I AM moving, I Am marching. I Am running. I Am leaping, and revealing the removal of every barrier you have known, and every hindrance you have felt. Behold, the wide open doors I have made ready.

I have found My resting place; a people who study war no more. It is you, My Love, and I have wrapped you with Mine Own Heart. I have placed a mirror before you, Myself, that you may look inside and see Me As I Am; Loving Presence, Wholesomely Awakened. You have crossed the boundary of limitation and entered the City of Pure Gold Which City Is Me. You have captured Mine Eye, The Guidance of My Will, and embodied My Son. You have opened the doors of Heaven in earth.

This Mind That I Am Is yours, for Truth cannot be contained or measured. It Is free to all. Limitation is uprooted forever. This day is an eternal walk of freedom.

Now, prophesy peace and joy and share What I Am. The River of You Is flowing. My Dominion awaits Your Word.

They made a new world by their thoughts and actions; The Perfection That I Am; The Word I Am. In complete joy, They Are Found At The Top Of The Mountain Out Picturing Father’s Love.

This day is Mine. None may enter except They Who Are Peace. Mercy Is Here: A Mother with many Children. Yet, They Are One because I Am, having gathered all into One. You may see how they move by watching the birds turn and turn as One.

It is the sparkle of eternity, The Very Promise of God now billowing as The Great Flag, visible for men to see and know.

Fear not this eternal redeemed day, for I Am Risen with all things under My Feet.

Go forth and make your own news as you uncover the Real World.


Let Us Know This Love Within:


ON THE MOVE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-31-07          1


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