NOVEMBER 18, 2006


When ROGER came to TEXAS to join with me in marriage, the first thing Father spoke to him was “DIVINE ORDER.”  He told ROGER that DIVINE ORDER had to be established in every area of our lives.  We had no idea how extensive and far reaching this directive would be.  Almost 13 years later, we’re still being shown areas of our individual and corporate lives that are being brought into DIVINE ORDER. 

As single people, we had each spent much time alone with Father before He brought us together.  We were both pretty sure that Father had taught, trained, and equipped each one of us for this marriage.  We ‘knew’ that this marriage was His Plan for our life.  Neither of us had asked for a mate, but each one of us had spoken a sincere heart desire to walk with God in the Plan and Purpose He had for our lives. 

When we came together, we had to re-adjust our thinking and methods of daily living in so many areas.  Two living together must come in agreement in all areas before DIVINE ORDER can be established.  It is one thing to have DIVINE ORDER as a single person, intimate in a relationship with God – but quite another thing to have two walking together in DIVINE ORDER. 

One great revelation that has been given us is this:  we must submit our wills to each other as well as to God for total unity and harmony in our daily walk.  And we must walk together in agreement as we serve Him.  Therefore, we consult with one another often.  We come together and discuss anything that may seem out of order in our individual lives and seek Father together, with teachable spirits, and wait for His instructions. 

This morning I went to my precious husband – after we had finished our prayer time in intercession for those needs that had been presented through our website prayer requests. I shared with Roger that I, too, needed prayer – because I’m finding myself missing some of the details of what Father wants me to do – either because I’m not staying quiet enough before Him to receive all the necessary instructions – or, I’m jumping ahead of Him through independent action and making the decision that an assignment given to me by Him is now complete.  An incident that occurred only yesterday – is a perfect example of this kind of action.  Action that can produce loss – loss in time, effort, energy – and can result in missing the mark of what Father had intended in His assignment to me. 

Father had ‘spoken’ that we needed to organize all of our CDs and DVDs.  Roger had built a beautiful little set of shelves to place in our suite of rooms for the purpose of assisting in this organizing project. After these shelves were in place, I was shown the need for labeling each CD and DVD. So, I began the task of labeling all of these items. When I had completed the labeling task, I was again ‘nudged’ by Father and shown that I had not consulted Him regarding the details of how to execute His direction concerning this task.  As a result – I had omitted a very important detail.  He didn’t just want these items labeled; He wanted them inventoried.  This was of great concern to me when I realized what I had done, so Roger began to pray for me and in the praying, he also reminded me of the VISION I had received 3 or 4 years ago.


In this VISION, I had seen JESUS – very tall – walking down a road with a YOKE around his neck and this yoke was RESTING on HIS SHOULDERS.  There was an opening in this yoke on either side of HIM.  Roger’s head was in one opening and mine was in the other.  I could see that this yoke had been designed in such a way that JESUS CARRIED THE FULL LOAD OF ALL OF OUR BURDENS and that the only purpose the yoke served was to assure that we would travel ONLY AT HIS PACE and that we would not TAKE ANY INDEPENDENT ACTION, but would be TOTALLY DEPENDENT UPON HIM for DIRECTION, TIMING and PROVISION.

As we were obedient to begin the writing of this article, Father showed us that each of us being YOKED with HIM in this VISION represents the CORPORATE COMPANY of SONS. 

I had not received that last part of Father’s direction concerning the inventory of the CDs and DVDs because I had pulled myself out of the yoke, jumped in front of HIM – and taken independent action – instead of remaining in my comfortable place of direction, timing, and provision.  My independence had caused me to miss a very important point.  I could have so easily “cut and pasted” each of the titles on those labels into a table that I will now create on the computer – and this project would have been completed yesterday.  But because of my independent action – I will have a couple of hours work ahead of me in order to complete this task in the manner He desires. 

The lesson is obvious.  In this season, Father is bringing ALL of HIS SONS into the PLACE of INTIMACY with HIM – so that NO INDEPENDENT ACTION will come forth.  Only HIS PERFECT PLAN and PURPOSE must be forthcoming in the NOW. 

This COMPANY of SONS are being fine-tuned – equipped to serve in HIS ARMY – perfected to the place of RECEIVING THEIR ORDERS ONLY FROM HIM – the COMMANDER and CHIEF of the UNIVERSE. 

Roger has been shown that the CORPORATE BODY are ones YOKED TOGETHER with those WALKING in SINGLENESS, the widows, orphans, the physically and mentally challenged.  When the CORPORATE BODY comes along side of these walking alone, in the natural, and becomes THE ENCOURAGER to support, strengthen, make complete – BALANCE WILL COME and then the VISIONS given by FATHER can be brought to REALITY.  It will only be then that ALL THINGS will be FITLY JOINED together.

We, Roger and Sunny, have been surrounded with unmarried friends in the COMPANY of SONS.  And we see the great value of this group of beautiful people – all so sincere before Father.  They are a very important COMPANY of SONS within the CORPORATE BODY.  Another great COMPANY of SONS are those included in the CLOUD of WITNESSES [those that have already gone before and yet are not dead, but alive in the Spirit] and are yoked together with those of us yet remaining in this atmosphere.]

The anointing from the Father gives the CORPORATE BODY the right to CALL FORTH in the Spirit – those that have not yet been brought together.  The CORPORATE BODY has not been seen in its fullness as yet.  For the eyes of many still in the religious realm are not yet opened.  When those are awakened by the Spirit of God and come into intimate relationship with the Father, they will recognize the CORPORATE BODY as Father’s ultimate Plan.  They will be hungering and thirsting for righteousness [which is right standing with Father].  This will not manifest as a result of any man’s effort.  That is why Jesus said, “No man can come to the Father except through Me.”  The Anointing of Father must draw them or they will not come.  But we can declare agreement with Father that those HE has called and chosen for this season will come forth. 

The KINGDOM of GOD cannot FULLY MANIFEST until there be TOTAL SUBMISSION to THE KING.  The CORPORATE BODY cannot fully manifest until ALL are in SUBMISSION to the KING of KINGS. This must come forth before the GOVERNMENT of GOD can be fully established on the earth.   











ORDER of the KINGDOM of GOD [Roger and Sunny Coffman] 11-18-06          1


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