FEBRUARY 3, 2009

Father, is this real or not?  It is as real as I Am real!

My Son, you are quite unlimited, absolutely free indeed.  The death of the old man is accomplished, and resurrection is fulfilled.  The wrinkling of the skin and the graying of the hair is a part of the world of imagination.

You have a pain in your side, and why?  From whence comes such a power but apostasy.  You are aware that by the authority of My Presence; by the mind of Christ, that there is no spirit but the Holy Spirit.  Therefore Holiness has command over every cell and member of your body.  Each cell lives in fullness of Life in this day of My Dominion.

Speak the Word of life to your body declaring the all truth that I Am. Lift the reality of the resurrection now given.

The discovery of the DNA by mortals is their confirmation of mortality in earth understanding.  Earth bound men presently need earth bound reasoning until the dawning light is shed upon them.  Man can delve into the recesses of flesh so blind, and determine all kinds of eventualities.  However, you shall not be found there.  You are above and beyond all that man can discover by any earthly means.  You have come up hither above predicted ends of men, and overridden DNA.  DNA is like a man that goes after wealth.  There is never an ending or satisfaction.  You know I Am the very end of pre-measured eventualities.  You are unlimited in both appearance and ability; not subject to the beggarly elements of limitation.  Just as I am is Who You Are.  Not to wait, is your answer.

So, now I am come, Savior of all that was lost, your friend indeed, having drawn you unto Myself.  Now, I Am your heart, mind and body, ready to reveal all that My Father Is.  We, together as One new man, bow to the glory of the fulfilled promise, day by day; quickening by quickening.

Your pathway is lighted and all new; an open door to reality.  Wide and searching is the light of it.  You will establish that which is pleasing to your own heart for My Will is your desire.

Be not afraid for all Heaven bows to you.  Also, be not entangled at all, so you are free to the power of Life within.  It is your own book you are now writing.

Thank you in Peace,



OVERRIDING the DNA [Jim-Melba Crofford] 2-3-09          1


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