Heb 4:!2-15  The word of God is alive and powerful. The word of the Old Testament writings are only fulfilled in Christ Jesus. Therefore they cannot be the word of God. This text is prior to the New Testament and is not a reference to those writings.  


This writing is not a reference to the New Testament for it was not yet in the mix.  Jesus was the word made flesh and dwelt among us. This was not scripture. It was a manifestation of the spirit of the old covenant. The word of fulfillment. The word of God is heard, not read. Writings are a testimony of what is heard in spirit. The Jews had the Old Testament read in the synagogue. To his disciples Jesus said-when the Holy Spirit comes he will lead you into all truth. This is the spirit of truth, not the letter of testimony. He also said-I am the truth. He is the spirit of the word of God. God’s word is truth. Truth is life. This now tells us that something beyond the letter is needed to receive truth. The first man - image in Gods likeness (Gen. Ch. 1) is without expression of word or deed. This appears to be the mystery hidden from man for ages. He was said to be very good. This was not said of Adam.


The true image was not known, even by the prophets and kings and in the reality of spirit. This mystery included the mystery of Godliness and iniquity. It remained a mystery until the advent of the son of man. He testified of it in word and deed. Still the mystery is there in Adam until the spirit was given to man. The ground was cursed in Adam’s day. This ground is the same ground as the creation and Adam’s body. They are one. To Adam God said-the ground is cursed for your sake. Why? That one day he may give up his identity and find the bread of life. In Adam all die. The advent of Jesus brings the end of the curse and the light that reveals the true image (representation) of God himself. The true image of God was and is never known in the man of flesh. Jesus was raised and gave gifts to man. He only has things of spirit to dispense. When on earth he gave a parable of talents. One took what was given and hid it away in the earth. It bore no fruit, so was taken from him. Some have received forgiveness. They cling to this in their flesh mind. Not knowing this is a touch of the innocent mind of Christ. In not in growing in spirit they cling to this as a pathway to heaven. Remaining ignorant that in spirit the gift of God is Christ himself. A total remission of sin itself. With no identity in Christ as son, they never realize deliverance from sin itself. That which is born of God cannot sin. Confession and sin repeated over and over again, is basically the same as those in the Old Testament with offerings that can never get one free from sin consciousness.Heb:10-2 For then would they not have ceased to be offered? Once purged they should have no more conscience of sins. Matt:13-12 To him who has - more will be given, to him who has not (more) will lose what he has. Jesus was speaking to those under law. Those who had not the fruits of the law-which is guilt and its penalty of death, would not get Christ and lose their self, righteousness.

















OLD TESTAMENT IS NOT THE WORD OF GOD [Lloyd Ellefson] 4-19-04          1

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