MAY 12, 2007

Our heavenly Father is the creator of the heavens, earth, everything under the earth, and the entire universe, both visible and invisible. I am certain that He alone is the author and the finisher of our existence and responsible for the natural creation and it was entirely by His word that the worlds and ages were spoken into existence.  Elohiym created all that is both visible and invisible.  If we are to base our beliefs upon the context of the Scriptures we must accept by faith the indisputable fact that it was the Spirit of Love that created the heaven and the earth. It is the understanding that God created and brought into existence all that is, both spiritual and natural, that establishes the foundation on which I will build the remainder of this study.  There was nothing in existence before the word was spoken.  Jesus was God’s offspring or Firstfruit, which is the spoken Word; therefore, Jesus Christ the Anointed Word is first, above and before all things and it was by Him that all things consist.  All creation was established in Christ – Anointed Jesus – the Living Word of Yahweh Eohiym. 

Scripture does not give very many details about our beginning.  There are only four chapters and a small variety of additional verses throughout the Bible attributed to the events surrounding creation and man’s beginning on a physical level. To attempt to explain creation as being true, based solely upon our interpretation of the scriptures, leaves us with many unanswered questions that must be filled in by theory based upon subjective theology as we have only 31 verses in the Bible that directly describes the creation event.  I believe the book of Genesis describes natural events having a spiritual interpretation.   The Scriptures were not written and passed down through the ages, to be heard through carnal ears and understood and interpreted on a physical level. To attempt to prove the physical characteristics of creation as fact based upon the creation account presented in Genesis, contending against the theory of evolution, big bang, humanism, or atheism for instance, is not wisdom.  We must accept our beginning by faith in the Written Word, and as well as, by the witness of the creation already present, based upon the fact that humanity is present and accounted for and all of the functioning parts of our bodies, the earth, and all of the universe have been set in precise order with so many intricate details, all working together to function in unison one with the other.  It should be obvious to everyone that the universe in all of its intricate details is an awesome wonder and was not an accident.   I cannot accept the assumption that one-day, many billions of years ago, by happenchance the universe came into existence by itself or by some miraculous explosion life began.  I would much rather believe that there is a loving, all-powerful, all knowing, higher, greater authority than myself, in charge and responsible for the whole universe and everything that is in existence.  


















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