MARCH 27, 2004

You know, A person would have had to be really desperate to take a hammer and nail his own hand to the Cross of Jesus, but it just seemed necessary, to get as close to Him as possible in a certain desperate time. From out of the darkness, something just had to be done.

Everything of the world had to be set aside. “This is it Lord! We’re here. Hear us now, please.”

And we discovered His name again. “Jesus, oh Jesus; we live because You live. Just to say Your name divides the darkness from Light. So now, we bathe in Light. Tell us we are Your Name, sweet Jesus. Tell us we are Yours alone and none other. Tell us we are sanctified and set aside for only Your purpose.”

Taking A Look At The Law Of Sin And Death

And Of Thinking We Are Separated From Him

We discover that the law of thinking we are separate, comes in many surprising ways: The law of limitation – the law of fear and unbelief – of loneliness – of earth man; the man in the brown suit struggling – the law of the land – the law of time and gravity – the law of lack and of aging – fear of snakes – of drowning – the law of what we shall eat or drink – the law of DNA; an absolute destiny, because the appearance says we are born of woman, limited by a definitive DNA code – Or how about the law of another day; that says Jesus is getting us ready for that great day; not acknowledging that the great day is come; He is come! – the law of science – religion’s man made laws – or the law of space limitation – plus many others. This is not “FREE INDEED. These laws are not the Only Begotten Son, the Melchisedec Order!”

You shall render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and of course, as you are awakened, you know nothing belongs to Caesar, but all things are made new, and in Truth, belong to our Father.

The beauty of the law is that it only has power over those that live to it, and believe to it, and comes to man to cause him to arise to meet His Savior. It brings man to the Cross, and to the name that is above all names; bringing him to a new and greater Law: The Law of The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus. As we know, this great law frees us from the law of sin and death; of fear and lack, sorrow, sickness, pain, and death; and so forth. It establishes us as blazing Lights of an all new pathway; lifts us into eternal rest and peace.

The key offered to us today is to accept this free gift. Oh, that we may dwell in the Baptism of His Love, which takes away all unbelief; that we may receive Him in His clouds of glory, now come in these bodies of Spirit, which we so long have thought to be flesh. (Just another imagined form of separation) The law of sin and death has been dis-annulled. We are indeed free unto the law of the Spirit of Life.

Suddenly, He has appeared without sin, and is made ONE new man, which includes all. He has opened the door of life and has acquainted us to the fullness of Himself. Behold, the man without sin, the God man of the new creation.

What is the worth of salvation if it is not full salvation? The shedding of His precious blood has restored us to our Father’s House; made us free indeed.

 This Special Word for We Who Believe:

The mind of Christ is come, and every thought that, He is come in His fullness, contributes to the Christ Spirit, and makes us to be forerunners of the faith. Hence, the beautiful Mind of Christ. He is all there is. We look to Him for Himself alone, for He is all in all, and all to all.

“I am come that you might have Life. Perhaps it does not yet appear to you, all that I am, but all that I am is all new, and all as you.”

It’s Different Now, You Know, Now That You Have Passed Through The Portals of Heaven.

Now, it only comes naturally to you, to see who you are. Now you find it easy to stand before the Throne of God; being filled with His Presence. You had come to a burning desire to humbly ask, “Who am I, Father?” Before you could finish your question, you heard, “I am.”

“I am a friend; friendly to The Kingdom of God. I am the Sound and the Virtue of My Father. I am the answer to my urgency; to my own desires. I am centered in only His Will; peace and rest; a solid rock. I am born from above, a priceless favor to earth. I am the gift from Heaven to man; a way where there seems no way. I am comfort and love and joy, standing firm upon the rock of My appearing, looking for Glories yet to be opened at Father’s bidding.”

“There you are, right at His right hand, bold as can be. So you ask again: Father, I really, really want to be, and see Who I am!”

“And That, You Are My Son. Raise your right hand straight to Heaven and know for a certain, I Myself have passed this way, and have made the crooked places straight. I have paved a lighted pathway with Myself, a golden beam of Light on which you may walk. I am righteous on your right hand and righteous on your left. You need expect only the highest from every wind that warms your Being. I have established and have opened Glories untold, and I have heard your every longing thought. You are not still going to be tried by fire, for you have risen victoriously with all things under your feet. You are My Holy Fire sent to open hearts and lives and visions upon the earth. You are numbered among the believers.”

“Say the Word, My Son. Say Peace Be Still. Say Thy Kingdom is Come in Earth; is at hand. Say The Kingdom of God is within you. Say, for man’s sake, JESUS PAID IT ALL. Speak with an unknown tongue, blessing and honor and glory Divine. Say Hallelujah.”

“Don’t look back, and don’t look ahead. Look at who I am; all things now made new; the New Heaven and New Earth. You have entered The Kingdom of God. You have not come here to fight the battle of earth, because you have secured unto yourself all Truth, bringing with you none of the appearance world. You are here to rejoice in My Finished Work; to celebrate My Fullness; to declare My Name and My Righteousness; to recognize that I have saved to the uttermost. You are not trying to save that which has already been saved. You are My Capstone, risen above all mortality; a beacon of resurrection. You know I have brought all men to Myself, and now you rest in the knowing, rejoice in My appearing, proclaim My Glory.”

I am a rod of perfection, and a staff of plenty as you.”

Don’t even lean on your closest friend for anything. Instead, give unto him all that you are. You are Living Substance Unlimited, Time without measure; My Own Hand Extended.”

“Be a proud and glorious bearer of Eternal Grace.”



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