One of the reasons why seeing God All in all in everything is so vital, is that it takes the personal offense out. No one is out to “get us.” If we have discovered that God is love and nothing else, and that all that proceeds every moment into creation has at its basis self-giving love, then nothing coming from that Holy Land can offend us, be it life or death, good or ill. Not only can we not be offended by it, but the love coming from “outside” us (from all things which in their basis, no matter what they are, are God loving us), draws out the love which is within us, to then go out and embrace the love coming our way, as being Christ Himself standing at our door, and we as Zacchaeus who only desire Him to come in and dine with us. In taking away any sense of personal offense and replacing it with the Father’s love flowing in and flowing out, we are free to be completely who we are in love, (which is He loving by us, rather than we trying to “work it up.”) From there the sky is the limit.



NO OFFENSE [Fred Pruitt]          1


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