APRIL 27, 2008

Yes, my precious husband… we’ve made it to this milestone…

The place of peace and joy no one thought we’d ever see,

But I knew that all of the attacks would be over-thrown

Because our Heavenly Father had a plan for you and me.

He’s the one that brought this spiritual union together.

He’s the only one that could have created this holy love.

He gave us love as mates and friends to last forever.

He caused us to fit together like a hand in a glove!

We’re both aware that 12 speaks of the Government of God.

And we’re also sure that there’s a part for us in that plan.

So, we’ve yielded to Father when He’s used His rod,

Knowing He alone can equip us with the strength to stand!

No other person could have fit into this perfect plan.

God hand-picked you to be my only true mate.

Not another man would have chosen to stand.

God saw your heart and made the decision… not fate.

Neither of us know where this journey will end,

But we both know that it is part of His Great Destiny.

We’ll continue to listen and yield to Him and bend…

For only His Ways produce the perfect outcome of unity!

I’m eternally grateful to share this journey with you.

God is fulfilling dreams we didn’t even know we had.

I’m trusting that your filled with the same joy, too!

And that this journey has made you equally as glad!

When our story is written in the annals of time…

The ending will be satisfying to us two travelers.

And the readers will be filled with joy sublime,

And we’ll be known by them as more than strangers!

Each step that has been taken, each laugh, each tear…

Have all been known by Father as His Plan came into place.

We were brought through great victory over all kinds of fear.

And it has all been done exactly and only at Father’s pace.

Oh, what a life companion… what a gift you’ve been to me!

No one else could have loved me so… what a heavenly treasure!

What a joy beyond measure to see you laugh and be so free!

Nothing else could have brought me such a wealth of pleasure!

Thank you for sharing your life with me!





OUR 13TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY [Sunny Orly Coffman] 4-27-08            1


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