I often hear the term “impartation” in the Charismatic groups these days. Just what is this, and how does it happen?

The word “impart” has two main meanings:

1) to make known or to disclose (e.g., to impart knowledge);

2) to bestow a measure or quantity of (e.g., to impart happiness).

Both of these can be done by words – either written or spoken, and both of these forms of using words readily apply to our life with God and with others. But more than this, we constantly impart (i.e., project) who we are to those around us. We impart our moods and feelings; we impart our personality and character. But of vast importance is the imparting through our thoughts and prayers.

The most commonly used word for prayer in the Greek NT is “proseuchomai.” Eddie Brown has pointed out, in my words here, that “eu” is the root, or core element of this word. The “chomai” is a form of the verb “to have.” The “pros” is a prefix which basically means “toward.” So praying is “toward-having-eu.” “Eu” means “goodness, ease, and well-being.” So in this case prayer is thinking, speaking or mentally projecting our spirits “toward having goodness, or toward having well-being, or for things to go easily.”

I suggest that just by being who we are, and “how” we are, to folks around us, we – through our spirits, our thoughts and our words (which are spirit) – project and thus impart to other people, and to situations (including the whole creation, and, to God Himself)! Thus do we impart joy, blessing, praise, life, strength, healing, growth, etc. – or, unfortunately, the negative as well.

But our transmitters (to use Hannah Hurnard’s metaphor), are always broadcasting. We are always projecting and imparting – whether we realize it or not. Folks pick up on us. They read us. They are impacted. Care should thus be taken concerning the “words of our mouths, and the meditations of our hearts. (Ps. 19:14) We are all joined in the realm of spirit. We may not always understand what someone is thinking, but I suggest that we receive from it just the same. We radiate – either life, or death.

So let us think on, and speak of, things that are lovely, of good report, and that have life. For both consciously and unconsciously, we are always imparting.

















ON IMPARTATION and PRAYER [Jonathan Mitchell]         1


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