Now, Is Thy Throne of Glory


FEBRUARY 20, 2005

Infinite abiding Oh Wonderful One. Surely Ye art Shining in Heaven and Earth.

Not looking for something or anything to be changed; not bringing anything before God But yourselves, Ye are Here to Be The Waters of Peace, Joy, Great and Wondrous Light.

Seated, yes Seated, Oh Great Holy One; we play in Fields of Thy Presence.

” Come little children unto Me, and I will give you Rest. The City That I Am Is Full Covering, now and Forever. “

So, they wrap themselves in Heaven immediately, and with tears of joy, baptize their hearts in Grace’s Sweet Honey, never again called to worry or work at Salvation. They are Become Life.

You are loved One and All. You are so loved, I have given You Myself to Be An Eternal Drawing Force. I have come with open arms, made you as I Am.

The First Chord of an anthem is sounding, as there is a great instantaneous rush to Paradise. They have dropped their burdens and toys of pretending, and have taken their hidden place in The Rock of Salvation.

Blessed are They that have come in The Name of The Lord.

It is said that The Kingdom of God comes without observation, and surely they have proven It to Be So. Residing here in Earth/Heaven, is already That Perfect and Clear Day. Not a city to be built. but The City That Ever Is. Awakening, They have found that They are The City.

Please hear! … This letter is not just poetry alone.

Again, I say, Hear.”

“The Kingdom of God, My Kingdom has always been. Much more than a few recognize their residence herein. If it were not so, I would have told you. There is no hurt in all This Holy Mountain, no lack, no fear, and no sorrow. It is not a kingdom to come, for It has been fully manifest to many before now. It is The Garden of Almighty God, My Father. Those Who enter, bring nothing with them; not doctrine or purse or pride. They bring only themselves. They discover Who They Have Always Been, becoming fully aware of The Blood of The Lamb. They have entered to testify of The Life to all men, and they have entered Glory without observation. “

What is The Kingdom of God? It is all that The Father Is Now, without exception. Some are not able to accept this today because they still wait until it can be seen with natural eyes. This shall never be unless they see it By My Spirit. Then they will discover it for themselves; The Very Kingdom Which Has Always Been and That My Father summoned Me To announce. “

My Love Is a Burning Fire , and changes each man’s perception of Abundant Life. Melted hearts are seen as One, As My Father and I Are One. I Am discovered upon the earth again as A Flame of Fire, quietly and individually In The So Great Secret Place. ( Without observation ) “

There is but one law, and it is God ; The Law of The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. The One Law supersedes all probabilities, all possibilities, all doubts and fears including the law of death. This law of Life resides in earth as Jesus Christ in You. You walk in this Law and discover it is Jesus Christ as You. Is it not written that “When He shall appear, You shall be like Him.?” I add, that you shall be as a lamb, completely beholding the Truth which always Is and always shall Be. Your enlightened Spirit recognizes The Eternal Holiness of This Moment everywhere you walk. You discover that You are Now and have eternally been The Way, The Truth, and The Life, just as I Am.

To go back to My original thought:     Now, Is Thy Throne of Glory

Infinite abiding Oh Wonderful One. Surely Ye art Shining in Heaven and Earth.

You cannot but be the Light of the world now, today, because you are apprehended into The Light. As One precious One has related: “I saw the fullness of The Light just like a corner of wallpaper had been peeled greatly away, and there was the complete finished work that Jesus did on the cross.

Whether you accept this by faith or whether it is Divinely unfolded for you, it is nevertheless true.

Praise be to The Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Amen and Hallelujah

Abiding love,


NOW, IS THY THRONE OF GLORY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-20-05          1


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