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The destiny of All mankind is to come to full realization of his divine nature (self). The long journey from Spirit to Flesh, to Spirit again will then be complete. We find this principle laid out over and over again in the real life dramas of the patriarchs, the ancient people of Israel, and the parables of the seed.

Life experiences, and all the things which are processed through the 5-senses realm, are constant reminders that there’s more to you than meets the eye. The knee jerk reactions and inner knowing that you don’t really have words to describe that deep dissatisfaction and void that will not be filled, bears witness. A longing for the life that you are stretching to grasp but can’t seem to get a solid grip on; although you know it exists serves as further confirmation.


A man called Abram, which means father of exaltation, was called by God. Abram lived in Ur, the land of Light, he was told to leave from there to experience the blessing, have a son (seed), and possess the Promised Land. This Land filled with Promises was called Canaan, which means realized nothingness, humiliation, and lowland.

On his journey from Light to experience the Nothingness and Humiliation, he had 10 major tests that would determined and bear witness that he was to be the model father of the faithful. This quest for the city of God brought him to the end of his lower self to only be swallowed up into his higher self. The trip to Egypt, wars, famine, circumcision, abandonment, delayed promise and discouragements produce the latent life and breath of God within him. Thus, his name was changed from Abram to Abraham, meaning father of multitudes.

“Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness.” He received the faith to believe for one son, but God had in mind multitudes; more than he could ask, think or imagine. The overcoming and passing tests set before him enabled him to produce Isaac, which means laughter. It was the inner joy and laughter buried deep within Abram that gave him the strength to call the invisible into full manifestation on the material plane. The endowment upon Abraham produced Wealth, Dominion, and Longevity. He had now come full circle; with the realization of his divine self, he was called a friend or ally of God.

The call has been released into the consciousness of All humanity, to get out of your country, to move to another place, “the land that I will show you.” However, this move is in consciousness and concepts, which can sometime be more challenging. To rent a U-Haul truck, load it up and take it to another location can be done in one day. But to collect the misconceptions of mass consciousness, traditions and all that the 5-senses have defined, and move on can take a lifetime.

“The land that I will show you” is the experience that we long for.  It is that Life deep within that defies the physical and 5-senses, it is our godhood. Humanity (Adam) according to Divine Plan had to fall in consciousness to this limited 3-dimensional experience-lowered to be subjected to vanity (futility, nothingness), so he could be raised up to hope. It was as Abram leaving Ur (Light) to experience Canaan (Nothingness).


While on this journey to the Land of Promises from Light to Enlightenment, the dark void of Nothingness and Humiliation is necessary. It is very important that we realized that Canaan the Land of Promises is also the dark void of Nothingness and Humiliation.

How do we know when we are standing on the Promises and are about to see the manifestation? When we pray and the heavens seem as brass, but we keep praying. When we have become detached from the material plane and see it for what it is, Nothingness.

When we are no longer obsessing about a spouse, but are satisfied within and resting. When it is no longer my house, my car, my money, or my property – when we can give sacrificially without dread. Only then are we free and realize we own nothing but possess everything. When we are no longer frightened by sickness, disease or what is called death, but can see it as an illusion and joyfully expect wholeness and life.

Abraham came to the Promised Land-Canaan, which was later to typify Heaven. There were wars, famines and years of disappointments; in other words it was HELL.

Mankind was given a physical form to express all the glories of the Kingdom of Heaven, but before these glories can be fully expressed there are challenges. Jesus taught that the Kingdom of heaven is within. He also taught that one must become aggressive to take possession of this experience. “The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, but the violent take it by force.”

It is only when one can accept the challenges of life and transmute them into strengths that Hell become Heaven; otherwise, that which was designed to be your Heaven remains your Hell.

Sickness, Disease, Poverty, Depression, Family Problems and Sin are all a part of the Hell we have imagined. As the patriarch Abram was obedient to move from the place of Famil-ly-arity of the 5-senses realm, to the unknown Promised Land, so must we.

This move in consciousness is also called a paradigm shift. Divine Health, Prosperity, Peace and Righteousness becomes the Heaven on earth that many have imagined in the sky. The Promised Land now is seen as a Land (experience) filled with Promises as Hell is exchanged for Heaven.


We stated earlier that the destiny of All humanity is to discover and express the divine nature. Another illustration is given to us through the historical nation of Israel.

Jacob whose name had been changed to Israel (Prince of God) was in Canaan (type of Heaven – spirit world) with him about 70 souls (family members) including his sons. Because of famine he was forced to go to Egypt (material world), however, his beloved son, Joseph, had already gone ahead to provide salvation for All the house of Israel.

Joseph going ahead was a type of Jesus the beloved son, Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world. Thus, providing salvation for All humanity (Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Pagans included).

