MAY 2, 2007


Imagine for a moment, an island where all the people were blind from birth.  All at once one of them attained their sight.  How could this person with restored sight, begin to explain the wonders of what he saw to the others? 

How could he explain the stars, moon, and sun in the sky, when they had no concept of what sky was?  How could he describe the wonders and colors of creation?  He had entered a new dimension and the others were still existing in a limited perspective, seeing only darkness.

So it was for Jesus Christ.  He left the world of five senses and journeyed into a new realm called the Kingdom of Heaven; a new reality with a totally different perspective.  He then had the job of creating word pictures and developing tools so the rest of humanity could begin to be illuminated with the wonders that resided within this new realm!   He bought forth a new language which would help us see both the physical and metaphysical aspects of reality. 

Before you jump into fear from the word “metaphysical” let me define it for you.  The prefix “meta” means “beyond, over, transcending” what you can see in this physical realm.  It just means seeing from the invisible realm of Spirit.  The infinite realm where God dwells!  The scripture continually directs us to view from this perspective.  An example is the verse which states, “Faith does not walk by sight” it walks in a “meta” realm.  A realm beyond what we can see with our physical eyes! It walks, and has its reality, in the unseen realm of truth and infinite possibility!

Let’s imagine another analogy.  We have just arrived in a strange city and want to cross it as easily and quickly as possible.  As we begin our journey, what could happen along the way?  We could encounter a stop sign, one-way signs, detours, do not enter signs or bumpy roads full of pot holes and roads under construction. 

There could be times when we loose our way, and maybe even get lost on our journey.  So even though we came to the city and know where we want to go, the journey could become filled with obstacles, road blocks, and all different frustrations along the way.

Why would this happen on our journey?  Because we are limited in our view of the city!  We are traveling along by trial and error, so the route becomes difficult for us.   Jesus Christ came to reveal a more powerful way for making the same journey.  He brought a way which transcends living from the world of senses, to an eternal, limitless life, lived from the Kingdom of Heaven.  His new spiritual language takes us high above the city so we can have a complete view.  It is like getting into a helicopter and seeing the whole city in once glance, not just from a narrow, lower view.  Once we see the entire view from above, (we are now seated in heavenly places) we begin to walk in newness of life, or the phenomenon within us called, the Kingdom of Heaven!

Christ taught everything in our world is a physical picture coming from an infinite seed in a metaphysical realm. 

It is like a branch on a tree which comes from a seed concealed in the ground.  Our physical universe came from a realm concealed from our five senses.  Jesus Christ came to reveal this realm and encourage each of us to seek first, and foremost this invisible realm called the Kingdom of Heaven!  He showed us the possibility of living beyond our senses and the reality of connecting with the seed of our true being.

I read a wonderful example recently which explains this.  Think of a rubber stamp.  It is a three dimension object.   Once it is stamped on paper it becomes a reflection of the original.  Both of these are the same image but they exist in different realms.  The stamp imprint is a two dimensional reflection, of the three dimension original.  


Our universe a three dimensional imprint of the multi-dimension stamp of our creator!   Jesus Christ came into this three dimension realm of reflection, to enable us to re-connect to the original stamp within us.  That is the 99% realm of spirit.  What you see with your eyes is only a 1% realm of the physical universe.

Within the 99% realm of spirit lies infinite possibility and unlimited potential.  This is what we are encouraged to tap into and is called the Kingdom of Heaven.  It is the phenomenon which resides within you!


Everything we see with our physical eyes originates from the infinite seed of God in a metaphysical realm.  Consider a branch on a tree.  It’s origin is from an unseen seed, concealed in the ground.  Our physical Universe also comes from a realm concealed from our five senses.  Jesus Christ came to reveal this realm and encourage us to seek it first, (Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven…) He knew it was in this realm, all potential and possibilities for mankind resided.  He continually encouraged his followers to overcome a life confined to the physical realm, and live from a place of limitless possibility! He came to connect us with the seed of our true being beyond our five senses.

A wonderful example that gives us a picture of this is a rubber stamp.  The stamp is a three dimensional object. When stamped on paper it becomes a reflection of the original.  Both are the same image but they exist in different realms.  The stamp imprint is a two dimensional reflection of its three dimension original.  Our universe is a three dimension reflection and imprint, of the original stamp of our Creator God.  Jesus Christ entered this three dimension realm of reflection, to enable us connect to the original stamp within us, or the Kingdom of Heaven!

