I was recently invited to take part in a discussion group that was put together by Rokus den Hartog. I have never met this brother, but feel a “family” relationship with him. In this discussion, which Rokus entitled, The Theory of Reality, many subjects were brought up; many questions were asked; and many different answers came forth.

Now, when you get a group of people together, of course, you get many different opinions. Some, you agree with, some, you don’t. Some you understand, some you don’t. Not all are at the same level, in the journey BACK to our beginning. All do not talk alike. So, unless we are depending on the Holy Spirit to give understanding, different “wordings” can be misunderstood, by some. Needless to say, we ALWAYS should be dependant on Him; because He is the One that Jesus was talking about when He said, The Spirit will teach you all things, ye, even the deep things of God.”   But, the wonderful thing is, is that we can all give or share what we feel that Father has shown us, and do it in love. This is as it should be.

Some, like myself, have received and are holding onto the revelation that we are God. It was brought out that it was not a good idea to say, “I AM GOD.”  Some suggestions, instead of the use of the just mentioned words, were: “I am the substance of God,” or “I am the essence of God.”  This was suggested because of the chance of offending others, who are not in the same frame of thinking as others are. But, as I said, we all talk differently and have to take that into account. Actually, all three ways of saying this Truth, mean the same thing.  And in a part of this article, we will see WHY, it is important to SAY or Speak what we believe about ourselves.

It is MY OPINION that in each realm or heaven that we step into, there are 3 realms in that one realm. Now, as I said, this is MY opinion. It is something that I learned early in my walk. I do not say that everyone has to believe as I do. It is my opinion that we will all arrive at the destination that we are called to, in due time. I am not a RELIGEOUS speaking person. Father started speaking to me, in a way that I UNDERSTOOD.  Each of us have our own intimate way of talking with Father. And we must accept each other’s way, because I feel that Father gave each of us the personality that we are. We are each, an EXPRESSION of Father. And how boring it would be if we all thought, acted and sounded alike. I like what Rokus said about this discussion; “It is a desire to make people think.” Rokus loves people and He loves Father. He is concerned with babes; a little “older” Sons; and even the matured Sons. Simply put, He LOVES.

I cannot teach you. You cannot teach me. We need only ONE teacher, and that is the Holy Spirit. I want to say, right off the bat, we ARE NOW ONE WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT; but we are just beginning to allow the ONENESS to be brought forth in a unity that all will and can understand, regardless of the outward way of expressing whatever is being brought forth. But, like Rokus’ wanting to make people think, I think that is VERY IMPORTANT. We HEAR FIRST, and then think about what we hear, as we take it within, to the Holy One.

I have had MANY of you write, call and email me saying that what you like is the “down to earth” way I speak, explain, or understand.  Some would immediately say, “Well that doesn’t sound too good, “down to earth.”  Well, you see, HEAVEN and EARTH are coming together and showing us that they are BOTH THE SAME, just expressed in different ways. And we are right in the middle of the heaven and it is right in the middle of us. And I believe that Father sets us, where HE knows that we need to be. And with who He knows each of us will understand.

I have enjoyed this discussion group, so very much. There is one desire that I’ve seen in those posting their remarks, and that desire is, to come to REALLY KNOWING our Father’s heart and His Love. I know that I don’t have to tell anyone; we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceburg when it comes to knowing all about our Father; His Plan and all that that plan has planned for us/Him.

So, I’d like to share some topics that were brought up in this discussion group and give all of you something to think about and allow the Spirit to enlighten as to His Truths.  Folks, we are in a Day like we or anyone else has never experienced before. And we must come to the knowing that past teachings are for the past; to help get us to this point. We must not put a blockage on what we will or will not accept. We are hearing things that were never put into words before. And much of it is HARD to put into a language that we’ve understood.  It’s a Truth, that we are starting to REMEMBER when we were in that “Garden of LOVE“.  All are not open. But, that’s OK for right now. Father is bringing forth the Firstfruits and they will bring the others into understanding.

There was a brother who emailed me, during this discussion, and said that he lived with his wife and family out in the middle of nowhere. They fellowship among themselves, But, he said that one night he experienced HAVING THE GROUP right there with him and his wife, fellowshipping with them, WITHOUT EMAILS!!  This is what it’s all about. So many are writing me and saying, “I have been set aside by myself… it’s lonely.”  And I know what they are saying, I’ve experienced that too. But, it brings forth the total of our dependence, on Father. And, our heaven is transporting us to the places that we are needed. Just like what happened with Phillip, after he was finished baptizing the eunuch and

And when they were come up out of the water, the SPIRIT OF THE LORD CAUGHT AWAY PHILIP, that the eunuch saw him no more; and he went on his way rejoicing. BUT Philip was found at Azotus; and pasing through he preached in all the cities till he came to Caesarea.” (Acts 8:39-40)

You know, water represents people. Think of it, when Philip came UP OUT OF THE WATER; Philip’s True Being rose out of the “people thinking” and THEN was caught away. This is what we must be. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t be around people; I mean we must get out and stay out of the way the flesh thinks.

Father meets our needs when we believe. I believe in angels like Gabriel and Michael; and I believe in angels like those who are here on earth spreading Father’s truths; and angels like those who have passed over into the invisible realm. I believe in ALL things. Folks, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. We may not remember, when we wake up in the morning, if Father had transported us somewhere, where we were needed; but it doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen!!  But, that’s another story.

Now, I’d like to go into some of the things that were brought up and some things that were discussed, in this discussion group. And let me tell you, I HEARD FATHER SPEAK through many in that group. It was heavenly.  Of course!!  Not all of the opinions that I will be writing here, were mine; and all of my opinions were not others. But, in our Being (Spirit) we all got something out of it, and we ALL experienced LOVE in action.

Ok. We all know that we are on a journey. A journey that is taking us back to our ORIGIN. We did not begin here on this earth and we will “end up” in heaven and earth, just as Jesus experienced. You see, we are already in the earth but walking with our Head in the heavenlies. We’ve dropped all the “religious” thoughts that we USE to have, about what it meant to do this. He is doing a QUICK WORK.  Let me say, there will be things said in this article, that you may not have heard before, TAKE IT WITHIN and allow HIM to give you the understanding; but at the same time, there is much that HAS been heard before, but I feel it is important enough to be repeated; so that we get the full understanding of these articles.


January 3, 2006


Most of us, this group that has been on my email list, and I’ve come to know, have gone through the two identity thing. But, for the sake of those who don’t, I’d like to say a little about it.

We all started out thinking that we were in some way separated from God. We’ve listened to teaching that we are human and He is Spirit and we just are not good enough to be a part of Him. One reason this belief has lasted so long is because we’ve been taught to focus on our flaws and try to change them. We’ve worked so hard to be something that God would accept. But, it never worked. Each time we thought that we had done a change, another flaw would raise up within us. Some came to the place where they just thought, “you know, this religious stuff isn’t for me.”  And actually, those folks are better off than the ones who have kept on trying to work out what didn’t belong within them.

Then, we find out that Father’s Spirit lives within us… Us and Him. Well, surely we can do it now. But, sometimes it seems that it all got worse. We were really aware of the flaws now. Then we became aware of something else working in us, guilt.  Sometimes we felt so guilty, that we were ashamed to even TRY to talk to Him. So, on and on we went.