They left from Canaan with a prophetic word that they would return, herein we find the law of circularity. “You turn man to destruction, and say, Return, you children of men.” Psalms 90:3 “For of him, and through him, and to him are all things: Everything came out from God, goes through God, and will return back to God, to whom be glory forever. Amen.” Romans 11:36

After 210 years of bondage to the material plane symbolize by Egypt, the Prince of God (Israel) had forgotten who he was. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Israel was building treasured cities for Pharaoh, prophetically speaking, this was showing humanity becoming a slave to the material world. The real life of the Spirit had been choked out, thus rendering them clueless to who they really were.

It took the supernatural to awaken and empower this people to believe beyond the realm of limitations. Moses, who was called a god, brought them out to the Wilderness on the way back to the Promised Land. They had forgotten how to get back and needed a guide.

During Pentecost, Exodus 19, God spoke to them reminding them of who they were-A Chosen Generation, Holy Nation, Rare Treasure, Kingdom of Priests. Before coming back to Canaan, they needed to come into a realization of who they were; that generation did not.

It was under Joshua’s administration that the ancient people finally came to believe and realize they could experience the Land of Promises. All of Israel had been saved out of Egypt, however, it was many years before they actually fulfilled what was spoken about them.

So it is with humanity. From the Divine Perspective.   All are saved and reconciled to God, however, we have been given a Wilderness for spiritual development. It is in the Wilderness where the Tabernacle of Moses is set up and we come into the understanding that we are the sanctuary, temple of God. The purpose for the Tabernacle was for Communion, the realization of God in our midst and that we are one. With this insight we are able to fulfill our purpose and the Wilderness is transformed into an Oasis of life.


Through nature, the cosmos, and life we are given a most powerful principle. It is the Seed. Jesus often used parables referring to the Seed. Everything in life has its origin in this principle.

The Parable of the Sower spoken by Jesus is the most important and powerful of all that He spoke, this is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the Multi-verses. “If you don’t know this parable, then you will not understand all others.” Mark 4:13 {We will not attempt to unravel this parable in this setting}.

Genesis teaches that every seed brings forth after it’s kind. Each seed is genetically designed and programmed by the Creator with intelligence to duplicate itself infinitely. Provided with the proper environment and what we know of as time, the unlimited power locked within a tiny seed can destroy or bring life to an entire planet.

Planet Earth is a seed in our galaxy, genetically designed and programmed with intelligent life to be duplicated in the ages to come. Adam was a seed sown into the planet growing or being formed out of the ground to express physical/soulic life. This certain type of seed was designed to duplicate itself for 4000 years, afterwards it would mutate into a totally new species.

Jesus the Christ, the last Adam, the Seed of God is a result of this Divine Mutation. He is the Firstfruits of what’s to be seen in the earth. This Mutated Seed called Christ had to first be placed in the ground, so that the mutated life could burst forth and multiply. “Except a seed falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone.”

The 1st Adamic seed produced thorns, thistles, weeds and death. The 2nd and last Adamic Seed produces Life. It has been 2000 years since this new species was introduced. The genetic evolution of this seed was programmed for 2000 years before a mass manifestation of the original Mutated Seed is realized. The prophet writes, “After 2 days (2000), I will revive you…”

If the new species (creation), Firstfruit, Son of God, Jesus, declared that He was God manifested in the flesh; then the fruit of that seed must also be God manifested in the flesh. This is the Life that we have longed for, caught glimpses of, and were destined to experience. It is the mingling of humanity with Deity, the wood overlaid with gold. This is the Life that transcends the physical, 5-senses realm, time and even space.


Whatsoever a person sows (gives) that is what he reaps (receives), but it is always more. Everything in life takes on the form or principle of the seed, our thoughts, words, and actions etc. Herein is the law of circularity again, what goes around, comes around.

In order for this unlimited power to be unleashed from the seed it must die, be released; shedding the outer body to expose the life within. This is what Abram’s trip to Canaan was about, Israel’s journey to Egypt and the Wilderness. This is what our personal experiences are about, dying to the present false reality, to be awakened to Truth. The death or separation that I am speaking of is not in the religious self-righteous sense motivated by pride. Rather, it is the realization of being in the world system, but not controlled or attached to it. It is choosing to agree with what the Eternal Word (Seed-Sperma) says; in spite of the realm of appearance. This then is fulfillment.

All that you Need, Want, and Desire is in your hands. Someone recently said to me, “if what you have in your hands does not meet your need, Then It Must Be Your Seed.” Jesus said, “The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” If you have a need, sow a seed, unleash the Unlimited powers of the Multi-verses (God) to work on your behalf.


According to Malachi 3 Giving releases “the windows of heaven to be opened”

{1} Spiritual Refreshing, Abundant Prosperity,

{2} The Seed Eater/Enemy to be rebuked

{3} Investments and Money Protected) – devourer will not destroy fruit

{4 (Family protection) – Vine will not cast forth fruit

{5} Being used by God, favored-a delightsome land.

