APRIL 5, 2005

I have made a profound and valuable discovery in the past couple of days.  The tribulations that have dogged me for most of my life are indeed God sent to bring about the perfection that He must have in his elect.  I know that the defamer came from out of Him and it is to purpose… I won’t go into all that I am seeing there but we must thank God for His trust in His creation to bring about the fulfillment of His great and mighty plan.

The Lord has said that He would sift me through silk.  Amen.  I can name the siftings.  Some began before the revelation came but in them He gained my attention.  Through all of these times of proving and processing my spiritual muscles have been flexed – overcoming, overcoming, not the trial but the finishing in my flesh the afflictions that sent my Savior to the cross.  There shall be an outcome that is pleasing to the Lord.

It is strange, when one meets and overcomes one obstacle soon there will be another place in the pathway that is so narrow.  I remember when the spirit within uttered one word, “crucible”.  I wondered at that but soon I was to know the greatest trial of my life.  Then there came one after another and in the most heartbreaking ways.  The “provings of my faithfulness” have come by way of the hardships.  I praise God for them.  Some things are transient and some are here to stay for me to deal with daily.  By Christ I have the victory.  When the source of the testing seems to have two sides (darkness and light) it takes more skill in yielding to my Lord to endure, flex my spiritual muscles and overcome.  It is difficult when I don’t know from day to day, moment to moment which side I will meet.  I am discovering why I was so adamant to demand from you that you not put my name on your prayer circle list.  The adversity that comes is between God and the strength of my being – which is my allegiance to the Christ.  Amen!!!

The above, I believe, are lessons for the abundant life and I shall not shrink and fall back from them.  Although in my natural man, I would like to be “used by the Lord”.  But that is not to be for one set aside for perfection.  Feelings and works of the flesh have nothing to do with abiding in His bosom.  The name by which we must be known is CHRIST!

With best hope and love,


ON THE ROAD TO PERFECTION [Barbara Strauser] 4-5-05         1


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