Then one day or night, HE leads us to hear someone speak. And we hear that there is no US, just HIM. We wonder, “what have I got into?” So, we let it go. BUT, THE SEED HAS BEEN PLANTED. We can’t seem to forget those words. Then, we begin to hear Father say things to us, that causes us to really want to know about all this. We have fought this thing as best we can. At first, we think, “that’s blasphemy.” We sneak around and read anything we can get our hands on. It never enters our mind to go directly to the Source, Father Himself. But, this thing really has a hold on us. That, my friend IS FATHER. He is awakening us to “our” real identity. We have finished with the works and many times HE set us off by ourselves. And that leaves no one but Him to teach us. WOW! What a blessing, which at the time of going through this period, we wonder if it’s a blessing or a punishment!!  Oh, the imagination!

Jesus said to the people of his day, “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the Son of man coming in his Kingdom.” This scripture holds many different beliefs. Each of us have the understanding that Father’s Spirit showed us, at different places in our walk.

First of all, it made us awaken to the fact that ALL that concerns God is within US.  The word “Kingdom” in the Greek means an authority; the authority is our Father and it IS within us. You see, WE were given His Authority when we resurrected with the man, Jesus. What does that mean to us?

In a kingdom, the authority belongs to the king. The prince, in a kingdom, can do nothing without his father’s authority. The flesh man, Jesus could do nothing on His own, it was His Father, in Him that did all and said all. It’s was His Father’s authority that raised the dead; healed the sick; and worked the miracles.

But what we did not understand was that the Son was the Father. We thought, “well yes, Jesus could do all this because He was the Father’s anointed One. But, then different things started catching our attention. We read verses like:

John 1:12, “But as many as received him, to them gave He power (or the right or privilege) to become sons of God, even to them that believed on His name (nature).”

John 1:16, “And of His fullness have ALL received, and grace for grace.”

We receivED. Past tense, ALL of His FULLNESS! We didn’t and couldn’t earn it, He gave it to us, because of His Love for us.  And we have been given, past tense, the privilege to be His Son. So, then we became awakened to the FACT that we ARE HIS SON.  Then again, the imagination started her thing. “Well, IF I am the Son of God, why am I not doing all the things that Jesus did, as the Son. Again, we learn that IT WAS THE FATHER that did the works that was done. And Jesus had to HEAR and SPEAK all that Father said through Him.

There are those that believe that the works and greater works that Jesus did, will not be done, individually. And I agree with that in some respects. It will be a collective Body, but, each member of that Body will be individual expressions of Father. Yes, we will be ONE, but yet individualized. You see, Father EXPERIENCES HIMSELF through each of us, even though it is ALL of us that make up His Body. We each have the NATURE of the Father.

Now, we’ve been taught that we have within us, two natures. But, you see, that just isn’t possible. WE went to the cross with Him; WE resurrected WITH HIM; AS NEW CREATURES. This New Creature, was resurrected and began to REMEMBER things of our past.  And we learned that the devil; the demons; the evil spirits and such, were all destroyed by Jesus on the cross.  He was the conqueror who defeated the power of the enemy that has enslaved all of mankind for thousands of years, liberating the captives and releasing those who have been imprisoned by the carnal mind (as we allowed them to remain destroyed). The mind is a powerful thing. Then, as we went along, we realized who and where the devil and these demons lived. They lived in the heavens of the carnal mind. When we resurrected, we found out that WE HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST. (1Cor.2:16)

Now some teach that we are going to receive a new soul; and a new mind. But, I can’t find that in the written Word; which I know we will not find all that is Truth of God, in the bible. Actually, we have made an idol out of the bible. The bible is dead. Uh-oh, I can hear it now; “Did you hear what she said?”  It is the Spirit that shows us Truth, not the bible. The bible is just to LEAD US to the Spirit. A lot of folks won’t accept anything that they cannot find in the bible, but, that’s ok, because one day Father is going to speak a Truth to them and they won’t be able to find it in the bible. I believe that we were told, in the bible, that the book could not HOLD ALL ABOUT HIM. And how can it, it is the Spirit that draws us, not the written Word. IF the bible had it all, there would not be a trillion different denominations!!

But, we are told that we are going to receive a new mind. It tells us that it is by THE RENEWING of the mind, that we are transformed. And a new soul?  No, we don’t get a new soul. The soul is become new. As the mind is renewed, the soul comes into balance with the Spirit. And it says RE-newed. That tells me that it is going to be changed BACK to where it was, at one time. We renew our minds, as we take HIM and hold Him close. As we listen and BELIEVE and walk in the belief we received. When we don’t, what happens? We just stay under the influence of the carnal mind. We show not, the glory of God that we were given. We stay under the believing that we have to see death. And as we believe that, we die; when we don’t have to. Jesus tasted death, with us, on the cross and that is the only death that we appointed to. But, it is just death of the flesh body, not us. So, there’s still hope.

Then we read Jesus’ prayer       

John 17:21-22, “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they ALSO may be one in us; that the world may beleive  that thou hast sent me. And the glory which thour gavest me I have given themthat they may be one, even as we are one;. I in them, and thou in me that they may be made perfect in one and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.”

WOW!! Meditate on this. The Father, the Son, us are all ONE! And we are made perfect IN ONE. It is not us and Father, Father and us are ONE. That means that there is NO US.  But, we will get into this a little later.

If you remember the writing that I wrote about RE-HAPPENINGS, you’ll find, like Tony den Hartog said; “And God said, Let there be light Well, it is a RE-HAPPENING today. Light is being spoken into Being. Nothing is new, it’s all a RE-HAPPENING that is Lighting our way BACK to where we came from.

Two natures? No. It is just the allowing the mind to fall down to the earthern level of thinking, that we allow the nature of Father to fade. But, it cannot and will not leave.

I was talking with Tony Messano. He said, Have you seen the movie, “6th Sense?”  The main character is Bruce Willis. He is dead but doesn’t know it, so he keeps on “living” his “old” life, just as if nothing has changed.” He said, “I believe that we don’t move into greater heights until certain issues in “our life” is dealt with. Those issues seem to involve each other, including those who have passed on before us.”

This sure gives us something to think on, doesn’t it?  If you notice, in Gen 1:1, it says “And God created the heaven (singular). And then in Gen 2:1, it says, “Thus the heavens (plural) were finished, and ALL THE HOST OF THEM.”  Now, we have come to know that the heavens is within us. We travel from one to the other. Paul said that he was in the third heaven. These heavens are where we are RAISED to in our thinking; in the renewing of our mind. And folks, we can tell when we allow our mind to fall to the lower heaven; that “religious” way of thinking.

I just experienced it. And talk about being LOWERED!  It makes us miserable to allow the lowering of the mind, when Father has raised us up from that lower heaven. And notice, there are HOSTS of these heavens. All of them. It took two brothers to who know Who they are, to raise me back up into the heaven that I had been in. Once there again, PEACE.  It was an experience with a lesson. The higher the heaven, the clearer Father appears to us.  It’s the same that Tony Messano was talking about. The issue that Father dealt with me on, was to SEE from that higher heaven. I thank both of these brothers that allowed Father to be heard through them.


January 5, 2006


In Part 2, we began looking at the two identities, that we’ve been taught that we have. Sad to say, a lot of people are still teaching this, which is not true thinking.

We have thought that there is God AND us. This means that there is a separation between Him and us. This is what is referred to as “double mindedness”.  It is also referred to as seeing through “self-centeredness” and “Christ centeredness”.

I know that I have said this before, but, I want to go over it again. We HAVE to get this truth into us. WE ARE A SPIRIT BEING!  We just walk in this physical body. The body IS NOT US. IF you get into a car, to go across town, does that mean that that car is you?  No, it doesn’t. It means that YOU are USING the car to travel in. It’s the same with the physical body and Who we really are.