What do you have in your hand (possession)? Sow It! Give and it shall come back to you good measures, pressed down, shaken together and running over.



While writing the September 11, 2001 publication, 911-Terror on the night of the attack, I received a prophetic word and gave a prophetic sign.

In short the word was very strong regarding the Religious System. Here are excerpts from that word.

“Just as you have seen Disorganization, Judgment, Confusion and Humiliation in the Political arena and are about to see in the Economy – Within the next 10 months the Religious Systems as you see it now will begin to crumble. I will rip the covers off of several Major Ministries that will cause a ripple effect. Scandals, Scandals, Scandals. I see Murder involvement and Suicide.

As a Prophetic Sign, an unusual Earthquake will rattle the east coast – I don’t see it of great magnitude… there will also be another one in a different area of the country. (This sign should come to pass within 90 days.)

*In our last publication, “New World Order” we suggested that the Anthrax mail may be domestic


On the morning of Oct.27, 2001, 46 days after 9/11 I turned on the TV. ANC (All News Channel) reports, “The People of NYC were terrorized by an Unusual terror this morning as 911 was flooded with calls-This terror came from underground, as an Earthquake shook pictures off the walls and other hanging objects-no injuries reported”

October 28, 2001 Southern California experienced 2 Earthquakes around 4.0-

We do not rejoice at the failures and sins of others, but we do rejoice over the failed systems of man. The Kingdoms of this world is becoming the Kingdom of our Lord and His anointed ones (Christ).

*Independent Handwriting Analyst suggests that whoever sent the Anthrax mail had lived in the USA all or most of their life. They said there was nothing about the style of writing suggesting the writer was from Europe or the Middle East.

While in Prayer and Meditation for our country I heard the Spirit say something very strange.

“The real threat in the days to come in this country will not come from people wearing turbans, quoting the Koran, and calling on Allah—It will come from people wearing crosses, quoting the Bible, and calling on Jesus.”



The heavens are shouting again. The Sun is still in the sign house of Scorpio, which speaks of Death and Life among many other things. However, on Sunday, November 18, 2001 the heavens will put on a spectacular show, Leonid’s Meteor Shower. 11/18 or 1+1+1+8=11 or 11/1+8=9 119 MMmmmmm

November 18, 2001 should be another Watch and Prayer Date. Also expect significant developments or new regarding Iraq and or Iran before the end of the month.

Leonid’s Meteor Shower. During the early morning hours it will appear as if the stars are falling from heaven. An event similar to this wont be seen again til the year 2099. At least 4000 meteors will fall per hour lighting up the dawn sky. Jesus said, “the stars shall fall from heaven” before his coming. Matt.24:29-30 Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos said 1/3 of the stars of the heavens will fall. Revelation 12

Leonid’s Meteor Shower and the constellation of Draco the dragon/serpent is synonymous with John’s vision, remember he saw this picture played out in the heavens.

This is Revelation 12 being played out in the heavens. From Revelation chapter 4 on John ‘s vision is focused on the heavens. Anyone with some knowledge of Astronomy would be able to clearly see that his vision is in the symbol of star constellations.

From the Astrological/Astronomical point of view the Woman of Revelation 12 represents the zodiac sign of Virgo. The Sun rises above the ecliptic, and Lavana (New Moon) representing Messiah in Hebrew concept-Progressive Christian concept it is the Man-child (Sons of God). The dragon is a constellation of stars literally called Draco, taking on the form of a large serpent.

We see war on planet Earth and it will intensify, reaching it highest most intense points in 2003 and 2006. We have warned of this for 3 years through prophetic visions, impression, and revelations from the heavens. The Heavens declare (prophecy)… Nothing can happen on Earth till the heavens first announce it. “Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” {For more info on the fulfillment of the first part of this on September 11, 1999-check out our site. – Index — Scroll to “Birthing of the Manchild”

This unusual meteor shower filling the sky also symbolizes the many missiles and weapons of mass destruction that will be showered upon the earth. The positive side of this event foretells of the power of the enemy, whatever that enemy may be, is broken.

What else does it represent? In Christian terminology, the casting down of Satanic powers, principalities and strongholds pulled down. In Progressive terminology, the strongholds and principalities are the thoughts and expressions of the carnal mind being brought under subjection.

This can be a time for Great Victory, especially for those with Court Cases the Accuser is cast down. This will work on any level. From November 18-30 specifically expect the usurper in Finances, Health, Family Matters, and Spirituality to be cast down. We that do know our God will expect Showers of Blessings, Outpourings of the Holy Ghost. Shower Lord, Shower.

We apologize that many of you wont get this Newsletter before this rare event. Due to our preparation for our Africa trip we are a little behind schedule. By the time some of you get this, I will be on my way to Africa. We will be gone for nearly 1 month. Your gifts to help maintain the home base are greatly appreciated while we are abroad. Receive the Showers of Blessings.

In Christ Love,


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