OCTOBER 18, 2013

Everyone knows that a device such as a perpetual motion machine is impossible to come by, correct? It is only impossible if we allow ourselves to be governed by the “laws of physics.” Which laws of physics are we talking about? Physics as interpreted by Isaac Newton.

I intentionally try to provoke people into thinking differently – not because I believe people are inherently stupid; who on earth am I to think about anyone else as being stupid?

I tried to, somewhat innocuously, introduce the fact, the last time out, that I have horribly mismanaged certain areas of my life – in that, what I was and am admitting is that I have acted stupidly. Acting stupidly does not equate to being stupid …refusing, however, to look at different perspectives –pictures taken from a different vantage point– does keep us, ALL OF US, who are captive in these human body bags, from expanding and absorbing (as opposed to learning) something greater than ourselves.

It is one thing to insist upon the right to hold onto our own opinions; it is quite another thing to ignore the opinions of others who happen to be in a position of both political and legal power over me who are convinced that I am acting badly and from a position of impure motives.

From where on earth are such thoughts coming? I just reread all of the foregoing and am amazed at the content. No sooner do I ask what was the origin of the foregoing than does the further thought come flooding into my frontal lobes “…and where am I headed with it?”

Which thread of the many in the foregoing do I want to develop? Aha! I’m writing this for me, but if you want to come along, come ahead! …and I challenge you to do that, but only if you’re ready.

One of my favorite people on this planet is a man with a gift for teaching and who taught me the concept of being a co-learner with everyone else …a professor who has been performing his art at a small, nominally Christian college which is devoted to liberal arts.

He and I, for several years, have been intellectually wrestling with the concept of faith which I tend to contrast with education almost to a place where education is an obstacle to faith as I use both terms.

I wrote recently and I just now repeated a few paragraphs back, the concept of “absorbing as opposed to learning) something greater than ourselves.”

Faith, again, as I am using the term, cannot be taught, further it cannot be gained from a position of knowing anything. How can you disagree with this premise if you don’t yet know how I am using the term, again, faith?

I am attempting to provoke you to get off your ass, rise up and resist all your intellectual, religious programming and absorb something so earth-shaking that it cannot help but fill you with faith …AS I AM USING THE TERM, dang it! You must be willing to understand what I do mean and what I don’t mean if you want to gain from what I am writing (for me, don’t forget) …you have to know how I am defining the terms I use. I realize I am being quarrelsome, but what is the point of someone explaining to me, just as one example, that faith and hope mean the same thing if I am saying that the two words, sigh, as I am defining them, are polar opposites. I mean, why are you here if all you want to do is to convince me that I am wrong?

If you, with all your hope, are a pipeline for spiritual healing and healing power I applaud you – and I have to admit that your definition of hope is just the same as my definition for faith. BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT I MEAN BY THE WORD FAITH – spiritual healing and healing power …and hope, as I use that term is on a par with wishing and, therefore, hope is not a pipeline for spiritual healing and healing power.

Having said all that, perhaps we should bypass either word (faith or hope) and get right to spiritual healing and healing power.

Here’s the crux …I continually try to be quite clear: I do not possess spiritual healing or healing power – but both flow through me in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY THAT THEY FLOWED THROUGH JESUS.

Before anyone gets on their high religious horse about that statement …and continuing on in a quarrelsome tone – the reason I am sharing this is so that YOU, whoever you are, can also move into the destiny that Jesus said is for any individual who is willing to not only hear his words, but apply them.

In fact, what Jesus said about hearing or studying his words and not applying them should make those who advocate Bible study cringe!

Here are the words he used …translated accurately from the original language: “Anyone who truly believes in me will do the very same things you have seen me do” and … in context that means, raising folks from the dead, giving or restoring eyesight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and healing myriad diseases as well as walking on water and turning water into wine.

I am suggesting and quite strongly that I can give you the secret to getting off your church pew and moving into being the miracle worker that Jesus said you’d be if you believe enough.

Okay, I’m about to whisper a clue to the secret and it is just this simple: Jesus didn’t do any of those things! I don’t do any of those things and you won’t do any of those things either – when you get that, really get that you’ll be ready to move into being and doing what he said you will be and do when you believe enough.

Do you want to go there or do you prefer sitting in your padded pew …why you’d continue sitting there if it is not padded is beyond me.

There’s more to come, just not for this time around.  I can hardly wait until next time …if there’s anyone here waiting.























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