Part of these two identities is SIN CONCSIOUSNESS. Of course, we KNOW that there is NO SIN IN FATHER, Whose image and Oneness we ARE. Which means, THAT THERE IS NO SIN IN THIS SPIRIT BEING THAT WE ARE. It’s in the mind The carnal mind, Which tells us WHICH MIND we use at times.

GOD DID NOT CREATE SIN, MANKIND DID. When mankind’s mind was lowered, we began FORGETTING what Father’s ideas were. We started thinking RELIGIOUSLY. “Oh, to please Father, we have to DO this, or we have to DO that; and if we don’t, we sin.” But folks, it IS NOT WHAT WE DO, it is what we stopped BEING. We came to believe that there were two minds and two natures within us. But, we cannot forget, that one nature and one mind DIED ON THE CROSS. But, we were not aware of it, until our Spirit was regenerated. Once that Spirit was awakened in us, the process began. The process of changing and realizing that we have been thinking and been taught, in error.

We need to get a clear understanding of SIN. When we think of “sin”, or “evil”, we think of something so gross that it makes us sick to our stomach. It is a kind of silent torture. We WANT so much, to be rid of these things. But you see, when we continually look at “sin”, what we are doing is SETTING OUR FOCUS ON IT. We cannot FOCUS on the truth of Who we are, while we are focused on sin. A lot of us think, “oh I just do “little” sins. Let me tell you something, it is those “little sins” that slowly creep up on us and devour us. This THINKING is the “enemy that walks up and down in (our) earth, to see who and what he can devour”. It’s not some “devil” that is out there, working against us. It is the THINKING that is within us.

The definition of sin is, missing the mark. Now, honestly, does that sound so gross? No. And it’s not. It is this separated thinking, which is of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, instead of thinking coming from the Mind of Christ, The Tree of Life.

One sister from the discussion group said. “We are told that the scriptures tell us that the wages of sin is death, not eternal torture. Would that mean that sin is separation from God, since all life is connection with God. We are told to forgive the brethren that sin against us. So, apparently, sin is not something that can just be done against God. Jesus said that those who believe on Him, are free of sin. So could it be that sin is being “self-centered”, instead of being “Christ centered”?  Or is sin, the fear of being disconnect from God?”

She went on to say that, “perfect love casts out all fear…so perhaps sin is really a lack of love. Love is the key to a sinless life and if we are flowing in the love of God, we cannot sin.  It would seem that what we call sinful behavior, is also unloving behavior; and on a deeper level, a person does comes from what the person is. However if we do not judge anything as sinful, then does sin exist?  We must be as little children to enter the Kingdom of God, where no sin is and little children are innocent. We lose our innocence when we judge or become critical of others. So, if we see through the eyes or love, as a little child, sin does not exist.”

I do agree with most of this, BUT, we must remember that we ARE in the process of being awakened to not only WHO we are, but ALL that makes up the Being.

First of all, we lack NOTHING, not the true us.

About losing our innocence, I do not believe that we EVER lose our innocence. Innocence IS A PART of Who we really are, it’s just that we allow ourselves to “set aside” our innocence. But, we are awakening to know that we are innocent.  And we must remember that Who and What we are, CAN NEVER CHANGE THE TRUTH OF WHO WE ARE, even though we do not show that Being. This is part of the processing of the manifesting to come forth through us. 

What we need to realize is that NO LONGER is death the wages of sin. That ended on the cross. When we resurrected as NEW CREATURES, death was not a part of us. The PHYSICAL BODY can see death, but, NOT US. Remember, that body IS NOT US. We HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. That means that the life that we are NEVER ENDS. If the physical body sees death, we simply step out of it, into the invisible realm. Just as if we stepped out of that car we used to get across town. See what I mean?

My dear friend is absolutely right about LOVE. IF we are constantly keeping the commandment “love your neighbor as yourself,” no, there is no sin, and cannot be any sin.

But, again, that LOVE IS BEING RAISED in us. It is completed in the real us that is living in this physical body, but, until we RENEW our mind, COMPLETELY MANIFESTING the mind of Christ, we don’t even really know what REAL LOVE, FATHER’S LOVE is. We are beginning to have that love manifested through us, because Father is showing Himself, more and more through us.  More and more, when we “sin” against a brother and sister, He raises up in us and says, “Look let me show you how you are looking at this situation, and how I AM looking at it.”  Either we listen to Him, learn, EXPERIENCE what He is CORRECTING, and we come into the KNOWING of that thing, OR we go around the block again until the truth of it is seen AND LIVED.

I believe that “sin” is simply us NOT thinking with the Christ Mind and falling back down to the thinking of the carnal mind. But, as we learn this, this is when we TAKE CAPTIVE EVERY THOUGHT. And we must.

I think that “sin” is a falling away from the Mind of Christ, but, that doesn’t mean that we have LOST the Mind of Christ. We separated ourselves from that LOVING AND ALL KNOWING MIND. But, what is happening today?  The GAP that WE have created between that Spiritual Mind, is being closed. And for those of us that have experienced that separation from the Mind of Christ, the minute we do it, we are in pain and torture, UNTIL, we repent and allow the RISING of that Mind again. Then, we learn where to keep our focus.

You see, the SEPARATION of different things, was a part of God’s plan. We LEARN from them. Not only that, but get ready… Father experiences the feeling within us of what that pain and torture feels like. That’s right. Father has not experienced using a different mind, other than HIS MIND; He has not experienced the real desire to get to the place where we want to get to, the REMEMBRANCE of Who we are. And He has not experienced the experience of receiving REAL, TRUE, GOD LOVE, after not knowing it. He becomes experienced in the temptation of what we are tempted with. HE DOES NOT CAUSE THE TEMPTATION, WE DO, but He experiences the way our heart feels. HE IS LOVE; HE GIVES LOVE (HIMSELF), but up until this awakening that He is causing in us, HE HASN’T EXPERIENCED the RECEIVING of PURE LOVE!!  I know that this may bring disagreement in some, but think about it. We haven’t KNOWN PURE LOVE (in this earthen realm), so we HAVE NOT GIVEN IT. What we’ve been giving is emotion, emotion of this realm. NOW, we are RETURNING TO HIM, HIS LOVE!!  Hallelujah!!

I want to share with you, what Father showed me about “sin.”  He turned me to Rom. 14:13-14: “Let us not, therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumbling block or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.  I know, and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus, THAT THERE IS NOTHING UNCLEAN OF ITSELF; BUT TO HIM THAT ESTEEMETH ANY THING TO BE UNCLEAN, TO HIM IT IS UNCLEAN.”   

You see, OUR MIND DETERMINES good and evil; right or wrong; clean or unclean. So, when we see or hear or experience a thing, and we begin to THINK, “Oh that is so UNGODLY,” we need to know that we are seeing that thing through the carnal mind, not the Mind of Christ. Because aren’t we told, and don’t we know that “God is ALL IN ALL”, and folks that means the good, the bad and the ugly!! Sort of shocking isn’t it?  What an awakening we are being called to. SIN DOES NOT EXIST!!  It’s all in which mind we are looking through. And what matters is what we do with this awakening. 

The PROVING that there are not two natures working in us, is the fact that we are being ridded of the thought of that lie. The truth is, is that now that we have learned that we are Spirit Beings, brought forth from the VERY BEING OF GOD AND ALL THAT HE IS, makes us see that the flesh is not a part of us, it is a realm that we are living in. But, even the flesh is being CHANGED. We are having manifested through us the words of Paul:

1 Cor. 15:52, In a moment (this word means in a “atom”, which the physical body is made up of), in the twinkling of an eye…” (this means, “the jerking of our focus” will be changed.”

