spirit within you.

Normally the Twin Towers would have nearly 50,000 people working in them, but on September 11 there was around 20,000. Why were many Jewish people forewarned not to go to work on that day?

If some people had knowledge that something big might happen that day, how could our government, which boasts of the best Intelligence service in the world, not know something?

If our government knew something and allowed this to happen, what would be the purpose? {President Bush did state in his speech that through this horrific event he saw an opportunity…to take the war to the terrorist Afghanistan.}

Why is it that the terrorist that hi-jacked the airplanes were from Egypt, Arabia and other countries and not from Afghanistan, but we are bombing Afghanistan?

If our government have ulterior motives for being in Afghanistan bombing people living in tents with no electricity, running water and still use camels as a means of transportation, what are they?

{Of course they want Bin Laden, he is like an American product that’s become a safety hazard and must be re-called. Bin Laden only became a “terrorist” when he stopped marching to our drumbeat, before then he was called a “freedom fighter” that we trained and highly paid.}

Okay, so what is so important about this impoverished stone-age country called Afghanistan that our government would be willing to kill many innocent Afghans and sacrifice many Americans? If you look at a map of Afghanistan and think beyond what the media is being told to tell us, it becomes obvious. Central Asia, the gateway to untold untapped wealth/resources, not to mention the OIL. Afghanistan borders Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan former Soviet Republics, it also borders Iran, Pakistan and China. Afghanistan is a Militarily and Economical Strategic location.

A western capitalist person in control would be in position to make sure to ward off threat from Russia and China, keep the Muslim countries in check, while at the same time reap the benefits of Oil rich Central Asia, the Caspian Sea, and the treasures of the Caucus Mountains. What does the Rockefellers, Bin Ladin, and the Bush families have in common? OIL!

WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The transition has happened so fast no one knows that it’s really here. The America that existed prior to September 11, 2001 does not exist anymore. The civil and constitutional rights that you think you still have are only an illusion; they don’t exist anymore. But then you say that you have not given up anything or signed a bill stating this. The decisions were made for you.

While the masses are being scared to death by the smoke screen called “terrorism” and the threat of biological attacks, out of this created FEAR, we have exchanged freedom for what they call SAFETY.

Questions: Why has only 1 person died in the ANTHRAX scare so far? Wouldn’t you think that if it were terrorism from Bin Ladin’s gang masses would have died? Could this be another fear tactic created by our government to convince the public to accept the New World Order aka Safety/Security? Could the past few weeks have been tests to prepare the minds of the people for a major attack that will be allowed or instigated by our government?



* I see a stone cut out of a mountain (Kingdom of God God’s New World Order) without hands. This Stone-Age People, Rock of the Ages Company, filled with Insight and Revelation from the Holy Ghost is about to come forth rolling through what’s left of Babylon and the New World Order. The systems of man wont even see it coming, and it shall smash the foundation of Greed, Power, Religion and Pride that man has built his governments on. It shall Crumble, Crumble, Crumble just as you have seen the Towers crumble.

The Spirit of God says, “Just as in one hour you saw the world change and in one day I caused an awakening, so shall it be when I bring forth my mighty army. Be listening and be ready, for the command will come from within and I will cause my people to act. But first there must be much Confusion throughout the land. You are being prepared for the great day of the Lord. Don’t be distracted or deceived by the media and the lies of political and religious leaders. You will hear the cries and groaning of many out of fear and pain. Some of you will see friends and relatives in great agony and death. At first it will seem almost too much to bear-then you will realize that it is my Grace and Mercy that has allowed them to escape into the afterlife. Don’t be afraid of what may appear as darkness all around you, this is the time to stay focus on Truth and not the realm of appearance.

* I see Murder Suicides of family members at an alarming rate across the nation as Distress and Fear darken the minds of many.

* I see some more shake-ups in our government, key people being removed from office (death and resignations} over the next 6-9 months.

* Anthrax is not the biological weapon that will be unleashed that will cause massive Fear, Sickness and Deaths, but another.

* It will be common to see National Guard, Military people, both Foreign and Domestic patrolling American streets, and cities with regular check points to enter cities. I see at times it will almost seem like a Military state in some areas, not because of fear from terrorist, but the Civil Unrest in the country.

* I see Fires, Looting and days of Rampage-Listen to the people run through the streets, the noise, yelling, sirens, police disabled and afraid. Raging at the government-a sense of Betrayal. For this reason the military will be called.

Balance is the key word. As the Spirit of God is poured out in the earth and within mankind, the rain will bring forth the Weed, and Thorns as well as the Flowers and Fruit. For those refusing to walk in the Light, they will manifest the dark side, while others become the Light.

The Prophetic is not given to bring fear, rather it is given to turn our hearts toward God and understand the true nature of things. Seek God and sow seeds of Love and Peace to All people without respect of person, religion, or nationality.


