APRIL 9, 2006

“Let there be peace ! Holy, Holy, Holy. It Is My Time. Peace shall rise as an inundating flood for It Is My Name; My Father’s Hand. This is The Resurrection Day. “Peace on earth, good will toward men.” All men be awakened, drawn unto Me. They are soothed and loved and blessed abundantly. Today, I stand and speak peace again over the storms of life; The Sure Word. Peace, be still.

“My peace be known and seen for the place of peace is prepared. All hail the Giving, Loving Father of Righteousness, binding up wounds, The Comforter Come. I speak a new dimension, an obvious change of existence. Be still My soul, for Calm Is Here.”

“It’s OK. This is the change of men’s comings and goings. It is such an obvious peace that joy will run after. Right now, let us drink of the cup of The Mind of Christ that knows and sees perfection in every breath, step, thought, knowing the treasure house of Father is open and here at all times. It is the manna of ancient Israel; only today’s portion. Nothing lacking. None left over to the next moment. Divinity has spread her wings. The Conqueror is on The Throne.”

“I relieve you of the doctrines of men, change your life and your vision from searching and waiting to Being.”

“There is no rush now. Go forth touching with The Finger of God, seeing with The Eyes of God, loving with The Heart of God. Thus, you discover you are The City of God Come Down From Heaven to fill all the earth.”



PEACE BE STILL [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-9-06          1


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