This doesn’t just mean our THINKING is changed, but also this physical body will change. It’s all in the Mind. I don’t mean “positive thinking”. When I say “our Mind”, I mean the Mind which really belongs to the REAL BEING that we are. The Being that is LIVING in this physical body, The Mind of Christ.

So, can you see that the beliefs that we have allowed to linger with us, although it was destroyed at the cross, is the thing that has kept us from seeing Who we really are?  But, Thank You Father for rising up and living YOUR LIFE AS US AND US AS YOU.  I praise YOU!!

As a precious brother said, in this discussion group:

“Thank YOU for the LOVE that YOU ARE; What you may not realize is that I NEED the LOVE THAT YOU ARE as much as you need the LOVE that I AM; WE all NEED THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE as much as you need the LOVE that WE ARE! This is because LOVE wants to GIVE OUT OF ITSELF…and it ALSO wants to EXPERIENCE and KNOW all that it is TOO! That’s just what ROKUS said too… wasn’t it? I always understood that God being LOVE wanted to GIVE of ITSELF… but I never really thought about it until the last couple of weeks until ROKUS mentioned it… that LOVE wanted to EXPERIENCE ALL THAT IT WAS or experience the DEPTH of ITSELF. And BY GOD… that is exactly what we’re experiencing between each other… in every circumstance with each and every person we have any “drama” with! We’re experiencing the “depth” of this LOVE that WE ARE!”

So, we need to re-evaluate the whole KNOWING of ourselves; Who we are; What we are; The Mind that we use; the things that we are focusing on. Our focus brings forth our thoughts, which bring forth the words that we speak; which brings for HIS MANIFESTATION.


January 11, 2006


Before we start on “sin”, I’d like to give my opinion of the mind. We have been taught that our mind is sinful and evil. We’ve also, been taught that we are going to receive a new mind; a pure mind and a perfect mind. I took this question to Father one day; “Father, if we have the Mind of Christ, as the bible tells us that we do, then how can we also have a sinful, carnal mind?”

The answer that I received was pretty simple, at least to me. He said, “You DO have the Mind of Christ. That mind was in you from the beginning. It has just been covered up with the muck and flesh thinking that you gained when you manifested into the earthen realm. You were deceived into believing that you have two minds. It is a lie. But, that’s what you have focused on, and so it became true, to you.”

It is my belief that the mind that we have used, here, in this earthen realm, is the same mind that was in us as we came forth, out of God. But, just as the forming of “man” from the “dust of the earth”, that same dust covered that wonderful Mind, because of the journey that we were to/are traveling, now.

If you take a light bulb and place it in a clear plastic container, and start pouring dirt on and around the bulb; and watch from beneath a glass table top; you will see that all around that container, darkness takes place; BUT, from beneath the table, you can see that the light keeps right on burning. Even though we can’t see it from the top view or the side view, you can look under that container and see it is still burning.

Think of us, as the container. Carnal thinking being the dirt. God’s anointing is the Light. Anointing is God’s Life. That Light NEVER goes out. God’s Light comes forth FROM DARKNESS. Darkness doesn’t come forth from Light. Now, start removing the dirt from the container; what do you see? The light begins being seen. It is the same with the mind.

We have never been told that we are going to get a new mind, or a new soul. We are told to RE-NEW our mind. That re-newing brings forth transformation. (Eph 4:23, Rom 12:2) It’s like cleaning a house. The furniture may be old and worn, but, when you polish and deep clean the furniture, it looks like a different place. You women know what this is like.

The re-newing is simply changing our focus, by following the leading of the Holy Spirit, WHICH WE ARE MADE OF!! We were brought forth from God; we were and ARE Spirit Beings; what Spirit did we come forth as? HIS SPIRIT. What was His Spirit, HOLY!!!! The more the mind is fed the Truths of God, the more dirt is removed and the brighter the Light becomes IN US AND AS US.

I like what Rokus said: “We are the embodiment of Light, the Eternal Presence, from whom came all things and in whom all exists. Truth is the essence of us, flowing from us, bringing Light and deliverance to the created realms.”


We need to look at the separation that we have been experiencing, AND Father has been experiencing also. We ARE Him, One with Him, One cannot experience something that the Other doesn’t experience at the same time. Think about it. When your physical head goes somewhere, doesn’t your body also go? They are ONE. As it is with Father. We are His literal Body, right here on earth. We are SO ONE, there is no sight of TWO. It is not Him and us. It is ONLY HIM. And we will, all come into this knowing.

Now, speaking of separation, I am not speaking what some teach, that when we “fell,” that we became separated from God. That is a lie and deception, that has been used as an excuse for all that we felt, we were doing “wrong.” As we will see, as we look at the separation, the separation has been OF THE MIND Of Father and the falling into the believing what the carnal mind has told us.

Now, to begin with, let’s look at Who brought about this separation.

Gen. 1:26, “And GOD said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness...”

The word for “God,” is Elohim. The word for US, is “plural of majesty,” This means PLURAL of Elohim. This is one place that identifies Who we have always been. We were Elohim IN HIM and we are STILL Elohim. He cannot change, neither can we. He was the Creator: the Plural Elohim helped God MAKE the image of the man created. (as we shall see)

The “US” and the word “OUR,” although it is in the plural form, is for our understanding that there was NOT JUST GOD. We must remember, this is written in MAN’S language, English. God speaks SPIRIT. So, ALL of the bible, is written in HUMAN LANGUAGE. Why? Because we have believed that we are HUMAN. While in fact, we ARE the exact same thing that we were when we came out of God, SPIRIT. We have just forgotten our origin.

So, you can read the “US” and the “OUR,” as Elohim – God. That’s what we were and are. But, let’s go on. Although, it appears to be more than one person, it is indeed ONE PERSON. We are ONE with the Father, just as Jesus was. Nothing about this truth has changed, EXCEPT our thinking. What is real, seems so impossible to us; and what is a deception, is so easy to believe, because we have been living the deception. But, all that is changing, we are RE-GAINING OUR MEMORY of Who we ARE.

So, God was ONE GOD, and yet plural. Like the many member Body spoken of in the New Testament.

This “man” that was brought forth, out from within God was not just ONE man, it was MANKIND. EVERY person spoken of, in the bible, is a many-membered person; antichrist = a many-membered body; the church = a many-membered body; the Son of God = a many-membered body. Ok? So, this man was all of mankind that HAS manifested in this earthen realm and every one that WILL manifest in this realm. We were and are in Father. Even those not yet born, are in Father.

I wasn’t going to go into all this, but I really feel led to, so I am.

Now, this man who came forth out from within God was in the image of God, and the likeness of God. ALL MANKIND were and ARE in His Image and Likeness. We were and are The Word that God spoke, to bring us forth from Himself. We think that only Jesus is the Word. But, folks, Father sees no difference in any of His Sons; and that includes Jesus. He is no respecter of persons. We are told that Adam was the Son of God, in the genealogy, in Luke 3:38. He loves all of His Sons, the same.

Now, out of this man, GOD caused a deep sleep to come upon him. (Gen 2:21) Let me ask you a question, here. Have you ever read in the bible, where the man ever woke up? Think about this. Anyway, while in this deep sleep (which means, “darkness”, in the Hebrew language, the woman was brought forth. Notice, it was AFTER the sleep, that the woman came forth. The woman means nothing more than the SOUL. This soul was brought forth from the “formed” man, not the one who came forth out of God. (Gen 2:22). Remember, it is the soul where man is tempted. SPIRIT=MALE, SOUL=FEMALE, and the body is neutral, following which ever is the stronger.

