NOVEMBER 8, 2005

John Bunting and I just took a few weeks’ trip through Ohio, Ontario, Connecticut, New York, and the DC area. I’m planning on doing a little recap, complete with pictures, on the trip later, but these below are just some first impressions of whatever comes to mind.


I learned that all of life is inner consciousness – again.

Maybe that was really the main thing for me. I’m pretty sure that while I was learning that and a whole bunch of other cool stuff, too, other people we were with got other things. Seems everywhere we went the Spirit had something for everybody. Like the time we spoke extensively with some folks about not judging “from appearances,” and then later at the Chinese restaurant the fortune cookie had that very scripture in it!

But for me I saw that everything is truly on the inside – not just of me but of everyone.

I saw that the delusion we’ve all been glued to like TV all these years our “deeds” and attitudes versus everybody else’s deeds and attitudes in perpetual combat to obtain mastery over everyone else by our personally attaining the highest “moral high ground” is just that, a delusion, but strong like superglue. We snap to attention the moment its theme music comes on, and we can’t help but think of it every time it comes up, as being the way to go and the place to put our attention. It’s the flesh that sees its own arm as its salvation, and that’s the mark of the delusion. And the trick is even deeper and more subtle than that.

Because in reading the previous paragraph, even for the author, the immediate temptation is to want to obey the “precept” I have apparently stated. Our attention instantly “snaps” to the temporal and to judging various degrees of good and evil thoughts, intents, and behaviors in ourselves and in others.

And of course the kingdom is not found there. Not ever.

Once we have come through the door, having been drawn by the Father Who has revealed His Son in us, we begin to walk around in that kingdom, but only at first as infants or children who know little of their environment.

We can only come to right knowledge and wisdom through the exercise of our senses, as Hebrews says, so we walk sometimes a long time learning this next thing: that we can’t live by our own strength, but it must be the Lord who lives in us to live our lives. We usually learn this by getting beat up and through failure. Not everybody, so nobody has to read this and go out and get beat up or fail just to fulfill it.

And that leads to the next, which is the union of persons, He in us, we in Him, “I live, yet not I.” This is further along than just knowing we live by God’s strength and not our own, because that is still the mindset of separation, with God up there, we down here. Even if we know Christ has come to live inside us, we often still see a separate Christ inside a separate “me” inside ourselves. That is the wall that is destroyed in the Cross, the veil of the temple, the wall of separation from God because of our sins and who we were. The removal of the veil behind which God is revealed, and in God revealing Himself, which is out of Himself in us, we are “known” of Him, and we are thus “mixed with” Him in Spirit, as being one person with Him, we joined with God, spirit to Spirit, and the self that we begin to see emerging surprisingly out of ourselves is this whole new manner of self who we at one time thought was the stuff of fairy tales and not for the likes of us. Someone new is coming to life (we know it’s not us, but we know at the same time that it is us, in this crazy mystery), and we realize more and more that this new life is originating from beyond ourselves yet out of ourselves, and that we aren’t instigating it out of ourselves, but instead it is God in His love who is authoring the whole shebang, and Who is also finishing up the whole thing, too. He’s going to see this thing right down to every “t” crossed and “i” dotted.

And we realize that that very Life, that very pulsating sourcive energy, love, wisdom, light, that very Person out of whom all things have come, is likewise the same in all, Himself in all, from beginning to end, Alpha and Omega.

That was the glory I saw in every person we visited on our trip. Oh, I don’t mean I was walking around in some sort of benevolent spiritual trance or cosmic aloofness. Nor was every moment bliss and abandon. We got lost a lot, and it wasn’t always funny (though it always was later). We had car trouble. Our schedule got changed a lot.

But I still saw the glory, because it was the glory that IS continually the truth, and we see it IN what we see with our eyes and hear with our ears. Not separate from it, but in it all and shining through it all. (The “it” being what we see and hear in the world.)

Every person who received us into their home, every person we had a talk with, was for us sitting with Jesus. The privilege was to see Jesus everywhere we stepped and everywhere we looked. I thought He was following us (and I was right) but it turned out He’d also been everywhere before us, too, getting things ready. And not only did He follow after us (to continue what he started and tidy up a tad), and go before us, but we sat with Him or rode with Him or talked with Him or looked at Him every present moment everywhere. Somehow He was simultaneously Past, Present, and Future!

And Jesus can be and is anybody  and if you can take it, He is everybody.

I suppose what I had was a fresh seeing of that… In myself and in everyone else.




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