MARCH 7, 2004

“Isn’t it nice to come into the living room of Our Father,” my friend asked? Then he asked, “What do we normally do in the Father’s Living Room?” Well, the obvious answer is, “We live.” This is His appearing and we live.

Little by little we have discovered the meaning of many terms. We discovered: To be in the Living Room is to be in the Center of All Things. How fulfilling to contemplate the wonderful Center.

As other awakenings have come, it has become clear that the Center is the same as Father’s Heart; the same as Home (“Come Home.”); the same as Mt. Zion; as the City of God; as Paradise; as Heaven. And of course; Jerusalem. In this place, as in every example here, whenever we recognize the Presence, we walk on the Street of Gold, and live and move and have our Being. This, we find is the center of One’s True Self; The Living God.

This thought has been passed on to us from someone real close: “When things appear contrary to the Truth of Being, Father’s Presence Within, you need to come up in Your Elevator, and be lifted above it.” And of course, “There is no lion nor fowl here”, no unclean thing or disparity. “Come up to the Center.”

Another dear One said: “Of course, I would have crashed into a mountain many times if I had not gained altitude.”

There has been a time when this writer has stood with his ear to the door of The Father’s house, listening to the music of angels inside. Even though the Savior had appeared in my life, I had no idea how awesome His Presence is. However, the wonderful music kept on drawing and drawing until I realized there was no longer a door, and it had been a door of my own making all along. The welcome mat had always been open for this great Light that He is as I am.

Now, there is a point to what is being written here:

The point is: However we receive ourselves in The Father, or however we envision the Highest, this is our Place of Rest, Home at last.

This is the end of ourselves, and the place beyond the door of everything. This is Resurrection Life; New Life; Christ Life; The place of all power; The Lamb’s Place. We find this place ever so freely and readily available, because it is by Grace, the Final Word of Himself, made alive within us. It is infinite joy and peace in the Oneness of His Righteous Awareness.

Please follow, for we are getting to it here:

To discern and accept this wonderful place of Father is to know Him as He Is; All Truth. This revelation opens Eternal Life Itself, and brings us into His rest. As He Is, Spirit revealed One With The Flesh: This discernment is to discern His Body; The fullness of the Father resides in His Body. Truth expressed as Living, Walking, Reality.

(“You have sick and feeble among you because you do not discern the Lord’s Body.”)

We see and know God only in The Son, The fullness of the resurrected Jesus Christ.

Here is the test: Do we see The Manifested Christ and only Christ, Jesus Himself in all creation, or do we see Jesus separate from humanity? Now that we have discovered no condemnation in the resurrected Body, we see the road ahead all paved with gold all the way up to the gate of Paradise and on into the Father’s Living Room. There is ONE Body, One resurrection, and One Life. It is the Life of The Only Begotten Son.

For our rest’s sake, even though we walk the Street of Gold, (Grace), it does matter which side of the gate on which we are aware. Grace has made a wide-open gate. “Go through, go through the gate. It beckons to receive your precious Glorified Light.

NOW this is important: When we go up in our elevator, or when we go through the gate, we discover the gate has been open all the time. We discover we are not separate from Father, and never have been. That is why we hear, ” I will never leave you nor forsake you.” This is why the Father has prepared the fatted calf, for we are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. We are righteousness of His righteousness, and resurrection of His resurrection, His beloved children. This is widely known as “Salvation, although many are not aware that Salvation is complete; Body, Soul and Spirit; The Marriage Supper of The Lamb.” It is a free gift. It does not pay to work or wait to accept it, or to work or wait for the fullness that has already been freely given, for waiting can be endless. Waiting can be painful, and confusing.

Fiery Trials Result Because We Do Not Receive The ONE who we are now, but elect to wait and be processed.

Waiting can be a fiery furnace. Waiting to be made whole is like sitting on the fence, neither hot nor cold, in or out. Let not reasoning ever come between yourself and your fullness. Go ahead and receive salvation NOW, for it is the Lord Himself, fully made whole in you. Enter the great room where all entryways are open. Go ahead and be seated at your purchased place by Father, at His right hand. Bow to the great Light that you are; calling upon it to ever increase. There is no sorrow or pain in the Father’s Living Room; no darkness at all. We accept that He is come, and that He has conquered all, and become all, even has prepared a place, which is us. We are plugged into a million volts so to speak. So say, “Let there be Light. Let the Light so shine in me that eternity spreads herself openly before me. All is well in all My Holy Mountain, as I discover I am the Light because He is.”

We, you or I, are privileged to boldly stand beside any one or by any situation that appears as lack, and know fully our Oneness with them, or it, and watch as the situation is reversed. This is our enthroned purpose, our inheritance. We stand; The Lamb of God, The peace of God. We are the witnesses of the everlasting Kingdom of God that Jesus said is in us.

This Kingdom is all that our Father is, and all is prepared. The welcome mat is here. The Kingdom and all that the Father has is ours. We lay aside our pre-disposed knowing, die to all that hinders, and enter in the sheepfold in humility, joy and love. Father has received us, even before we know. “Some must recognize they have entered into rest.” Many have. Faithful is He.



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