MAY 30, 2008

Strolling in the heart of God, we are beholding the treasures of eternal glory as we discover there is ONE HEART that covers all men just as there is only ONE SPIRIT. Knowing infinite mercy is at hand here in the very heart, it may be realized how it is entirely possible to speak to the whole world through the Pulsating Presence of His Divinity. ONE HEART: the song of His Glory is continuing in powerful awareness. Just, say the Word.

Arise, arise children of The Most High. Nothing hinders in This Glistening Presence. No earthly dimension has any shadow over The Precious Blood that is a-washing through us. Let the river be recognized as the daylight of all things. Love has its perfect world.”

I see relief from the limitation of world economy, and relief from health measures. (Measures indeed) How foolish. We are beyond measure. We are in the heart of our Father; safe from every form of encumbrance.  It is so!  SELAH; and we have discovered it. 

But, perhaps we have formulated a waiting expectancy, or maybe we just do not believe He Is Come. Maybe we have subjected ourselves to the world system or subjected ourselves to the world itself. Maybe we have not discovered that within This Heart we are free indeed, not subject to the rudiments of this world with all it’s various levels of self help. Yet, he is free indeed who comes in the name of The Lord. Maybe we still do not know that in this heart is no confusion or division; there being only One Will Whose ways are beyond finding out, yet constantly works through the instantaneous faith of The Son of God, even without agenda or the training of the mind.

Let us know we are unshackled and free from that which is to come, and acknowledge the Promise now of wholeness and peace, joy, and perfection, knowing The Highest Is Here; The Very One.

There is no substitute for radiant Life in The Heart of God, where all things are made ready, prepared long ago, far above finding out; yet, within and all around us right now. We Are Here!

There is something worthwhile in the Spirit of a little child, who places all trust in the Loving Kindness and Ever Ready Supply of his Father. He is not so ready to show his toys when Father is presenting Himself, for he is captivated with the overshadowing beauty before him. He will be supplied from the treasures of Heaven yet undisclosed, already purchased with the highest price ever paid. He is at peace in the abundance of pure Life. When Father presents, He Always Stands at reverent attention.

Here we are in the Heart Throne of Perfection, and we bow to The Glory He Is.






ONE HEART [Jim-Melba Crofford] 5-30-08          1


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