In October those of us on the West Coast will experience a Blue Moon October 31, this will be the second Full Moon of October. The East Coast will experience it at the end of November and east of Moscow in December based on time zones GMT. Blue Moon happens when 2 Full Moons fall within the same month –30 days.

Our last Blue Moons were in January and March 1999 shortly after USA and NATO launched an attack on Serbia. During this Blue Moon USA and NATO launched an attack on Afghanistan. During this Blue Moon the Sun will be in the constellation Libra, which speaks of Justice and Balanceand October 23 the Sun will move into Scorpio, which speaks of Judgment and Death.

The heavens are constantly speaking to us forewarning us of events to come. During this season we should pray for Mercy especially after October 23 as the Sun moves into the sign depicting judgment and death. We will remember the Afghans being bombed, the retaliations between the Israelis and Palestinians, USA and NATO forces, and the Real threat of Biological Agents being used in America when the Sun moves into Scorpio and Sagittarius (October 23rd – December 20) or Other Attacks.



Feast Of Tabernacles: We kept the Feast in Bushnell, Florida (near Tampa). Mott and Faye Howard of Living Waters Ministries was host. During the August Prophetic Summit in Atlanta; Mott and Faye invited me to come for the Feast, this was a divine invitation.

Our first meeting was with some of the leading people of the area that had taken on the task of making this a successful meeting. God blest as we shared in depth on the subject of “Adam’s Dream.”

The people of Bushnell were prepared to received and anxious to hear the Word of the Lord. Most of the people had not been exposed to anything beyond Pentecost and knew nothing about the Feast of Tabernacles; however, they were open to learn more.

After the first meeting the Spirit took us deeper each gathering. It was Awesome to see the power of God’s revealed Word bring Enlightenment and Liberty. Toward the end of the Feast spontaneous worship filled the building, unearthly sounds, dances, visions, prayer for healing, baptism in the Holy Ghost and prophetic utterances. We celebrated the Christ within.

Thank you Mott and Faye for having a desire to bring the Prophetic and Deeper Word into your community, and for your ministry of hospitality. Faye also has a ministry where they have established nearly 20 Lighthouses (home prayer groups). Pray for this community as they follow the Spirit into deeper things of God.

Thanks to the “Spiritual Wonders” that sang us happy each night, Sis. Hazel and others for coordinating the meals nightly and raising funds to help with the expense. Gayle led in Praise and Worship to levels I don’t think she had ever ventured-Juli and Cory the Prophetic Dancers from Tallahassee, brought a unique and anointed expression of God nightly. We really appreciated all those working behind the scenes to bring glory to God, and the Assembly of God group that endured to the end.

{I was blest with special cooks on this trip. Katherine and Ilima prepared mouth watering vegetarian meals and exotic deserts daily, making it impossible to do any fasting. Thank you all again.}



I have been invited to go to Africa during the months of November and December. Apostle Mwaniki of Nairobi, Kenya is putting together a Crusade and Conference. We are expecting about 200 Churches to be involved with crowds at the Crusade of no less than 10,000 daily. The Conferences Hall can only hold a few thousand where we will get a chance to impart this Good News of the Kingdom to many Pastors and leaders in day sessions.

After reading my book “Secrets of the Cherubim – A journey Into the Heavens and hearing some audio messages, Apostle Mwaniki said to me, “you must come to Kenya. Many of our churches are becoming like American Churches (religious), we don’t want that. They need to hear this message of life.” After being asked several times I felt the witness to go.

We will spend about 2 weeks or so in Kenya, speaking words of life and immortality. We expect to see many physical miracles to accompany the word and many to Repent. Pastor DeWitt of Calgary, Alberta founded about 10 Churches in South Africa, which his son in South Africa now oversees. During our Conference in June he asked me to go and take this message to his Churches. We are expecting to be there for 1 or 2 weeks speaking the mysteries of God with signs following. We covet your prayers daily.

This will be the most expensive endeavor we have ever taken in our foreign missions work. God is constantly challenging us to take bigger steps of Faith. We will be taking many books and tapes to share with the leaders that will be used in Bible Schools and to bring the Pastors to the next level so they can further share with their people. This is what the Feast of Tabernacles is all about, the Ingathering of the nations.

To those of you that have a heart for the nations (Ingathering}, and would like to participate financially, you may write a check to ATAM, you will be receipted. Normally when we travel to foreign countries we take not only literature and material things, but also Money to bless the Pastors and their families. Many of the Pastors walk or ride bicycles for miles to minister to their congregation in the jungles and live off of about $20 a month to support large families. We expect to gather all the Funds by the 2nd week of November before we leave. Also agree with us for traveling mercies.

In Christ Love



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