Jesus came through Mary. She took no seed from man. The seed she conceived from was the word of God. It has no need of man and must remain pure. The body of Jesus was similar so that of Adam but not of the same nature. Adam’s body was formed of the earth after its creation. Then the breath of God made him a living soul. Jesus had origins in spirit before the body appeared. Every body born of Adam has returned to the earth from which it was taken. The body of Jesus never saw corruption. His body returned to God who made it. No more bodies out of Jesus were ever manifesting. His body being a veil of his true nature of spirit. Adam lives on the creation side of God’s purpose. He is not able to hear the spirit of the word, which brings life. Never Jesus lived the first 30 years of his earthy manifestation as born of woman under the Law of Moses, which law was written on stone of this creation for the man of this realm. No public ministry for there was no anointing, which comes only after being made alive out of death.

The steps laid out by God was fulfilled in Jesus when he became a priest after his death and burial at the Jordan he confessed his sonship but not before. Nor can any in Adam find life, sonship, anointing leaving out of this way laid out by God in Christ Jesus. This is not substitution it is identity. He with us in identity in Adam and we in Him as sons of God. When we receive Jesus Christ we receive Him as servant and son. He is not the lord of Adam man nor your Savour from sin. Your identity as servant in Christ will bring you to his death to man. Adam is a figure of him to come. He is always a figure of him to come, until you accept his death and life in Christ. So the unbeliever will remain in separation from life as long as he has hope for his present state. It is the presence of the Son that ushers out the old man. No one can be free unless Christ in you is the freedom from all that is Adam. Jesus saidI live by the Father, this indicates birth, not formation or creation.

Adam has the delusion that he is immortal and can exist beyond that which his body of flesh will provide. Some believe that there is an existence that will survive the torment of fire forever. Some think to be resurrected will include new bodies. There is one body of Adam and one body of the Son. Flesh and blood does not enter the kingdom of God. How can one live because another has died? If one dies in your place as a substitute then you remain the same. To be raised from death to life is not substitution. There has to be identity in both death and being raised to life. It is brought to us in dying together, buried together, raised together with Christ. Any form or belief in separation is death. This is elementary a new beginning, a new creature. Adam was not permitted to take of the tree of life. He was cast out of the place where it was available. Judgment was set to prevent his access to the garden.

Christ is the fulfillment of the tree of life and only in him is life. Jesus was on the cross between two sinners. One repented the other wanted him to do something for himself. To the repentant he saidthis day you will be with Me in paradise. This fulfills all the figures that have no reality. Nothing happened to the body of the repentant. This takes place in the kingdom not in the earthly realm. The first message of Jesus after the Jordan was repent for the kingdom is at hand. There on that cross he embraced the one who repented. All judgment had been given to the son. So it was evident that only one of he criminals was released from spiritual judgment. His cross did nothing to bring him out of God’s judgment. Some say to repent is to change your mind. The flesh mind will not change. Repent from sin? No one can do this. Take Christ as Lord and Saviour? Over the old man?

God is not a God of the Dead. None of this will make a new man. The old must go to have the new. You do not bury sin, it is the dead man. As long as you see yourself as only a different person you cannot be in Christ. No one can put the man of sin away. You must see yourself as one dead to God who is spirit, if not burial is fruitless. All activity of spirit takes place on the other side of the cross. The identity in the cross is death to the old humanity being raised to life in Christ is the resurrection. There is no awakening out of death except together in Christ. All comes when one receives Christ. He is the gift of God and Christ will not accept one if not given of God. For this is the bringing forth of sons not saved humans. How can one mind the Spirit if he does not hear the Spirit?


THE ONE WAY [Lloyd Ellefson]          1


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