JULY 1, 2007

Now We Accept One Another in love. I love to read email messages; not for learning only, but for essence. To discern the giggle, or joy, or mercy, or love is so pleasant. It makes complete.

I look into your eyes and see within your heart of love, even across the miles. The tugging of innocent desire and appreciation for fullness pouring out even more real than your words, surely reveals His face over and over. It is the vivid you. Behind your words, you are exposed beyond earthly knowledge. You are speaking yourself, peace and love, preferred before any fact of knowledge, teaching or doctrine. There you are as yourself Prince or Princess of Heaven in Earth; born again of the Grace of His blood; The Real You. I thank you for coming to me.

In tears or in laughter, you shine as the Only Begotten Son that you are, restored to Paradise by the resurrected Lamb.

Do you err in your words? How could you? You preceded your words in the lightening touch of the click of your desktop. It is you, come again to me, beloved. Hallelujah! You have risen, and you are so welcome in My Father’s Home, Your own home. It is The Real You sharing yourself with me

You stir my waters by your lightening Presence. And regardless of what you communicate, I see The Lord Jesus Christ manifest as the One Man of earth, appearing to comfort the center of me. You are my friend, a wonderful part of my redemption. You are the fragrance that lights my day.

Teaching has had its purpose like the law, but now, we see Jesus, come again, the one and only righteousness there is. He reveals Himself as The All In All, The Body of All, That Marvelous Essence, You; complete in every way. His Presence is not taught, but made known by His Own Appearance.

We are not stumbled by mis-quotes or lack of correct verbal or written communication. We are family. We are brothers and sisters, and we can never change it. Hallelujah. Our togetherness is Love, the true essence. We can never be separated by the knowledge of men. We stand solidly for one another knowing the intent of hearts is toward The One Resurrected One. The hearts of the knowing shall not be divided, as we see the arising of a brighter and brighter day.

Truly, we are aware that there is no adversary or hurt in all our Holy Mountain. It is true that the adversary was done away at the Cross. In Truth, the carnal mind; the old man as well was done away by The Only Master, The Lord Jesus Christ, now come in flesh. Pure consciousness is come as His Life; The Risen Whole Man, Who Is Lord of All, sitting in the Temple As our hearts, with all things under His feet.

This Holy Essence is The One In Us Who Is The Way, The Only Way That There Is; The Truth, The Only Truth That There Is, and The Very Life; The Only Life That There Is. All the honor and the glory belongs to This Holy One.

Therefore, when we speak to each other, we carry a Glory that exceeds our knowledge and is equal to The Love of God Whom We Are. (The free gift of redemption) Our reality is increased by our acceptance of the essence of every man. This acceptance is Grace, and we are One with The Light That Lights Every Man That Comes Into The World.

This is dwelling in The Kingdom of God That which every man feels in his inward parts, and this is why I am so pleased to meet you on the web.

You are loved,


OUR COMMUNICATION [Jim-Melba Crofford] 7-1-07          1


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