This is where many disagree. Some think that the formed man did not have the power of God within him, but God told this formed man to give names to the animals. This does not mean, what each animal would be called; it meant that the man gave NATURES to the animals. I don’t want to go into all of this, but, notice when the women of the Old Testament gave birth to a child, the name that was given to that child, prophesied the NATURE that the child would carry with them. You can search this out.

It is my opinion that all mankind was given this power and still has it. We are told:

John 1:16, “And of his fullness HAVE (past tense) all we received (past tense), and grace for grace.”

Col.2:10, “And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power…”

Col.4:12, “Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ, saluteth you, always labouring fervently for you in prayers, that ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.

We can only stand in what we KNOW and BELIEVE. I think that Paul was saying, that they were praying for us to KNOW Who we are and to STAND in ALL that we are, in God, which is GOD.

We are epistles that the world reads. Epistles not written with hands of man, but, the image and likeness of God. Where will His Truths come from, to be given to the men, women and children to come; AND the church system that is in full force right now? It comes from within these bodies that we have believed, is our life; but, it is the dwelling place of God. His Truths are coming from us, the Elohim. “As HE IS SO ARE WE, in this present arrangement.” But, the arrangement is changing, God is manifesting in the earth.

Notice, that He is called “God.” When we came forth out of Him, we became known as “the Lord God”. He is The Lord of Lords, we are the Lords, that He is Lord of. He was Spirit and we were Spirit. He cannot change, and never can the real us that is now living in this coat of flesh. Under it all, we are Who we have always been.

God did all the creating from Gen 1:1 through Gen 2:3. At Gen 2:3, God RESTED. Now, the PLURAL Elohim (the man in the image of God, who was the son of God, from the beginning) began creating. I am not going into all of this, (you can study out the words “God” and “Elohim) but I want us to see how God, the Father did not create sin or evil. Keep in mind that GOD RESTED FROM HIS WORK.

From here on out, it was the Lord God who did the rest of creating. And remember God and the Lord God were ONE.

The Garden just represents a consciousness of God. The mind of man was still in the consciousness of God. AGAIN, there was no evil in God, the Creator. ALL THAT HE CREATED WAS IN HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS, ALL that He created came forth FROM WITHIN HIM. So, who was it that created evil?

“In Gen 2 6-7, we see that the Lord God brought the man (the Plural God) to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. IT WAS NOT GOD WHO TEMPTED MAN, remember, God had rested from the work. But, before God rested, He made a Plan. A plan that would include HE , HIMSELF experiencing ALL that the man was to experience. As time passed, it was that part of the man that was tempted, his soul. The WOMAN, when She ate of the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD AND EVIL, has been creating ever since. That power of God was and IS still within her,( US). From here on out, it was the WOMAN (The Plural God) who created all that was to be created. (evil, darkness, good and bad, right and wrong, the dual thinking). When the WOMAN ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the WOMAN’S mind fell into carnality. BUT, remember, THE MAN WAS NOT CHANGED, just THE WOMAN’S THINKING WAS CHANGED. There is much more that could be said about all this, but you have the general idea, and can study it out more thoroughly.” I do want to say here, we must remember that at one time the woman was also in the image of God. It was HER THINKING that changed, NOT THE MAN (SPIRIT). He was asleep. All through the OT we see where Father was telling the man, “AWAKE, AWAKE”. The man IS AWAKE NOW and has drawn the woman BACK to him.

So, the separation of thinking, began at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was God’s Plan, but He allowed the man to bring forth evil, (through the soul or woman) to learn and see the total opposite of all that God is, from the lies, and deceptions that the woman has been feeding us.

Not only that, where it says that “Jesus was tempted as man is tempted, God EXPERIENCED the evil, and the feeling of man after being tempted. It wasn’t God tempting man, it was man’s many lusts that tempted him. It is and was man, getting RELIGIOUS thinking, and trying to live in the expectations of others, that said, “you are a sinner”. God has never said that. Even in the Garden, when Adam and Eve ate the fruit and God went to find them, Adam said, “we were naked and ashamed”. GOD SAID, “WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE NAKED?”

God doesn’t condemn. He can’t and has NEVER BEEN ABLE TO!! If He did, He would have to admit that the Atonement that HE set in place, before the foundation of the world, didn’t work! Think about it, folks. We have got to lose these religious things that have been put into our minds. He sees us now, and always has, as the way He brought us forth from within Him. He sat the Atonement in place, and it manifested in the earthen realm, 2000 years ago. For the FLESH THINKING MIND TO SEE. It was THEN that our remembrance began returning to us.

I won’t go on, any further with this. It is enough for you to start studying it out, if you want. But, a truth is, GOD DID NOT CREATE EVIL. It was “the Lord God”, those in His Image, but had lost the memory and the thinking of the God mind. We STILL have the power to create; and we are still creating. How? With our thoughts and words. “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.Now, either we believe His Word or we don’t. It’s that simple. We may not understand it all yet, but we MUST BELIEVE HIM. We can’t pick and choose certain things to believe, either His Word is Truth, or it’s not. He tells us that He dis-annuled the covenant with death that WE made, and yet what is still spoken EVERY DAY? DEATH. We really need to wake up, (MORE) from that deep sleep.

One sister wrote:

“In Genesis, as I was thinking about everything that got DIVIDED – it was still One in spirit form. The water and the land, the light and the dark, the male and the female, the day and the night the divisions took place outwardly, but kept their essence inwardly. When we “see” outwardly (without a heaven) we are seeing with division and separate thinking, which creates an illusion or veil – when we break through or overcome the outward to see the inward – we see a Heaven. Higher and higher heavens – above the illusions and veils to pure essence – or back to spirit where form is seen clearly for what it is – another form of the same reality – pure love, unveiling itself as love in another form…”ears have not heard and eyes have not seen nor has entered the mind of man…” pure love, seen and heard and changing the mind of man into another reality.”

You see, what we BELIEVE is what becomes, REALITY, to us. We began believing we were sinners. We began believing that we were impure. We began believing THAT WE ARE MORTAL HUMAN BEINGS. What was produced? All things that touch the human body and mind. And it is the human mind that created evil. You see, for God to create anything, that thing comes forth from Him. Evil was not in Him. But, as man’s mind fell, evil was created. Many times, evil came forth from man’s mind, his religious mind,(that part known as soul)  to control. Look at how the religious system has used religious control to keep people and their money right where they want it, in the pockets of the system. But, that too, was a part of God’s plan. But, to even think that evil could come from a pure mind of love, goes against all that God is. Love cannot hurt; evil hurts all. Man’s mind, or what we’ve come to believe is OUR mind,(soul thinking)  can and still does create evil.

It is important to know that God will not give his power to overcome any other power in this world. The reason being that there is only ONE POWER in this universe, so there is nothing to overcome. We are told that “to God, darkness and Light are the same,” and “He rains on the just as well as the unjust.” God doesn’t see anyone as just or unjust, good or evil. He sees us as HE brought us forth as. God simply sees everything as a tool to bring back to our remembrance, Who we are. We will be looking at the purpose of this separation of thinking, a little later. Let me say again; THE ATONEMENT WAS IN PLACE WHEN THE MIND FELL. So, in the Spirit realm, all IS FINISHED. It is just being manifested in this natural world. But, we must know these things. This separation of the thinking as God thinks and as man thinks is a wonderful thing, when we understand it and it’s purpose.

Here we begin to understand, there is nothing but Spirit! Our whole world is a spiritual world where supply, income and abundance are Spirit. Truth can not change or be changed; this Truth means your Body, your mind and your world ARE PERFECT, IMMACULATE, FREE AND FLAWLESS RIGHT NOW, even as this moment.

