MAY 31, 2006

There’s a wonderful great difference between, “How may I be God’s Love in the earth”, and “I AM God’s LOVE IN THE EARTH NOW.” The difference is the seal of resurrection’s blood, which is The Precious Holy Spirit, found and revealed within. It is the now coming of Jesus Christ, the free gift of righteousness, in every fiber of our beings. To know this by Spirit, is the risen voice, the quickened heart, the sure Presence that comes directly from Father’s knowing. Just a cup of His Presence, His wonderful Love, may be compared with oceans upon the earth.

And, how does Love happen? No man may come to the Father unless he be drawn. Therefore, it is in the Divine Hand of Father through Jesus our Lord. Every man is drawn in his own order, being awakened unto so great, unlimited salvation; being filled with the very Love of God. Sovereignty has Its perfect work. With loving arms, He humbles Himself from The Eternal to make His Treasure known to first one and then another. His humble Heart becomes our heart. His Love becomes our Love.

His great Treasure Is Himself fully awarded to all souls; even now and before time ever was. It Is Righteousness awarded, The Free Gift. Now today is so glorious; the awakening unto His Treasure.

In the bureau drawer of Father’s House is a book of remembrance, sealed by the blood of The Lamb. At His moment of choosing, He opens the book to reveal Glory after Glory. Thus, we find our ONE TRUE SELF that has always been. We melt into Pure Spirit. The Marriage Supper of The Lamb is our Life. Looking straight ahead, we see forever, knowing all is well. We discover the Great Kingdom of God which is peace, joy and righteousness in The Free Gift of The Holy Ghost. We now see with His Eyes, and walk His Steps. Our hearts beat as ONE as we hear our voice declare His Word.

The heavens are opened as LOVE becomes the workings of Paradise; such intensity that our very touch becomes Life. We are marvelously thankful as we bow to the resurrection of Righteousness revealed within. We know The New Creation Is Love, as we discover it for ourselves. Abiding in This Place Prepared by Jesus, all things have been made new. We do not look for a better place, for He Is Sufficient.  His Presence makes complete.

Adoring Him, captured by Him; caught away in Him, ONE in Him:



NOW IS LOVE MADE KNOWN [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-31-06          1


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