Not One Tick Of The Clock


FEBRUARY 10, 2005

Can separate you or has ever separated you from the Sudden Great Appearing of Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Fullness. The Fullness is not to be obtained because The Fullness Is.

The same applies to Consciousness. Consciousness can not be increased; Consciousness Is.

And equally so, Righteousness. There is no such thing as “greater righteousness”. Righteousness Is Come because Jesus Is . Righteousness Is The Risen Savior; Risen in All Creation, and Risen As You. It is confessed, ” He Is Come In The Flesh.

Suddenly, He does Appear, A Child Man; a Man Child; from Child to Man in the twinkling of an eye, the same as when you received The Holy Ghost.

There is a great celebration; the burial of the old man, and suddenly You step forth, The New Creature, wide eyed, enraptured heart and observant, a Testimony of Pure Love, open book of Grace, Truth, and Life.

You are whisked into eternity, wrapped in the arms of Love. You are a full heir instantly, completely qualified, perhaps with no book knowledge at all, now seeing Who You Are in Him, tenderly caressed in Heaven’s Best, The Kingdom of God. Unless you become as a little child, you shall no wise enter in.”

It’s easier if you don’t know anything. You just receive His Great Love and Abiding Presence as The Great Free Gift. You hear His Voice coming forth from Yourself, and vibrating the whole earth.

Jesus is on The Throne of Our Hearts. His eternal kiss has already touched creation. Sleeping Beauty has rolled over and opened Her Eyes, and off We go on the wonderful everlasting honeymoon.

Now opens The Day of His Appearing, perfect union with Him. The clock is out of order, kaput. Time is no more. The Holy One has reached out His Arm for all His Own. His Word has come to pass.

This same Jesus is come in His Clouds of All Righteousness, and Love Is Become Real To All Men.

Praise His Magnificent Name,

Jim and Melba

In The Name of Jesus!


NOT ONE TICK OF THE CLOCK [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-10-05           1


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