And all that we have been though and believed was for the purpose of the manifesting of the REAL, FATHER. And we are beginning to see and understand this. He is SO VERY WISE.

One sister said, “…I just finished an email to a friend about seeing myself as the Statue of Liberty and the book in her hand is in mine too – mine is titled, Unchained and Changed. It is about unchaining our divinity and that changes our humanity. One realm of reality changes the other. Our being is changed in the twinkling of this “I”.

Another sister said, “And I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Matt 16:19 “Are you seeing this verse in terms of manifestation?


In this discussion group, we have been discussing sin. There was various opinions on and about sin. I’m sure everyone has their own ideas about sin. But, before we begin looking at this subject, let’s remember one thing. What we focus on, is what we see and believe. We KNOW ALL THINGS; we just have to allow it to come forth.

And let me say, by the word, “allow”, let me say this; we must remain open to the leading of the Spirit and spend time listening. IF we don’t, we don’t receive, from within. I used the word “allow” in our discussions, regarding Father “allowing”, and it was not received that well. And I understand where the disagreement of its use comes from. But, again, that’s what the Spirit does; it interprets for us, according to where we believe that we are in Him.

And also, before we begin, let us remember: SIN IS NO MORE. JESUS TOOK IT TO THE CROSS WITH US RIGHT THERE WITH HIM. As we go along, you will see that there is a belief, by some, that some sort of deep embedded sin, still remains and will not be done away with until the full manifestation of Father.

I DO NOT hold to this thinking. (at least, right now. I AM learning a lot though through this group, so we’ll see what is to come) Sin is sin. Regardless of any of our definitions of sin. The Word did not tell us that Jesus took all sin (deeds), but left some. So, as we go along, we’ll see what the thinking of this is all about. So, let’s stay open. We will also, be getting into the purpose of sin and separation, later in this writing.


I think that we all have different opinions and beliefs on the question of “what is sin?”. I’d like to share some of the thoughts and beliefs that were expressed in the discussion of this.

“Sin is the thought or awareness that I cannot meet your expectation”. This was an idea of one brother and the following was a reply to this thought.”

“Ah... that definition of sin fits so many angles of us in this earth experience – I love it. It especially makes me think of the UNBELIEF that kept the mind of the wilderness experience STUCK where it was without all the promises of the land of their life. We do two things that add to our pain – we set up the expectation and then we don’t even believe it’s possible to have them met by our God… perfect definition of pain! And what a wonderful way to experience the way out of the pain – RELATIONSHIP – LOVE – our true nature!”

The difference in US and those who went through the wilderness experience is that, WE have the Holy Spirit to lead, answer and bring to our remembrance, what those, in that day, did not have. Their experience was for us to look back on and learn from. I agree with all that everyone says about LOVE. Love IS THE WAY, AND IS WHO WE ARE; but, the process of Father manifesting through us, brings forth in us that love. IF we loved as He loves, we would not be asking for His Wisdom. Yes, let me say again, WE ARE AND WE HAVE ALL THAT HE IS, but, the dirt is being removed so that He can CLEARLY be seen IN THIS REALM, through us, or the real us, as Him. The focus could not slip from one realm to another, if the manifestation was fully in place. It is MANIFESTING NOW, and some see it more clearly than others, but some haven’t even seen the LIGHT yet. Even though they have been, (and probably the biggest reason,) in the RELIGIOUS system for so long.

We ARE the LOVE, but we have to REALIZE ALL THAT WE ARE, for it to manifest. The realizing is coming, in different ways in each of us; in the level or realm of belief that we are in. ALL IS FINISHED IN THE SPIRIT OF WHO WE ARE, but, all did not allow many truths to come to them, in this physical realm, for different reasons. But those truths WILL come to them, it is God’s Plan. And, even those who have passed on to the invisible realm ARE STILL RECEIVING REVELATION OF TRUTHS. ALL WILL MANIFEST and IS MANIFESTING. Those must come into all of Father’s Truths to be called back into a glorified body. So, the learning, or remembering of Who we are, goes on, even in that realm.

One person said, “maybe the reason you love being controlled by God is because God is the essence of your true being. Our Spirit Being is very comfortable following its own directions. We just get in trouble when we think with the ego/soul mind, without the direction of the Spirit, tries to control our lives.”

Some think that we are controlled by God. If that is so, then we are doing the controlling because we are told, “as he is, so are we in this world, (present arrangement). I think that what we are controlled by is the Who that we know, within, that we are. It is indeed, the leading of the Christ Mind, within us, that leads to each elevated step that we take, leading us back to that place of knowing that we are ONE with God. I don’t mean that God is just sitting “up there in heaven” pulling the strings, manipulating His puppets. No. I think it is what has been in us, since our coming forth, that is resurfacing above the dirt that it was covered by when we manifested in this earthen realm. HIM! He IS in control of all things; but, in that control, He ALLOWS us to make choices and learn from them.

I think it is that the Plan that God layed, will be and IS being fulfilled. Some will go their own way UNTIL they arrive at that place in His Plan. Some will follow the leading of the Spirit and will not travel this journey, as long as others do. (I don’t mean, time-wise). Some will and are fulfilling His manifestation right here on earth and will and are swallowing up death. These are just my thoughts. I’m sure each of you have your own thoughts on this.

I want to look at some definitions of sin. My own definition is UNBELIEF. But, when Jesus and us died on the cross, the new heart which had Father’s Words written on it, did away with that unbelief and it is being drawn up, from within us.

One brother said that, “a good definition of Sin is – Thoughts or energy that we create and put into motion without any direction from God within.

Another said, Please do not feel compelled from me to accept this definition of SIN as THE truth, however , to explore its possibilities, can you let go… just for this discussion… of the old thoughts you have about sin. SIN… that you are thinking of does not exist… so… the most we can say about it is… well… its gone, thank you Jesus.

The SIN I am speaking of lies at a deeper level than any definition we have considered… it cannot be put away until the fulfillment of all things… or as long as consciousness is still unfolding… OK?”
To me, sin is sin; whether in the form or deeds, thoughts, words or focuses. And focusing on any kind of sin, brings forth that thing. (As a man thinketh…) Sin has been taken out of way, But, I do agree that we need to be prepared on this subject, of sin, to be able to help others, who will be traveling this same realm that we are traveling.



I made a mistake in part 4, that I would like to correct.  I wrote the word “man” when I meant to use the word “woman.”  The paragraph below, is where the mistake was.

“In Gen 2 6-7, we see that the Lord God brought the man (the Plural God) to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. IT WAS NOT GOD WHO TEMPTED MAN, remember, God had rested from the work. But, before God rested, He made a Plan. A plan that would include HE, HIMSELF experiencing ALL that the man was to experience. As time passed, it was that part of the man that was tempted, his soul. The WOMAN, when She ate of the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD AND EVIL, and has been creating ever since. That power of God was and IS still within her, (US). From here on out, it was the WOMAN (The Plural God) who created all that was to be created. (evil, darkness, good and bad, right and wrong, the dual thinking). When the WOMAN ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the WOMAN’S mind fell into carnality. BUT, remember, THE MAN WAS NOT CHANGED, just THE WOMAN’S THINKING WAS CHANGED. There is much more that could be said about all this, but you have the general idea, and can study it out more thoroughly.” I do want to say here, we must remember that at one time the woman was also in the image of God. It was HER THINKING that changed, NOT THE MAN (SPIRIT). He was asleep. All through the OT we see where Father was telling the man, “AWAKE, AWAKE.” The man IS AWAKE and has drawn the woman BACK to him.”

