MARCH 16, 2007

“This is the peace that I Am, that quickens your heart, that reveals your eternal self.  You know peace as you know Me.  Your peace is Me, established, alert, and open to receive.  Peace is Father’s House; You, centered in the treasures and blessings and the all knowing of Father’s Heaven in You.  Herein is your ability to bless and increase relationships unto the acknowledgement of The One Glorious Only Begotten Son, Who Is All In All and Who Is The Whole of Creation.  Peace is your passage to the hands of God, to behold the face of Jesus over all the earth.  It is the welcome-mat of Love, and Love is The Door of Everything.

“Now, I come again, the arms of Love in peace.  I sooth your brow with rest, and remind you of Father’s Allness and Openness.  I will enjoy the Glory of His Presence with you.

We shall talk of the resurrection, and how we have arrived to recognize the new day, speaking often of this new and living way.  Let us share this powerful Presence as we stand at the mountain-top seeing forever unfold before our eyes.  We dare to speak of Infinite Grace and how The One has brought all of humanity before the Throne of God.”

I Am here as you.  It is manifest that I not only quicken your mortal body but reveal the truth within you; your Resurrected Eternal Being.  My Love is your vehicle of exploration through the heavens of your heart and soul. 

“I am come, not to condemn the world, but to restore the knowledge of the one true world; My Father’s House, The Kingdom of God within you.”

“Yes, I speak:  You are a burning, brilliant Light because of the Light within that lighteth every man.  You Are Peace for The Lamb Is Peace.  You are whole and you are chosen.  You are the Love Whirlwind that traverses eternity, now captured in your breast.  There is no delay, foreboding, or confusion, for The Mind of Christ Is yours.

Think not that I shall neglect salvation. My Son.  Salvation is not in part, but is come as Myself, My Fullness.  We celebrate and will celebrate salvation forever as we honor the Cross and the Resurrection.

Love will last and has always been conqueror of all things.  With a little portion of peace, Love will arise to uncover the now of My Will which always Is.   To enter Peace is to enter the new world.

The remnant seed is bringing forth Light to the masses; understanding of the great new creation.”  A broad-scale awakening is at hand.  When you have found yourself at the mountain-top, did you not clearly realize that I had brought you here for this very purpose; that My Name and My Presence would fill the earth?  Have you not expected a grand awakening on a world-wide scale?  Did you not dine at My Table Of Peace expecting to see Me serve all of humanity?  Have you not anticipated that My Majesty would be seen on every man’s face?  Yes, I know that you have.  Now, open your heart to receive the downtrodden and weary, for I Am in them coming before you.  I am not requiring anything of them, for I have already bought every one of them with a price.  I Am the author and the finisher of each, and this day am revealing My Grace to all My Sons and Daughters.  Do not be surprised that My appearing is different this time. ”




PEACE WITHIN [Jim-Melba Crofford] 3-16-07          1


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