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In 1999, I was given the directive from our Heavenly Father to “purchase a computer NOW.” I hardly knew how to turn this wonderful machine on – much less how to create a document with it. Just to make the assignment even more interesting – I had no idea why I had been told to purchase the electronic brain! But ever so slowly and gently, I was led to begin amassing writings from authors all over the world – folks that had experienced spiritual awakenings and were willing to share their journey with others.

A few years later and many moments of laughter, mixed with tears, have brought me to this website – Lighthouse Library, Int’l. Father told me He wanted a “stable website – a true library – that readers could ‘count on.’ And it is my joy to share with you this Spiritual Library.

My prayer is that each of you (our readers) will be directed to the collection of articles – books – poems – songs – studies or testimonies that will answer some of your questions, encourage you in areas of need, and build your faith with a greater consciousness of your Creator.  I have recently expanded our presentations to include Audio as well as Text.

My days are filled with many challenging and worthwhile activities – including lots of E-Mails and phone calls from seekers of spiritual information – from all over the world. I’m continually amazed and encouraged by the “spiritual awakening” that is taking place world-wide.

As you have probably seen, there is a place on the Home Page where readers may submit prayer requests. I publish an E-Mail Prayer Letter – “CIRCLE of LIGHT” – and I send it to a large group of called Intercessors that have been prompted to join with us in praying over the various needs that are submitted.

We have now been prompted to share with you (our readers) that there is a far greater vision with this work than we could have ever imagined – and now we’re being directed to give you the opportunity to “partner” with us in this work.  If you’re prompted to help us in any way, we want to hear from you.

If you choose to participate by investing financially in the work, I have tried to make it as convenient as possible.  Below you will find a link to our Pay Pal Account, set up for this purpose.  There you will be able to utilize Pay Pal, Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover.

May you be richly blessed by your participation – just as I have, by the work invested, in this God-directed project!

My blessings to each of you!

Sunny Coffman
Lighthouse Library, Int’l

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