We must remember that when Father brought forth the man, the man was both male (Spirit) and female (soul). And BOTH had the same power that Father shared with them. The life that has been ILLUSIONALLY lived, was the soul life; while the man slept. But, all that is changed NOW.


The purpose of sin or separation of God thinking and soul thinking, can be seen that it was a part of the plan. You see, Father knew what to take place before it ever took place. He knew that the leading of the lowered thinking would cause mankind to take on a mistaken identity. And knowing this, FATHER PROVIDED FOR IT BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENED.

Rev. 13:8-9, “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”

The Lamb was slain BEFORE sin ever entered the world. No one knows a son, like a father. So, the Atonement was in place when the “fall” took place. So, what did man really fall into? THE ATONEMENT. But, carnal thinking, religious folks told man differently. He told them, “you are a sinner.” And when man believed this religious thinking, what happened? He became a sinner in his carnal mind. BUT, not in the Mind of Christ!!

Since the time that mankind manifested on the earth, it’s been the same ole story. Religious people, who wants to control; wants to make their own kind of world; who have raised up cults and cultish thinking; have always led man into their traps. But, one thing is this; we cannot judge these people, they are too, sons of Father, misguided by lust of, money, power or whatever their reason, but still sons of Father. And Father even had this taken care of before it ever happened.

His Words ring out loud and clear. “man reaps what he sows.” So, we must leave that to the laws of God. We see that “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity;” Many have been led into captivity, by reading the books of folks’ lives, who are supposedly more wise than those doing the following. And it’s sad. These that do the leading, lived and live according to their own lusts; their wants; their desires and the younger (not in age, necessarily), the unlearned, and the lazy, follow the leaders’ “scripture covered” acts, right into the same beliefs and acts of living.

So many ask, “are we to love these men/women? Are we to love evil?” Of course not. We are to love the TRUE MAN within these folks. You see, they follow the thinking of the carnal mind; thinking that if they can twist a scripture into “deeper meaning”, it will cover their actions, and still make them “appear” to be righteousness. But, we cannot go by appearances. The TRUE MAN within these flesh bodies ARE SONS and our brothers; but we are to walk as Christ walks. Christ does not lead anyone captive. And those doing the leading WILL come to repentance. This IS NOT SIN! Because there is no sin. It is simply the following of the carnal mind.

In the discussion group, someone brought up the scripture:

Titus 1:15, “Unto the pure all things are pure; but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.”

You know, looking at this scripture alone, this can make a person who is walking as Father, really look like they are being mean spirited, and judgmental. But, this is the way that people use the scriptures to cover their ungodly acts, and are wanting to control others. Let’s look at some more scriptures, dealing with this one.

Titus 1:1-3, “Paul, a servant of God, and an apostle of Jesus Christ, according to the faith of God’s elect, and the acknowledging of the truth which is after godliness; In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie promised before the world began; But hath in due times manifested his word through preaching, which is committed unto me according to the commandment of God our Savior:”

The first thing I saw here, is that there is to be an acknowledging of the truth WHICH IS AFTER GODLINESS.  Now, this tells me that if there is an acknowledging of the truth AFTER GODLINESS, there is also an acknowledging that IS NOT AFTER GODLINESS!!

Also, He has manifested His Word through preaching. In Paul’s case, the preaching he was to do, was ACCORDING TO THE COMMANDMENT OF GOD OUR SAVIOR. Which also tells us that there is use of His Word that IS NOT ACCORDING TO THE COMMANDMENT OF GOD OUR SAVIOR!

What is His commandment? SAY WHAT YOU HEAR YOUR FATHER SAY, any thing else, is man’s thinking. Short and sweet.  Now, if Father tells us that we are to allow HIM (because this is HIS LIFE, (NOT OURS) to live as Christ in the earth; and I decide that I have a lust, whether it be greed, sexual lust, pride or whatever it might be, that I want to fill my lusts, my desires; then I have made a choice to live how I WANT, which is NOT after Godliness. And you judge (discern) that the life that I am living and teaching others to live, is anything but godly, and you come to me with judgment (that is, wanting to correct what is incorrect) and you tell me that what I am doing is ungodly. And it is obvious that it is. And you are telling me this out of the LOVE OF GOD, and I say to you, “you are not pure, because you are not seeing me as pure”, then what is happening, is that person is using scripture to make their lust appear to be godly. They use Father’s Word to cover their act. But, it will be found out. You see, that law that Father put into action, “as you sow, so shall you reap.  Which tells us, if you sow to the flesh, you will reap from the flesh. So it is, also, with sowing to the Spirit.

Yes, we are to see THE TRUE PERSON, THAT ANYONE IS, AS BEING PURE. But, not the acts. REMEMBER WHO WE ARE!  WE ARE GOD. We are NOT judging the person. What we are doing is trying to save them from the reaping that they will endure for their ungodly acts, and CALLING THEM GODLY, and all the while LEADING OTHERS INTO THE SAME UNGODLINESS. And using the Word of God to make unpure things seem pure. What were we told?

“He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.”

This is talking about the sword of the Word of God. IF they refuse to hear, then we are to leave them to the enduring of what they reap. Seeing pure things as pure is what we are to do. But, the impure is not pure. The impure WILL be used to bring that person into God’s Will. The impure is of the carnal mind and Father gave us discernment to know the difference. How can I say that I truly love someone and not try to help them from suffering that they will bring on themselves? Doesn’t God even prick our Spirit when we tread on the wrong path? But, He allows us to make the decision of what we’ll do.  It won’t be punishment from God, it will the results of His law about sowing and reaping.

It’s like, some say that they know that sin has been taken, and they are washed by the Blood; and like the reconciliation message; some say, well if we are all going to be saved in the end, I will live as I please. You see they take these truths of God and pollute them, not only in actions, but they actually use God’s Word to validate those actions. And they do not show forth Godliness. Just religious acting.

Maybe those who see impure things as being pure know a lot, that I don’t know. But, for right now this is not what Father is showing me. How can the mind be changed, by looking at ungodliness, as Godliness? How are we to learn TRUTH if we cover our eyes (our spiritual eyes) and claim that ALL IS PURE? Nothing in the flesh is pure. The impure is a tool that Father uses to show us clarity of Himself. This is just my opinion.  



Our brother tells us:

“Who can separate us from the love of God? If you make your bed in hell He said, “I’ll be there.” I love Col. 1:20-21 for we were alienated only in our minds. We thought it to be so, and religion kept telling us it was so. But we were never, never, never separated from our Father. We never left His hand. Webster defines “religion” as “systems of faith; practices of religious beliefs.” Religion claims two existences, one for God spiritual existence; and another for us – a human existence. Then it identifies us with a past state of human birth, a present state of regeneration, and a future state of perfection, after we have earned, won or demonstrated it. But at last, without the religious belief in sin and separation, there would be no ground for this doctrine or creed. The Bible says that without the law there is no sin and the law was given to the Israelites not the gentiles so… YOU WERE NEVER A SINNER to start with. Jewidized Christianity told you…God never did.

There is no distance between God and man – God Is within us. There is no future or other place… for God is timeless, spaceless, and ever-present. God is in The NOW!”

I agree wholeheartedly with these words, and I believe that most of you do too.  The separation that I am talking about, is the separation of thinking.  Why the separation from the God thinking?

I think that we have been unconscious, that even though we teach, preach, and THINK ONENESS, we have been trying to tell ourselves, there IS a separation and we MUST EMBRACE it, to understand it.

