APRIL 12, 2006


First came the warnings,

Given to Pharaoh during morning,

When he was only human,

Sitting in the river,


Then came ten plagues,

The River turned to blood,

Frogs, swarms of lice, then flies,

Sick cattle, boils on man and beast,

Hail, then locusts destroying crops,

Darkness covering the land, then Death.

Terrible wailing and mourning,

Distraught silence.


Your children ate in haste that night,

Standing up, girded and ready to march,

Partaking of a perfect lamb,

Protected by blood on doorposts,

A sign to Passover the people,

As You reclaimed all first-born,


Wretched out and released,

Given freedom to worship in unity of body,

All were redeemed in perfect health,

Walking out with payment for hard labors served,


In remembrance, the High Priest lifts up the lamb,

Without spot or blemish so all may see,

Only a substitute, there at the Temple,

In the City of Peace,


Simultaneously L-rd, You were lifted up,

The Pascal Lamb, without spot or blemish,

Once and for all time,

Blood of Life poured out freely,

Covering the alter of G-d in His Holy Temple,


Victory over death and the grave,

So we may live in You—free,

Forever free, indeed,


Pass over us again, Oh L-rd,

Protect us sheltered under Your wings,

Hide us safely in Your saving Grace,

Keep us close in Your arms,

Teach us how to drink in every part of You,

Feed us on Your Word of Truth,

I invite You, Living Water, into my heart,

Forever my Savior, my L-rd and King,

Forever my Salvation, my everything.


© 2006, Maribeth Schlobohm All Rights Reserved

The “o” is purposefully left out of the Name by tradition and respect and honor.






























































PASSOVER US ONCE AGAIN [Maribeth Schlobohm] 4-12-06 ~ POEM          1


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