APRIL 24, 2006

God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all.  But there exits a dichotomy (reflection; shadow) because He is Light.  There is an opposite of all things and the more perfect the original the more perverse the counterpart.

There is a duality of God.  We know His opposite as Satan. In His omnipotence God set forth a plan to be rid of the obliquity.  He determined that all should be of His glory – that His reflection should not be a perversion of His perfection but the image of all that He is.  So God spilled out His ”genes” to be the stuff of all that He would create.  Separated from His nature and holy righteousness the unseen make-up of creation became substance and diametrically opposite from God’s character.  Light was separated from the darkness. He then proceeded to speak into being all that would be needed to complete His plan according to His perfect will and purpose.

God said, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness.”… “So God created man, in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”   In His own image, in His likeness:  spirit (male) and soul (female) and they were one as God is oneGod blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.  Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.’”   Before He created His man, God had released the stuff of Himself (genes) — things that are of high and of low order.  Man was to subdue the evil and increase the good.  He told man to eat only of plants with seed.  All else would increase under the cover of darkness, just as does mold, mildew, bacteria and the like.  He was directing them to partake of only the Word of God [Christ], not the deceiver.  This was essential man, Christ, the only begotten Son of the Father – the image and likeness of the Father.   Male and female were one as God is one.  In the creation was provided the outcome of God’s great plan.

When LORD God made the earth and nothing had grown up from the ground.  God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living soul.  This is Adam, male and female – spirit and soul, the beginning of God’s plan in the form of God’s substance.

The dust of the ground is the “stuff” of God from which he formed all things, and in it was the duality of God.  The breath of life is the Spirit of God giving man the privilege of obeying His edicts and prospering or listening to the voice of the low nature and being cast out of the land of his beginning.

Knowing that for His plan to find completion the spirit and the soul must be separated: “The LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone.’”  God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and He brought the soul away from the spirit.  She was called Eve.  Adam and Eve were husband and wife. 

Within the soul/Eve remained the dust, which held the dichotomy of God.  If she had clung to the spirit/Adam as a wife remains with her husband, the plan of God would have failed.  The devil would forever remain as the opposite of God in His reflection.  But Eve wasn’t obedient.  She was enticed by the voice of serpent (satan) and persuaded Adam to also listen to that voice of perversity within her.  When they partook of knowledge apart from God they became carnal, separated from the Life of God and the glory that had covered them.  They had become like the beasts of the field that they had been told to rule over.  [The beasts (Genesis 1) and other created things were formed by God (Genesis 2) to match their inward characteristics.] This disobedience caused the human spirit to die.  [Life of God departed.]  Rule had been given over to the duality of God [satan].

God clothed them in flesh nourished by blood to match their character — they had become mortal.  Now, rather than depending upon the Spirit of God for life, the life of the soul was in their blood.  They were dependant on the flesh for life, the same as dead.  Adam and Eve were expelled from the Kingdom of God.

The couple was cast into an area of darkness for the spirit that had sustained them was no longer viable.  The soul (seat of the mind, will and emotions) then latched onto the sense realm for her guide, and to increase her pleasure.  She was not made to be a leader but a producer of offspring of the spirit.  Since the human spirit was not competent to give her seed for life, she was bereft, at a loss as to how to produce children.  When she looked to the sense realm (area that is driven by carnality in fallen man) to fill the role of husband, the children spawned there have brought nothing but pain and grief to the world.

In this fall from God’s pleasure it would seem that the plan of God had failed. Not so.  For before He formed all things, God had created the outcome of His plan in the unseen things and the essential man who was His only begotten Son.

In order for God’s righteousness to gain control over His creation Christ had to again be established in the form of man.  In order for this to come about God began by revealing Himself by His name to Abraham.  Abraham responded and to him was given the Seed of Promise that his lineage would bring forth the Savior of the world. The Seed of Promise was carried down through his family to David, and this promise carried on through two of David’s sons.  Nathan’s line produced Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Solomon’s line brought forth the husband of Mary. The Angel spoke the word of the promised seed that was to be given to her, and Mary received her pregnancy when she acquiesced.

Jesus Christ was born to bring His Spirit to humankind for the fulfillment of the plan of God’s perfect will and purpose.  Man was created for glory and that was sealed in the bringing forth of essential man, Christ.  The man that God formed of the dust of the ground and endued with the Spirit of Christ will extol that virtue and bring that plan to fruition.   Those who are called to this time are that man – the elect (body of Christ) who will bear the glory of God as Christ becomes their life and He is seen.

