EXCERPT FROM ‘A Portion of Manna’


Those of the brotherhood of believers are the foundation stones of the Kingdom of God.  Unity among the brethren is denoted by working together as one man – one in the Spirit by faith and knowledge of the Son of God.  This is the “hope that we hope for” as we stand united in a common calling, reaching for the goal of maturity in Christ.

Yielding completely to God in all things will bring forth His love in our lives.  As we walk united in this perfect LOVE all power is available to us.  The power of love working through the body of Christ will bring about the turning so desired.

The resurrection power is love!

Agape love is neither an emotion nor a cloak to wrap around you.  It is a seed that opens from a decision – the decision to yield to the Lord.  This greatest love is a fruitful tree that grows within from the Seed that the Beautiful One plants in the heart of man.  It grows according to the soil in which it is planted and the water and light that are shed upon it.  Love develops branch by branch crowding out all that would hinder its spreading.  It is life to the one in whom it flourishes, and the fragrance of its flowering is a rich aroma that spreads out around it.  When this tree of love reaches maturity it will bear fruit to feed all the Earth.  Its foliage will change the atmosphere from the noxious elements of the prince-of-the-power-of-the-air to those of the life of the Kingdom of God.

If anyone confesses with a deep conviction of facts that Jesus is the Son of God, God lives in him and God is love.  In this way one begins to know and to rely on the love that the Father has for him.  The knowledge of this truth is the basis for faith and combined with love brings obedience to the perfect will and purpose of God.  Love is made complete as it is shared among us, and whoever lives in this love lives in God.

Faith and love must come together to see the new creature in Christ. Faith and love together is the perfect form, and when expressed in obedience it exudes purity.    Faith is moved by love.  One may have great faith but without love it has no power.  One may be anointed by faith for mighty deeds but without love the deeds are works of the flesh.  The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.  Faith cannot be shown without deeds but deeds cannot be done without love. 

“Love and faithfulness meet together; righteousness and peace kiss each other.  Faithfulness springs forth from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven.  The LORD will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.  Righteousness prepares the way for his steps. (Psalms 85:10-13)

The mystery of God is love.  But what is the mystery of love?  It is so pure that the untrained soul cannot conceive it.  It is so mighty that mankind cannot withstand it.  It is that which envelops the universe and transposes the desire of God from Spirit to flesh to bring mankind into vital union with His name.

Worship God and let His love develop in you.

God’s love reveals the mystery of noble love in righteousness.   Love must grow before the Fruit of the Spirit can develop.  One by one the fruit appears as the presence of Christ is fed into one’s spirit and worked out through the reclaimed soul.  Love is not tangible but will become substance in deeds.  It is love that will sustain mankind as heaven and earth are established together.  Manifested love presents tangible essentials for physical man as well as for the soul of the inner person. 

The Fruit of the Spirit standing forth in the power of love is the ability to overcome all that has been death to mankind.  Love is the evidence of the quintessential life within.  As love branches out it effects a change, a transformation in mortal man.    Love is a mighty magnet drawing all to it and recharging each one by its power.  This exalted love does not show pity.  Instead it raises up all that before would have exacted pity.  It is death to the flesh but life to the eternal man created in Christ.

The Primary Object of Godly love brought this magnanimous love into our hearts to be evidenced in our lives:  First, in implicit obedience to God, then through love for one another.  Love seeks the opportunity to do good to all, and in a special way to those of God’s household.  We are speaking of love without reason, except for the reason of the nature of the one who loves.  God requires no standard before His love flows out.  It is not because of fatherly pride that He loves us, and it is not because we are such wonderful specimens of excellence that He loves us.  The objects of God’s love have no excellence that they should draw out such boundless love toward them.  He loves us because this is what He is — absolute love.

With this selfless love we are to love the unlovable.  This is the debt that is to be forever outstanding – to love without reason.  Love is God.   This love ordained (enacted) in Christ Jesus brought the fulfillment of all the law.  ENCHRISTED man shall establish (make permanent) this love in earth.  Every relationship and all interactions need to have their foundation, their roots, in God.  He is the worth of our being and our ability to love.  To love another does not mean we accept everything that he does.  We are not required to show restraint in judging the deeds of the lower nature; it is the person we are not to judge.  We hate many things which are done in ignorance of God’s will, and rightly so, but every person is loved by God. 

Love is constant.  Perfect love is unconditional.  Love is without restraint.  It does not make excuses for wrong, nor is it blind.  Love endures and reaches into all conditions, all attitudes.  Righteous love will reconstruct the world.  The love that displaces self-will shall overcome all that has undermined the strength of holiness.  Rebuilding will take place while Christ moves through individuals, ratifying the link of love that unites all in the family of God. 

The wisdom of God is the director of the universe, and when mankind moves in the opposite direction of this flow trouble erupts.  The atmosphere of the world has become one of trouble because humanity has listened to the wrong voice, and the values of mankind are askew.  The values of the sense realm are an enemy to God and their source is the mind of the unregenerate population.  This energy is self-limiting for it is connected to death.  The urgency of the demands made from this area is issued in fear because they depend upon the desires of mortal men for their existence.  It is this attitude that has wounded the people of the world and disturbed the track of faith wherein love can flow.  It is because of the lack of love moving through mankind that the defamer of the world has survived.  But take heart – LOVE never dies!

The Lord has said, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  This love is power.  Almighty God has no end.

We must begin the walk in obedience to love now.  It may seem a small thing individually but it will grow.  We are all part of one another, and the energy of love flowing from each part strengthens the whole.  This radiating love is the force that will establish God’s Great Kingdom in earth.  Let every attitude, every action and every word spring from the heart of the Lord.   Building up love tears down hindrances to God’s perfect will and purpose.  Building up perfect love will bring healing to the world.

Dear Ones, rely on the love that God has for us.  It will never fail.

The Son has come to give us understanding of the One who sent Him.  Jesus is the Father’s gift to the world so that we may have faith.  Because of faith we can move in love among the people of the world.  We can have confidence that love will succeed where our efforts have failed.  The in-part work of Spiritual gifts is but for a time.  The perfect power of love deletes the in-part walk by faith.  All that has been the hope of our faith is activated by LOVE.

Faith, hope and love abide, but the greatest of these is love.





PERFECT LOVE – Excerpt From “A Portion of Manna” [Barbara J. Strauser]          1


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