JULY 30, 2007

We are on a Spiritual journey of awareness to the truth that we are light beings.  The scripture says “There is a light that lighteth every man that comes into the world.”  This lets us know our true identity is the very presence of God.  It says our authentic self is light!  Not only did we originate from a point of light, but so did every man, woman, and child. 

What we must discover is how to fully realize, emanate, and be filled with this light.  The Bible clearly says the way to transformation is by the renewing our minds.  The word renew is a very interesting word.  The meaning from original Greek is, “renovation, or to renovate.” 

For the past year I have been renovating my home.  I had new hardwood floors put in, a new kitchen, new bathrooms, and took down an outside wall to extend our living space.  This renovation has not been pleasant to say the least!  It has literally torn apart my home.  It has brought great inconvenience as I could not use my kitchen for weeks, and we had to daily move around all the mess. 

During this renovation process all the old things which did not serve us any longer were torn out to bring in the new.  What a picture of the renewing, or renovation, which must take place in our minds before we can fully realize our authentic self as light!

We are all in the renovation process at this moment.  Many of our old beliefs and paradigms which have not served us, are being rooted up and taken out.  This renovation may cause turmoil within you.  It may become very unpleasant as you must release the familiar and comfortable, in order to embrace eternal truth. 

Many times during the months of our renovation I was tempted to stop for a while, or to do less than I had planned, just to make life more comfortable.  Each time I finally decided to continue with the work.  How happy I am now that it is finally finished!  My home has been transformed into a place of beauty and my husband and I are enjoying it as though it is brand new.  The new things I chose to put in my home seem to be of much higher energy than the things I took out.  They reflect where I am in my life now.

This can apply to each of us as our minds are being renovated.  It may get so troubling that we want to retreat back to a place of comfort.  It may get so disconcerting and discouraging that we want it to be stopped.  If we can but hold on while the Holy Spirit does its beautiful work of illuminating us, we will be able to experience transformation life!  Transformation can only come by the renewing (renovation) of our mind!  A process of removing the old data, in order to awaken the eternal infinite life within us!

Another interesting thing about the word renew, is the Greek root word it’s derived from.  The root word means “repetition, intensity and reversal.”  Each of the following words come from the very same root; “Arise, Ascend, Grow, Go Up and Come Up.”  They all point to what will take place as our minds become renewed.  The last one, “Come Up” reminds me of the invitation in the book of Revelation, for us to “Come Up Hither!”  Come up and see from a realm higher than this three dimension world many believe to be their reality.  Come Up and see from the infinite mind of God.  Remember from whence you came… light!

Each of us must allow our minds to be renewed even in the midst of some discomfort.  Sometimes we would never change without a divine push.  The Bible is full of stories of how adversity pressed people to move into their destiny.  Remember it was taxation which made Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem, fulfilling the scriptures of Jesus’ birth.  It was the killing of all the young boy children which then pressed them to leave Bethlehem and go down to Egypt which continued fulfilling the purpose for Christ’s life. It was a pit Joseph’s brothers threw him in, which put him on a caravan to his great destiny in Egypt

You too, have come to this earth to fulfill a divine destiny!  You too, at this time may be feeling the discomfort of renovation.  Hold on!  The end result which has been promised you is transformation life!

Transformation means a complete “metamorphous.”  On the Mount of Transfiguration Jesus Christ demonstrated this phenomenon we call transformation.  He let them see the reality of the Kingdom realm… a light being.  He showed them in a twinkling of an eye how mortality could put on immortality, and corruption put on incorruption!  He demonstrated to them that they had indeed originated from light and were on a journey back to light!

Can any discomfort be too great in order to realize the truth of our being?  Is there anything worth holding on to as the Holy Spirit loosens our grip on beliefs which have not brought zoe life? Can we trust as our minds are being totally renovated and aligned with the mind of God?

Jesus Christ demonstrated that it could be done!  He said we have come to the earth for the same purpose He did, to be the light of this world… to be transformed into light beings which dispel all darkness. 

In the book of James, God is called “The Father of Lights, with whom there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”  Hello Lights!  You originated from light and all the discomfort you may be feeling as the renovation process is taking place within you, is awakening you to the realization of your true self… light!

In the light realm there are no longer shadows, only the real thing… a corporate light body ascending the illusion of this world and radiating the whole universe with their light!

Let There Be Light!

Loving Each of You,






























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