JUNE 4, 2007

The Bible has much to say about overcoming. The question I have is, what is it we are to overcome?  Think for a moment, what does overcoming mean to you?  In our old belief system we thought we had to overcome sin.  As we began to awaken, we came to a realization of what sin was. It meant “missing the mark” of our true Identity.  Having a mind that “thought” it was separated from God, thus missing the mark of oneness with God. 

Sin was all about a false belief system. That false system began when Adam’s eyes were opened to his physicality, and closed to his origin of Spirit, or light. From that point he could only live and produce from his five senses. Living from our senses is what brought all mankind into a limited, finite existence!

Jesus Christ came and demonstrated a life whose origin far exceeded the limitations of the flesh. He came to display the power of the Spirit within man. Spirit is what raised him from the dead. It could not be destroyed, limited, or confined to a time and space realm! 

We came from the infinite, eternal, limitless light energy of our creator God! How do I know?  The whole Bible majors on the power of LIGHT!  Light is what brings full illumination!  Light can be measured, while darkness is only the absence of light.  Jesus Christ said He was the “light of the world,” and then went further by saying, we are the light of the world.  Light is pure energy, bringing full relation and illumination of our true origin.

In the Genesis 1:3 we see the appearance of the light.  This light is the reality of our being.  We are indeed light energy.  In Genesis 2:7 the light was concealed.  It became enshrouded within a finite physical garment we call flesh. This covering slowed down our light energy and concealed it. Jesus Christ on the Mt. of Transfiguration, unveiled the light origin of man, by demonstrating transformation. “And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine like the sun and his raiment (his covering was no longer flesh) was white as the light.  Right before their eyes He became a light being!  He took them to a high mountain (a symbol of seeing from a higher consciousness) and through the transformation of his flesh to light, showed them the true origin and destiny of all humanity.

So back to the question, what are we to overcome? I believe we are to overcome the false belief systems which brought mankind into bonding and limitations, to flesh and blood. Flesh and blood do not define your true reality!  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus Christ came and shed the blood (the life of the flesh is in the blood, Lev. 17:11) and had his flesh so disfigured that no man could recognize him.  He came to do away with an identity attached to flesh and blood.  After his resurrection they no longer recognized him by his fleshly identity. They recognized him by His voice! The eternal voice of the one.  His sheep will know His voice and follow. Do what He did!

Once we walk by faith (a belief in truth as it is in the mind of God) and not by sight, our lives will begin to transform.  We will not be controlled by fear of what is happening in the world. A doctor’s report will not be our truth, our bankbook will not limit our abundance, and depression from a low self esteem will no longer be possible.  The truth will make us free!  Free to know we came from an eternal, limitless, infinite source of the Light energy of God.

Rev. 21:3 “And I heard a great voice out of heaven (out of your heavens, the higher dimension of your being) saying, Behold (get a revelation), the tabernacle (dwelling place of God) is with man (inside of man, a revelation of oneness with God) and He will dwell with them (in them, an unveiling of their true identify) and they shall be His people, (One with Him) and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.” All a beautiful picture of man and God in perfect Oneness! After this we see tears disappear, death being eliminated, sorrow, crying and pain passing away. All the former things held in place by a false belief system will not longer be possible.

What are we here to overcome? Everything this world system attempts to make our reality!  I use this scripture so frequently because it speaks volumes to me.  Christ said “I have overcome the world!”  The only thing you must overcome is what you see with your physical eyes and believe to be truth.  As you do, you will begin to walk in the higher dimension of reality. That reality is what will begin to quicken your mortal body,  just as it did with Jesus Christ before you. You too, will be raised from a death mentality into the reality of eternal existence from the infinite, limitless, immeasurable source of God!

Be it unto you according to your faith (belief)!

Abundant Love and Joy, 






















































OVERCOME WHAT? [Mary Lou Houllis] 6-4-07          1


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