What I mean by “we must embrace it,” is that we must come to the place where we stay in the Presence of Father until we know without a doubt that He and US are ONE and the Same. We can profess to be anything we want; but, as long as it is head knowledge and not Spiritual Truth to us, it is useless.


One brother says:

“On this journey a question that has to be ask is: “Was there or was there not a separation of Spirit and the spiritual world, called, by religion, the fall of man?” This question is a door into a much larger room – yes or no – depends on one’s concept of God. We have all been taught “yes” but the truth is “NO” for we have never been separated from God and the Spiritual world. The coming end of the world just means the coming to an end of the diabolical belief that we are a human race. Every doctrine, belief, or teaching, identifying or classifying us as mortals is the imperfect. In fact, any voice that tells you this is the “tail of the serpent” that seeks to keep you earth bound. In an earth bound mentality you must pray, strive, and struggle continually to overcome imperfections, discords, sorrow and limitation – day after day, month after month – and never come to know the reality of your true identity. To see truth as it is, in simplicity, purity, and glory, we must be willing to look away from book, doctrine, and person, to hear from God directly. To hear spiritually, we must be deaf to every one and every thing which treats another mind, another power, another existence beside the ONE GOD.”


One sister said:

“Perhaps separation is a tool for bringing realization of greater love and purpose so a deeper relationship can grow. There are many heavens or dwelling places in Him…right? I think the fear comes from thinking separation is complete abandonment, and this is a misconception. How can God abandon Himself?”


Another sister says”

“Rokus, as I have been thinking about what you heard in your spirit -“healing comes when you realize you are not broken” I have been thinking about the need to OVERCOME (“overcomes” in the book of Revelations). Maybe the need to overcome is the need to overcome our thinking of separation and then the living of separateness that results from that thinking. So, to know the center of our being is oneness, but only after we have experienced separateness is to truly OVERCOME this physical experience for the truth of what it really is – a spiritual journey into the form of physicality. A chance to experience physicality when we are centered in spirit like Jesus who, as a first fruit and forerunner showed us the way to do it – knowing the truth of who he was would be like a compass through the maze of “other voices” who tried to identify him with their OLD CONCEPTS. We are the new mind, creating the new order and the ONE NEW MAN who results out of that mind. The fires are burning to consume the wood hay and stubble in our thinking that has resulted in wood hay and stubble living. Like has been said…the seed holds the life within it – the seed of thought is the life we enter into or miss out on! No wonder it’s called OVERCOMING.”


February 8, 2006

What we must understand is where sin came from and what its purpose was. But, the most important thing that we must understand is that Father KNEW what was going to happen. And His plan included that knowing. So, He provided for this knowing, by having the Lamb slain before we ever came into being.

Remember, WITHOUT THE LAW THERE WAS NO SIN. Sin was not recognized until God gave the law. He would use the sin to show His children how life would be while living under law. And whose idea was this?  It was man’s. Man wanted a man to rule over him. And we see what that brought, man is STILL looking unto man for teaching, for learning. In fact, today man looks to man, more than they do to God. And the man that people are looking up to, have and are leading those following him, into death. You see, when God brought forth the law, HE KNEW we could not keep it. The law was put into place for one reason, and that was to show us that the ONLY thing we can rely on is our Father.  But, man being stubborn (because he has forgotten Who he is) in their ways, had to learn the hard way.  And what we had to learn was, that WE NEVER CHANGED FROM THE SPIRIT BEING THAT FATHER BROUGHT FORTH AS, IN HIS IMAGE.  The only thing that changed was our thinking. We allowed the woman, the soul, to control our thinking.

BUT, there is great news, WE REMEMBER that the Atonement took ALL SIN!! Thank you, Father!!  Now, there is no sin. Yes, at one time sin was used for us to learn from. We learned that Jesus took the sin of the world, with Him and with the illusional us (the old man), to the cross. It was the old man’s creative mind that brought forth sin. You see, this is why light and darkness are the same to Father. What we have thought as good and evil, Father sees as BOTH were for the awakening of us, to our True Self; used to bring us back into the remembrance of Who and What we are. ONE WITH HIM!! 

Now, we are to see as Father sees. Light and darkness are to be the same with us. How do we do this? We do this by the KNOWING that we are ONE with Father, and that He sees us, AS HE BROUGHT US FORTH, OUT OF HIMSELF!!  He doesn’t see, saints and sinners; He doesn’t see good and evil. What we must do is keep our focus, as His focus. We are to see the REAL of all things. The evil, the bad, the wrong, is the illusion of the carnal mind. God does not see with a carnal mind. So, who is correct in what is seen, Him or the carnal mind?  We all know that answer, He is. God sees this world just as He planned for it to be. The problem is, that we have believed what we see with the carnal mind and the picture that it paints for us to see.

This may sound a bit strange, but we are to work out our own salvation. That is the salvation of the body, because the Atonement took care of the salvation of Spirit and Soul. As for others, we cannot judge (correct that which is uncorrected) them and bring them to Father, UNTIL we CORRECT our own thinking. This is not an easy road to drive; but by learning to stay in the remembrance that we ARE GOD’S BODY here on earth, and keeping our focus continuously on Him, we are doing it.

There will be times when we allow our thinking to fall back to the seeing through the carnal mind. But, we now know that we have all that is needed to take dominion of the carnal mind. We now know that we are renewing our minds, back to the thinking of our Father.  When we make a mistake, we simply get up and restart. And we MUST see ourselves and others as Father sees us.  SIN, it doesn’t exist.

So, all the teaching that Jesus took the sin, and then turn right around and say, “we still have deep rooted sin thinking in us”, is in contradiction to what Father tells us. All I can say is, let those who believe that Jesus didn’t do a good enough job at taking sin, let them tell HIM that. As for me and my house, we believe what our Father tells us. The only sin we will see, is the sin we WANT to see, and even then, it is illusional thinking of the carnal mind.

We really need to concentrate on what we are told about the renewing of the mind. THAT is what will transform us. Transform us to place of actually showing the world, WHO we really are. It is that transformation that will bring forth US bringing the world to Father. It is that transforming that will make all know… THERE IS ONLY GOD!!  Hallelujah!!

I learned a great lesson from the discussion group. I saw the many realms that all of us are at, in our regaining our memory. I saw how easily people can be led into untruth. I also saw how quickly people can awaken to Father’s Truth. I saw LOVE flowing from people. The one thing I learned is this: WHEN FATHER GIVES YOU A TRUTH OF HIS, DON’T ALLOW ANYONE TO TAKE THAT TRUTH. And don’t allow yourself to be closed to any other revelation that FATHER gives.

Analyzing with the carnal mind will not lead any of us anywhere, except to disappointment, in the end. LET FATHER BRING UNDERSTANDING, not man. For if you look to man, all you will find is disappointment. New denominations that are STILL being created, WITH MAN’S WORDS; WITH MAN’S ACTIONS; WITH MAN’S DEEDS THAT THEY CALL TRUTH. Man changes the Word of God to cover their own actions and ways of life. Don’t allow ourselves to get caught up in them. STAY in Father’s Presence as much as we can, until it becomes a way of life, HIS LIFE. Keep our focus on HIM and we will see ourselves in the mirror, reflecting Who we really are. Then, like Jesus said, we will say, “When you see me, you see the Father.”

Folks, that Day is upon us. Many are entering into this knowing, unashamed, unafraid of what others will say, unwilling to hear another voice and unwilling to follow another. When we look at ourselves we should see only ONE… FATHER.

You will see that the real us never left Father; and Father has never left us.  AMEN.   


OUR JOURNEY [Linda Keith] Year 2006          1


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