It was in the plan of God that Jesus would die on a cross, and in His death He would give His life (Christ) to humankind.  In the days when Jesus walked the earth things that were accursed were nailed to a tree (cross) in a written facsimile.  Jesus became the written facsimile of evil (sin), was accursed as He was nailed to the cross, and He suffered the death of His human form.  In dying His blood was poured out (the life of the flesh) and His Spirit given (the water that flowed from His wounded side).  Jesus’ dead, human form was laid in a burial cave but on the third day He rose from death in bodily form showing that He had conquered the duality of the Father God (carnal nature; satan) and that the Life of Christ overcomes death.  This was done in our stead so that the man of God’s creation could be the Life of all humanity and in that strength all that is opposite of God will be put down transformed.

It is incumbent upon every person who is born in earth to receive the Spirit of Christ for that is what we are born to do.  I believe that it was this plan of God that caused the sons of God to sing“…the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy…”  (Job 38:7)  Every human being that is formed in the womb of a woman has a soul sent from God.  When born in human form the soul has no remembrance of whence he came or of his purpose here.  Not until Jesus is received as Savior does the plan again become revelent in his understanding.  In receiving this Life one’s soul must bow in absolute obedience to Father God so the man-child (essential man, Son of God) will be seen – the new creation who walks!  This Christ/man will have dominion over all things for at His appearing all dualism will have been overcome and God is King of kings.

The walk from receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and the triumph of His rulership in our being is a difficult trek.  Only in submission to Christ can it be accomplished. Not until He fully becomes our life will He be seen.  This is the appearing that people have been waiting for.  To paraphrase a scripture, “When Christ becomes your life you will be seen with Him in the glory that is His.” (Colossians 3:4) 

God prepared a flesh and blood body (Jesus) for His only begotten Son so that He could make the perfect blood sacrifice in our place, because we couldn’t.  In becoming flesh He is rightfully able to prepare that place within each of us to return to Him – even our souls.  The soul is the area within that holds the perverse, the enemy of God’s Spirit.  The soul is the area that MUST be transformed.

“Many are called but few are chosen.”   In this day – the day of rest – God is calling His chosen ones to come together in one accord to be the body that walks the earth to bring the many in.  Those of this calling must not fail.  Christ Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life of this endeavor.  He will do the work as we lay aside our work and rest in Him.  This is the way that it must be.  Our work is done.  It is now up to Him to complete it with us (using us).

Christ enables us to yield to this purpose and He orchestrates the symphony from the overture to the finale.  There is no other way because this work must be done in perfect harmony.  [The soul was the betrothed of the spirit from the beginning.

Now is not the time for dealing with sin for He has already been victorious over that.  The separation from God is ended.  People have only to grasp the truth of it.  The body of Christ is called to the purpose of being the epitome of Truth.  They will move as the glorified body of Jesus Christ in bodies extolling the perfect life of created man – the man of the beginning – having overcome all that is opposite of God in favor of His holy righteousness.

Many fell because of the action of one man.  Many are saved because of the action of one Man.  The same number that fell is the number of those who are saved – MANY (all).  While one lives in his human body is the prudent time to make the decision to receive Jesus as Savior.

Now we are on the final stretch in bringing the world back to the Father, free of all iniquity.  There is much to be accomplished and only as the elect are of one accord can it be done.  The chosen sons must not cling to beliefs that come from their own imaginations and not from God.  In this Day only Truth can triumph.  Bow low before the King of kings and ask Him to set aright anything that may be a flaw in your understanding.  The Company of Love will advance upon the world system to clear it of all that is established there.  There must be no disagreement among them.  This body will be the action of the truth that they speak.  Evil empires will fall because of the FACT that God is the strength of the body of Christ and all will kneel before him.  Christ appearing with His saints (we are in Him as He is in us) brings judgment to the world“When judgment comes in the world the people will learn righteousness.”  By the very fact of their presence the world shall be judged.  Just as a perfect rose is judge of the whole garden, by the sweet perfection of the body of Christ the world is judged and will learn righteousness.

Through tribulations the called out ones have been made ready.  They have turned their backs on the pleasures of the world, given up relationships that would hinder overcoming strength and left the secular churches.  They have the mind of Christ and their only goal is perfect obedience to the Lord of Lords and the King of kings.

The souls of humankind are the womb of the new birth, holding the ovum of the heritage of Father God…  The Christ comes re-creating His Spirit within.  It is then that the Seed is planted bringing LIFE.  The recreated spirit (Holy Spirit) will nurture this life until it is fully developed and strong.  Then it is able to come forth establishing the new creature that walks – the long awaited manchild.  The man/child is composed of the many members who are Christ’s body.  Many, yet one.

Here is where people are making their mistake, when they believe that the Seed of God has always been present within.  We hold the OVUM not the SEED.  They understand that the heritage of the Father is within BUT it is not understood that until it receives His Life, there is no recreation of the son.  Christ is the seed that brings the recreating power.





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