What is Your Destiny?

For several years the focus of my writing has been the fact that Jesus said we could be who he was as a man and do what he did while he walked on this planet. Further, Jesus said that any individual who believes sufficiently would perform not only the same miracles that he performed, but also greater miracles and more of them, if we believe enough; this, he said, is our destiny.

A quick comment about believing enough and how you get there: Many of you already know that my favorite “eye opening” example to believing enough has to do with the difference between the years 1953 and 1954. In 1953 almost everyone knew (“believed”) that it was impossible for any normal human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. Proof of the validity of this widely held belief was that nobody in recorded history had ever done it!

In 1954 Roger Bannister was the first known human being to have clocked a mile in less than four minutes …since then, thousands of runners do it every year. Why? Because they believe they can …and it really is that simple. Let this simple truth break down your mental barriers to believing enough that you really can do the things Jesus said you can do, if you believe enough. He said nothing is impossible if you believe enough and that’s the truth, but only if you believe it!

How we do this is by recognizing that Jesus did NOT perform any miracles and neither will you. “The Father in me does the work, not I” is how he put it. Those of us who have had the breakthrough into healing power, spiritual healing and other spiritual phenomena don’t do the work, our one and only perfect Dad does the work and therefore we can and should say, “I” didn’t do anything… Dad does the work …how simple is that?

Continued “success” in walking in the presence and power of SPIRIT is dependent upon acknowledging that HE does the work, not I. Now, perhaps, we are ready to “see” the meaning in, “It is no longer I, but Christ.”

We simply cannot see this if we hang onto our religious traditions, but there is a way to get past them if we are willing to change our minds …actually a better way to say it is, if we are willing to allow our minds to be changed by SPIRIT, GOD, the SOURCE, …referring to this entity as Her, Him or It and by whatever name you will, but simply follow Jesus’ instructions about how to do this and you’ll arrive at the destiny he promised.

NOW HEAR THIS! Allow is the operative word. Nobody is ever forced to “be like Jesus” in the miracle working venue. However, we must be willing to break through our own mental barriers to getting to the primary criterion for getting to the point of that breakthrough. The obstacles to doing so are quite simply our religious traditions about who Jesus was and is …and where Jesus is right now …how can what we believe about Jesus be an obstacle to doing what he said?

That really is a legitimate question. But go back to the statement that preceded the question, in fact, let’s repeat it: The obstacles are quite simply our religious traditions about who Jesus was and is and where Jesus is right now.

First, are we willing to even acknowledge the origin of our beliefs? How did I get to the point of believing what I believe about Jesus? Now, is it a valuable exercise to question not only the origin, but the belief as well?

What is even a more valuable exercise is by directing your question to the SOURCE of everything. The mind of man cannot begin to give you guidance into the realm of SPIRIT …not ANY human mind, including (but not especially), your own.


















































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