The Kingdom of Heaven exists in the 99% realm beyond our five senses.  Jesus demonstrated the power of ascending the 1% realm of physical perception, and entering into this higher dimension!  He said in the world (physical system of time and space limitation) we would have tribulation, but to get happy because, “I have overcome the world” Such a powerful and insightful statement!  He possessed the power within Himself to transcend all the universal laws of time and space, and enter into a dimension of no limitations, and infinite potential!  He did this while still incarnate in His physical body. He then called us to do the same!  He told us in John 17:16, “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.”  Your true home is not the perception of your five senses!  You are here to overcome those perceptions, just as Christ did before you and enter into your full potential called the Kingdom of Heaven.

All of creation has been on tip toes waiting for us to fully awaken to this reality, and at this moment in time there is a global awakening, bringing about a tipping point in the consciousness of all humanity! Here is where true world peace lies. When we are illuminated to know we are all one, realizing that the only separation was a sense caused by our limited perceptions, it will be “on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus Christ spoke clearly about the day you and I have entered as the “fullness of time” for this to become reality!

In the book of Revelation, John gives us a glimpse behind the veil of our mind, which conceals our true identity and destiny. John tells us in Rev. 1:10, “I was in Spirit on the Lord’s day and heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet. “The word ‘behind” in original Greek means “In, by, or through.”  John was in Spirit (having an unveiling of his true identity beyond physical senses) hearing the voice from within himself sounding a clear message.  We too can hear the message, but only by the Spirit!  It is in Verse 11.   “Saying, I Am Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last:” 

The I AM within each of us, is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.  There has never been another.  There has never been a time or space realm between this truth, but imagined in the carnal mind of man.  Picture a circle in your mind.  At the top of the circle is the One calling itself, I AM, Alpha and Omega.  It is exactly the same, no difference! It have always been, and will always be.  We all came out from this eternal place of the I AM, or God.  We, like John, must have a revelation or unveiling of the I Am within us, a casting down of the evil imagination, before we can fully enter into the Kingdom of Heaven!  Jesus Christ came to show us we can enter that dimension now!

John the Baptist came announcing the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand because for 4,000 years it had not been seen or known.  He was saying that now they were about to experience the Kingdom, in and through a man.  That man was Jesus Christ and he forever changed the perception of life, who we are, and why we are here!  He came to break the sound barrier and all limitations of a mere physical mind and open the way back to the invisible realm of Spirit.

Before we can truly enter the Kingdom, we must understand our beliefs about God have been in the limited realm of the cosmic mind of good and evil. These beliefs were produced by the minds caught in the imaginings of religion and philosophy.  These doctrines, as we have experienced, have no power to save the hearer!  To be saved means, to be made whole and we have not seen (and cannot see) the fullness of that occur through these doctrines/imaginings.  We still see a religious system full of disease, weakness, and death (being caught up in our imaginings). 

You and I are being called by “the voice within” to let these go and abandon these beliefs about God as false, even though from a human stand point they may seem true. We also must know, that this world we see with our eyes, or this cosmos of physical formation, is not the creation of God.  This world we see, taste, hear, and touch with our senses, is the world formed from the imagination of the carnal mind.  That mind is hooked on the concepts of good and evil.  A mind of duality. A mind separate from the infinite mind of God.  Once Adam and woman ate from the tree of good and evil, the formation of the world as we see it began.  The Bible clearly tells us that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways and we see that instability thoughout our physical world!

John 18:36 “Jesus answered, My Kingdom is not of this world; If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight that I should not be delivered to Jews; but now is my kingdom not from hence.”  The realm Christ came to reveal was not part of what we call the world.  It is neither part of what we have called reality or religious doctrine.  He told the Pharisees in Luke 17, His Kingdom does not come with observation. It cannot be observed through the five human senses… impossible!

Albert Einstein, one of the worlds greatest physicists said after a life time of research, “It is impossible to reach the climax of truth through the observation of the material universe.”  He also discovered what we call matter is but a projection of the carnal mind.  A quote of his at the end of his life goes even further by saying, “The three dimensional mind can never reach infinity through thought or religious doctrine.”  He called the climax of time and space, the Stepping Off Point where we can’t reach any further into the mystery of beginning.

Here is where the Spirit picks up and unveils those mysteries which cannot be understood by the three dimensional mind of man.  


Scientists have discovered what they call “Black Holes” out in our universe.  These vast holes end at a point of no energy, no time, no space, and no objects.  At this point they cannot be explained, discussed, or understood by science.  Scientists have labeled them the realm of Infinite Possibility, and Immeasurable Potential.  They cannot explain this realm, but realize it is here real power has its origin.   They also call it, “the realm of the unknown, doing what we don’t know what.”  This is the invisible realm Jesus Christ came to reveal!

He demonstrated that as we tap into this realm we become CO-creator with God! Let’s go back and see some of the profound things Christ taught enabling us to unveil and tap into this realm ourselves.

In Luke 17:20 the Pharisees were demanding of Jesus when the Kingdom would come.  Their understanding of the Kingdom was very limited.  They still expected a physical Kingdom ruled by the minds of mere men.  Jesus Christ came to unveil a dimension much greater than could be seen with physical eyes!  His response was…‘it won’t come with observation.’  It can’t be seen by limited senses.  He went on to say that it also had no physical location, was not in their past, or in their future, but at that very moment was within them just waiting to be recognized! 

So the question remains for us today, how do we tap into the phenomenon, called the Kingdom of Heaven within us?  What does that realm consist of?  What can we expect once we tap into it?

In Matthew 16, we are all familiar with the scriptures where Jesus Christ asked Peter, “Whom do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” After Peter’s first response He goes on to ask him, “But whom say ye that I am?”  Peter’s answer came from an unseen realm, of the abiding place of the Father within him.  He answered, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  The name “Christ” in Greek means “anointed”  When we go to the root of this word it means “particle of union” revealing to us that the meaning of “Christ” is pointing us that Jesus Christ was a particle of union of ONE!  He later tells us that as he is on the earth so are we.  This means we too, the Christ within us is, has been and always will be, a particle of the One!

Peter received this revelation not from physical senses, or intellect, but from the Father within his heaven.   Heaven being the abiding place of God within him!  The Christ within us is, and always has been, a particle of union with the One true God.  It is when we reconnect to the inner voice of the Christ that we begin to hear from heaven.

In Verse 18, another very interesting fact is seen.  Christ says, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”  Peter is from the Greek word “Petros” meaning rock and is masculine.  The word for “rock” used when saying, “upon this rock” is “Petra” and is feminine.  Upon the knowledge of the male/female, a complete image of the Oneness of God in Genesis 1:27, His church will be built! 

I believe the word “church” has been greatly misunderstood and misused. It has brought a concept of separation instead of Oneness. The word “church” in Greek is, “ekklesia,” meaning “a calling out, or called forth.”  We have always heard that the church is composed of people “called out” from the world into a religious system.  I see a much more inclusive meaning!  The “ek” is the root of this word and means, “denoting origin (the point where motion or action proceeds) from out of (place, time, or cause).”  The “calling out, or calling forth” took place long before a religious system was in place.  It began in Genesis when God said “Let there be Light” and all of humanity came forth from a realm beyond time and space.  They were called forth from the infinite realm of God, where the origin of all motion and actions began.  It was the “calling forth” of all mankind out of God.  The true meaning of “church” includes all people who have incarnated into this realm, no matter religious belief!  

Jesus Christ was revealing the physical realm (flesh & blood) could never reveal this to Peter, but the unseen realm of heaven (the Kingdom of Heaven) within is what would bring real revelation!  The gates (openings) of hell could not prevail against this revelation.  Once you know your origin is God, your mind will not allow openings from hell (unseen of Hades, state or place of departed souls.) Root meaning, “to see, know, be aware, and perceive.”  A picture of the soulish realm, departed or separated from its true origin of Spirit. The illusion of separation, punishment and sorrow (hellish realm) will not prevail against the truth of Oneness with God which is all good.

From these scriptures we see it is the inner voice of Christ which brings us into the dimension of Kingdom reality!  When we get still enough and listen, the inner Christ speaks and we then hear and obey. Our lives are

guided and directed by the unseen realm of the Kingdom of Heaven.   This is when the material sense of the carnal mind dissolves.  It is from this power, transformation is realized.

Christ said, as I hear the Father speak I obey, I move, and I follow.  He did not move and live by the dictates of this world, but by the invisible realm of Spirit.  He knew He didn’t live in the world, but the real world lived in Him!

When we awaken to the realization we all came out from God, the openings (thoughts, beliefs, and judgments) in our mind, from a point of the soulish realm of hell, can no longer prevail against us!  Here is where we enter the Kingdom of Heaven. We begin to live from the inner voice of the Christ no matter what the physical world is dictating!  Here is the dimension of infinite potential where we know nothing is impossible for the God within us!  We become CO-creators with God.  We see all possibilities and potential for mankind.  We see all men after the Spirit and no longer by the flesh.  We are now able to step out into the unseen, knowing we are safe and headed for the invisible, limitless potential we were created for! 

Are you ready to take a quantum leap into the phenomenon within you? Do you think you are ready to leave what you have thought of as your reality and enter eternity now? Can you pry yourself loose from your comfort zone and risk it all?  If you can, get ready for the great tipping point all humanity has been waiting for!

Ready… Set… Gooooo!

Abundant Joy, 






































PHENOMENON WITHIN, Parts 1-3 [Mary Lou Houllis] 5-2-07          1


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